The Governess

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Ch. 4 Experiment

Three weeks passed by and they had not heard from the Governess. Kate didn’t mind; she needed the rest after the last fuck fest they had, and yet now she found that she continually craved sex. Talking to people at work, she would wonder if they were kinky, did they masturbate as often as she had become accustomed to - which turned into at least twice a day now, sometimes she even went into the bathroom on her coffee breaks to relieve the tension. And of course she thought about the Governess, and what would happen the next time they got together. The Governess had so many crazy scenarios that she had a hard time imagining what it would be like.

As Kate walked through the mall with the Governess on her mind, she saw a beautiful woman enter into a clothing store. She turned towards the store to follow her in. Standing by a rack of bright dresses she watched the fair-skinned woman. Her eyes were pale blue, her cheeks were lightly sun-kissed pink, and her hair was fine and soft, almost white, flowing around her face. Her tits were the most amazing round ripe melons Kate had ever seen. Kate couldn’t believe what she was doing, but something about this woman compelled her to want to touch her pale skin. Kate imaged the taste of peaches exuding from the woman’s pores, and knew she had to make a move. Her pussy tingled, and her nipples hardened at the thought.

Seeing an opportune moment to move, Kate grabbed a dress off the rack in front of her, and followed the woman as she headed for the changing rooms. Approaching quickly, she watched which curtain the woman went through, and stepped into the one right next to her. Removing her clothes, including her wet undies, Kate rubbed her hands over her body nervously; her nipples ached now with the intensity of her hunger for the woman’s touch. Slipping the sundress over her head she saw that the one she picked was very sheer. She could plainly see her nipples through the material, and her bald pussy, which stood out because it was the one part of her body not touched by the sun. Hoping it might help her cause, she stepped out from behind the curtain to oversee the end result in the larger mirrors outside the stalls. As luck would have it, so did the other woman.

Kate gasped when she saw her, and the woman jumped.

“Oh,” the blonde said, turning to Kate, “is everything alright?”

Embarrassed by her faux pas, Kate tried not to blush. “I’m sorry,” she replied smiling, “it’s just that dress is so beautiful on you, it took my breath away.”

The blonde blushed, rubbing her hands over the airy blue fabric that matched her eyes perfectly. Kate watched her breasts bounce underneath, without a bra to support their weight. “Do you think? I’m not sure if I can get away without a bra in this.” She turned sideways, jutting her tits out and biting her lip. “Don’t you think that’s a bit slutty looking?”

Kate didn’t know how to answer the question when all she wanted to do was climb between the woman’s legs and suck the hot peach juice from her pink cunt. Unable to control herself any longer, she stepped up behind the woman. They were almost the same height, which felt kind of weird for Kate, and she gently pulled the fine hair into her hands, and loosely piled it on top of the other woman’s head. “Are you kidding me?” she scoffed lightly. “You are so drop dead gorgeous that the drapes would look fabulous on you.”

The other woman blushed again, watching Kate in the mirror, as she stepped in closer to tease the woman’s hair.

Not wanting to stop, Kate ran her finger down the curve of the woman’s neck, trailing the baby-fine wisps of hair that grew there. The other woman shuddered at her touch, closing her eyes. Sensing that she should not stop, Kate ever so lightly touched her lips to the base of the woman’s neck. Her tongue flittered for the briefest of seconds, like a lilting butterfly. She knew it was affecting the woman by her reactions in the mirror. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, and as a shudder passed over her body, her nipples protruded beneath the silky dress. Not stopping, not wanting to stop, Kate trailed the butterfly kisses across the woman’s back, and down along her shoulder. When she reached the strap of the dress, Kate slid her finger underneath, flicking it down the pale rounded shoulder. As the strap dropped the front of the dress fell, exposing the top mound of a pale breast, and Kate’s heart began to pound. All she wanted to do was rip the dress off, bury her face into the softness of her breasts, and ram her pussy against the other woman’s until they both came. But she knew she couldn’t do that, she wasn’t even sure how much farther this woman was going to let this continue. Kate’s heart thumped in her chest when the woman turned to face her.

“That feels nice,” she said quietly, looking down. “I’ve never been with a woman before. I’m not… ” She paused.

Kate wasn’t going to wait to hear the wrong response. Placing a finger over the woman’s lips; she said to her “I’ve never done anything like this before either. You are just so beautiful that I want to kiss your entire body. If you’ll just let me do that, I’ll go away and you don’t have to do anything in return to me.” She leaned in and gently pressed her lips against the woman’s; they felt like butter beneath her own.

When the other woman said nothing in return, but just stood there, Kate took that as a sign. She cautiously backed the woman into the curtained stall, drawing it shut behind them. The blonde lifted her head willingly when Kate kissed her neck, and chin, and along her smooth collarbone. Her lips following the natural curve of the woman’s’ body, down over her perfumed underarm, just under the collar bone, and along her chest until she reached the other side. The sundress still had a strap up. Kate, knowing full well by the frantic rise and fall of the woman’s breasts and her swollen nipples, that she was ready for Kate to move on, gently loosened the strap front the other shoulder, and gravity pulled the dress to the floor revealing the woman’s milky flesh and voluptuous curves in one fell swoop.

Kate didn’t stop; she slowly, achingly slow, trailed her sensuous kisses across the tops of her breast. The woman was panting now, and had one hand braced on the wall; her legs had moved open slightly, and Kate watched the woman’s belly fluttering with the anticipation of when her kisses would reaching the nether regions. Smiling to herself, she flicked her moist tongue across one of the blonde’s sweet pink nipples. Above her the woman cried out in ecstasy while pushing her chest out for more. Kate ran her hands over the soft mounds of flesh, causing goose bumps to rise over the woman’s body. The woman’s skin was so soft; Kate couldn’t help but shower her kisses all over the supple breasts. She pulled the taut nipples between her lips and teeth, suckling and swirling her tongue around each in turn.

The blonde was frantic now. Breathing heavily, she threw one leg up on the small chair. Her pelvis rocked against Kate’s’ abdomen, then she grabbed the back of Kate’s head, and pushed her downwards. Kate didn’t object; falling onto her knees she grabbed the woman’s curvy hips, and pressed her face deep into the tight blonde curls that covered her pussy. Kate’s tongue was instantly drenched with the woman’s sweet flowing juices; she moaned at the honey flavor that was seeping out of the hot pussy before her.

“Oh, you taste so wonderful,” Kate mumbled, keeping her lips buried in the fine downy hair. “Mm,” she panted as she reached the soft turgid clit. She felt it throb and jump under the tip of her tongue. Kate pushed her nose hard into the blond pubes, as she delved deeper for more flavor. Her tongue found the burning opening of the woman’s sopping pussy, and she crouched lower. She darted her tongue like a small cock as far into the cunt as she possibly could. The woman thrashed and moaned above Kate, humping her tongue.

“Yes, yes… ahh,” the blonde cried out, grabbing the back of Kate’s head, forcing her face into her mound hard. Kate loved it; to make another woman feel so good was turning her on like nothing had before. Kate fucked the sweet hot pussy with her mouth, sucking, and licking, and slurping as much of the nectar as she could. The woman tasted so fine that she never wanted to stop sucking.

Her own pussy was a dripping, throbbing mess, but she was enjoying the blonde too much to care. She could feel the blonde’s muscles tightening up, and knew that the woman was about to cum all over her face. Reaching up, she tweaked one of the blonde’s hard nipples, and that was enough to bring her over the top.

Throwing her head back, the blonde braced her foot against the wall, grabbed the back of Kate’s head, and looking down at her with passion, squirted cum everywhere. Her hips rocked up and down, and her clit rode the tip of Kate’s nose.

The blonde screamed. “godgodgodgod… yes… oh… eatmypussy, yeah fuckit… oh!”

And Kate came without even touching herself. Her pussy squeezed and contracted, as she watched the blonde’s tits bouncing, and the sopping cunt shooting cum all over her. She continued to lap at the dripping pussy, as the woman panted and writhed against her face.

Reaching down, the blonde woman took Kate’s face in her hands; pulled her upwards she kissed the wet tip of Kate’s nose. “Thank you,” she whispered, “that was the most amazing thing to ever happen to me.” And she smiled a white toothy smile.

“My pleasure!” Kate smiled back. “You have a beautiful body, and it was all my pleasure.” Keeping her eyes locked on the woman, Kate leaned in to kiss her soft lips, letting her tongue glide between them so the blonde could taste her own nectar.

“HEY!” Someone pounded on the wall outside the curtained room. “What the heck is going on in there?” a stern voice bellowed.

“Oh shit,” Kate whispered, wide eyed.

The woman looked at each other and broke out in giggles.

Suddenly the curtain was drawn back, and a large woman was standing before them hands on her hips. “Get out of my store! NOW!”

Kate pushed past the woman, darted into her area where she had left her belongings, her heart pounding in her chest. She listened as the blonde apologized, and she tried to get the store employee to close the curtain so she could get her own clothes back on. Dressing quickly Kate grabbed the sundress, and headed towards the cash register, figuring that it’d have not only wet spots but also fun memories, and she wanted to buy it. As she stood at the counter waiting, the employee came back from the dressing area with the blonde right behind her.

“Hey,” Kate called out to the blonde. “Bring that here,” she motioned to the sundress. The blonde approached, questioning Kate with her eyes.

“Put it up on the counter,” Kate said, indicating the dress. “This one’s on me.” She leaned closer as the angry, red-faced employee moved around to the cash register. “After all, I would really like to see more of you in the dress.” Kate smiled, licking her lips.

The blonde smiled back at Kate and said, “Actually I think this one is on me.” She opened her purse and without taking her eyes off Kate laid her credit card down on the counter.

After paying for the dresses the two women walked out the store together, and Kate finally asked what her name was. Extending her long soft hand to shake, the blonde said her name was Maybelle, “as in May and Bell,” she said, “not Mabel like some old country bumpkin.” She laughed a light lilting laugh.

“Well, Maybelle,” Kate shook her hand, “it is a pleasure to meet you, and I’m Kate.”

“Hi Kate.” She smiled, and looked down at her shoes, “I’m not quite sure…” she paused, shrugging her shoulders.

“What?” Kate asked, dipping her head to see Maybelle’s eyes hiding beneath her blonde bangs.

“I’m not quite sure what to make of,” she rolled her eyes toward the store they had just left, “to think of that?”

Taking Maybelle’s hand into her own, Kate said softly, “Well I honestly have never done that before, and if you don’t mind, I’d really like to get to know you better?”

Maybelle blushed, but raised her head up and smiled. “I think I’d enjoy that.” Then she let out a loud laugh, throwing her arm over Kate’s shoulder. “Let’s take a walk.” She led Kate out of the mall, into the bright sunny day.

Kate and Maybelle walked hand in hand around the town, telling each other about themselves without restraint. Kate told her all about the recent escapades that she and Jason had, and about how beautiful Maybelle was, and the yearning that had so surprisingly overcome her in the store. Maybelle shared her sordid past with abusive men, and her limited experiences in sex and pleasure, and how Kate was the first person to ever make her cum. She never knew, and was quite taken aback, by the fact that she was a squirter. Neither of them had seen that coming, and they laughed together at the unintentional pun. As they walked, they found themselves entering a gorgeous park, where sun-dappled trees swayed in the warm breeze, the birds chirped, and squirrels hustled about chasing each other. Maybelle stopped and looked around; her cheeks blushed, and she said to Kate. “Why don’t we put these new dresses to good use?’

“Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?” Kate asked excitedly.

“Well I thought we could model them for each other, seeing as it’s sunny out,’ she smirked, “and they are sun dresses.”

Kate got moist at the thought of seeing Maybelle’s sexy pale body in the clingy see-through dress out in the natural light. “Let’s do it,” she said, and pulled Maybelle over to a secluded section of the park.

They changed quickly, not wanting to get caught by some weirdo hanging around the park, as weirdoes often do, took their bags of belongings, and started walking the paths.

“So” Maybelle said in a shy voice, “I think I have a little repayment to make.” The bright sun glinted off her blonde hair, and showed too much through the sheer dress she wore. Kate was enjoying the view, and felt wonderful herself, knowing that everyone that passed them by could see their nipples and pussies. She never felt as alive and sensual as she did right then.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I already told you that” she scolded, but in her mind thought oh yes, I want to see your gorgeous face buried between my legs.

Maybelle stopped and turned towards Kate. “But I really want to; it’s something that I have thought about in the past.” She kept her eyes locked into Kate’s, even though she was blushing profusely. “I believe everyone has these fantasies now and then, and what you did for me today,” she sighed and smiled, “now I realllllly want to try it out!” They both laughed.

“Okay, well, why don’t we make this… um… experience, shall we call it, a little more comfortable then?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“How about we go back to my place and then we’ll have a bed, maybe some music and candles?”

Maybelle gave Kate a big hug, mashing their breasts together. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, let’s go!” And just like that Kate was being led back across the park to where they had parked their cars; she couldn’t believe her luck.

Kate had Maybelle follow her across town to her house. Along the way she used her cell phone to call Jason and let him know what she was doing. She asked if he could make himself scarce for a while. By the time they pulled into her driveway, Jason’s car was gone.

Once inside, Kate could tell that now Maybelle was nervous about going further with their plan. “Please have a seat, I’ll put on some music and open a bottle of wine.” Kate couldn’t believe how bold she had become; the ideas were rushing through her brain on how to get this hot to trot woman into bed with her. Oddly, she felt quite powerful, and wondered if this was how men felt all the time. She liked it. Kate watched as Maybelle wandered into the cozy living room; seeing her body move under the pale dress, she felt her juices dripping from her throbbing pussy.

Bringing the wine glasses into the living room, Kate had a thought. “Why don’t we clean up while we sip our wine? A hot bath always helps me relax.” Without waiting for a reply Kate turned, leading Maybelle down the hall towards the bathroom.

Soft light from the sun filtered in through a small window, giving just enough light so they could see without having to turn on the overhead. Opening the linen drawer, Kate withdrew a few candles, lit them and set them around the tub; she turned on the faucet, and squirted a floral scent wash into the water. Bubbles started foaming, and the light smell permeated the air; it was perfect.

“Let’s make this real interesting and keep the dresses on,” Kate suggested as she dipped her toe into the water to test the temperature.

Maybelle, who had stood back, sipping her wine, waiting for Kate’s first move, giggled at the idea. “Sure, why not?” She knew she’d feel more comfortable being dressed right at the moment.

Kate slipped into the tub; never letting go of her wine, she crossed her legs to leave room for the other woman. Maybelle followed suit and lowered herself into the hot water. Her dress lifted, flowing around her waist. She pushed it down into the water until it absorbed enough and stayed down, then straightened her legs around Kate’s feet, and leaned back sipping her wine. The wet material clung between her legs and around her waist, feeling smooth and sensual.

“Now isn’t this nice?” Kate smiled, relaxing.

Maybelle sighed, “Oh, is it ever.”

“To a good bath.” Kate laughed, holding up her glass for a toast. Maybelle clinked her glass against Kate’s, and they drank.

“Mmm, this is warm and cozy,” Maybelle said as she finished off her first glass of wine. She had slid down further into the water so the ends of her blonde hair were wet, and her body was hidden beneath the bubbles. Now she had to sit up in order to place her empty glass on the floor, and just as Kate had wanted, her sheer dress was now completely see-through. When Maybelle sat up, the dress clung like a second skin to her breasts, and her pink nipples jutted out, even though it was hot in the small room. Licking her lips she sighed and leaned back against the wall, keeping her luscious body in full view.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Kate placed her own glass safely out of harm’s way, and slid forward, running her hands along Maybelle’s smooth calves. Maybelle sighed, closing her eyes. Kate’s hands wandered further, rubbing small circles under Maybelle’s knees, and ever so slowly up the back of her firm thighs, caressing and teasing the hot flesh. Easing into her next move, she slid forward until her own legs were bent up to her chest, and her hands were within easy reach of the blonde’s heaving breast. Pacing herself, Kate let her fingers trace along Maybelle’s thighs, around the pliable edges of her bottom, and back up again. Her fingers quaked with anticipation of reaching the folds between Maybelle’s legs, but being a woman she knew that the longer the tease, the better the pleasure for both parties, so she achingly continued to taunt Maybelle with her sweet caressing. Maybelle began moaning and cooing as her body responded to Kate’s touching; she rolled her shoulders back, jutting out her perky breasts, and spread her legs as far as the small tub would allow. But Kate wouldn’t give in; she stayed away from the throbbing pussy and aching tits as she teased her fingers and hands up under the clinging material. Her hands ran along the woman’s waist, over her soft belly, and up her ribs, just far enough to make Maybelle gasp with longing, before reaching the tender underside of her breast, and then back down again. Knowing she now had Maybelle over the top, Kate reached down, took hold of the wet dress, and eased it up out of the hot water. Maybelle lifted her arms, allowing Kate to pull the sopping material over her head, and toss it out onto the floor. Kate then did the same with her own dress, and now the women sat facing each other completely naked. Kate plucked the shampoo from behind her, squeezing some into her palm; she continued her machinations with slippery hands, starting at Maybelle’s shoulders. She rubbed the shampoo into lather, and worked her hands down the woman’s back. Her own breasts ached for some caressing, but when they came within inches of the blonde’s pink lips but she withheld her own urges. Sliding her hands upwards until she got to Maybelle’s shoulders again, she ever so slowly moved over the collarbones, and down towards the milky breasts. Now Kate couldn’t wait any longer; as her fingertips felt the plump flesh, she began to massage the bountiful orbs.

“Yes,” Maybelle said in a breathy hush, “please don’t stop.” She pressed her throbbing tits into Kate’s hands, her eyes closed, and her head thrown back with a hunger for more.

Kate’s hands slid across the turgid nipples with a light touch, causing another gasp from Maybelle. Her hands slipped under the fleshy mounds, and she cupped the weighty breasts in her small hands, then gently squeezed, so the perky pink nipples jutted out further, and began to engorge and turn a deeper pink. Kate leaned into her, and took one of the hard nipples slowly between her lips. This was enough to send Maybelle over the edge, as she grabbed the side of the tub with one hand, and pushed Kate’s face deeper into her chest with the other.

“Oh Kate, oh please take me now. Take me, and fuck me, and suck me, and make me cum!” she cried out, rubbing Kate’s face furiously into her heaving breast, as Kate teased the nipple in her mouth. Maybelle rocked her pussy against the slippery surface of the tub beneath her, and felt as though she was going to have an orgasm just from Kate playing with her tits. Then suddenly the mouth was gone.

Kate stood up, holding out her hand for Maybelle to take. “Okay, let’s get more comfortable.” She helped Maybelle out of the tub, and without drying off led Maybelle to the bedroom.

As they approached the King-size bed Kate’s horniness took over, and she couldn’t help what happened next. Later she would be surprised by the change that had taken place, but she suddenly felt so powerful, that the beautiful blonde needed her for pleasure; she pushed Maybelle down on the bed.

Standing over the supine woman, Kate asked, “What exactly do you want me to do to you?”

Maybelle’s body was tingling all over with desire, as she watched the smaller naked woman standing before her. She no longer felt self-conscious at being completely nude, and was visibly aroused by what had transpired. Touching the wet mound of her breast she replied, “I need you.”

“No,” Kate tisked, “What EXACTLY do you want?”

Maybelle’s chest heaved, as she spread her legs wider giving Kate full view of her dripping pussy. “I want you to suck my pussy.”

“What else?”

“Mmm,” Maybelle moaned, wanting to touch herself, but still not at ease enough to do that. “Touch me all over, lick my body, and play with my tits.”

“That’s all?” Kate admonished, squeezing her own nipples.

“FUCK ME!” Maybelle cried, out putting her heels up onto the bed, and spreading her legs wide.

“Now that’s more like it,” Kate smiled, as she knelt on the floor before the blonde dripping peach before her.

Withholding her own wants again, she traced her fingertips up the pale inner thighs and gently pushed Maybelle’s legs open wider still, until the folds of her pussy spread to reveal the sweet glory hole. Kate’s mouth salivated as she stared at the beauty, and leaning in she let her tongue travel from Maybelle’s bent knee, slowly along the white thigh, until she reached the very edge of Maybelle’s bottom. Then she wiggled her wet tongue across the smooth skin, right below the pulsating hole, she started up the other thigh.

Maybelle cried out, thrusting her mound down towards Kate’s tongue, as she eased past, and whimpered with need for release when she kept going.

Kate could feel her own sopping pussy contracting with pleasure as she teased Maybelle, but she kept it going. She was enjoying the writhing thrashes, and watching the cunt right in front of her eyes as it swelled and dripped and opened for the thrust of a tongue, finger, or cock. Kate continued her sensuous lapping over Maybelle’s thighs and bottom, and Maybelle moaned, rocking her hips upwards whenever Kate’s tongue got close to her swollen pussy. But Kate resisted, she wouldn’t let Maybelle have her tongue yet, even though the dripping pussy before her was so enticing that she wanted to dive in and suck up all the sweet juice. As Kate licked, and bit at Maybelle’s inner thigh, Maybelle let out the loudest moan that Kate ever heard. Maybelle pulled her legs up to her chest, spreading her legs open as wide as they would go, and screamed, “FUCK ME! Do it, Kate. Put your tongue in me, fuck me like a man…ohhhhh…DO IT!” Her hips rocked up and down towards Kate’s face, as her head moved from side to side in frustration.

Kate smiled wryly, how she could not do what this beautiful creature wanted. But Kate wanted more than just to be begged, she wanted - no needed - the woman to be completely in her control.

“Okay,” she said sternly, “use your fingers and spread your pussy lips, open it for me as wide as you can.” Kate was toying with the horny woman, and she loved it. Now she knew how the Governess felt all the time. “You want me to fuck your cunt? You better show me where my cock has to go.”

Obeying Kate without comment or any shyness, her need to cum was now far greater than any self-consciousness, Maybelle kept her legs open. She grabbed her own pussy, tucked her fingers into the outer lips, and stretched them back as far as she could. Her pussy contracted at her own touch, and another stream of juices flowed out, and down the crack of her ass. Her pussy throbbed at the touch, and she could tell that it was swollen to three times its normal size. The inner lips spread as the juices flowed, Kate could see the soft pink walls inside, and she watched fascinated while it tightened, and loosened, aching for something to penetrate it.

“Mmmm, you look so tasty,” Kate continued to tease, as she gently ran her fingers between the double lips where it was stretched taut.

Maybelle quivered, moaning at the slightest of sensations, and felt more wetness seeping from her open hole. Kate leaned in so close her nose was almost touching Maybelle’s hard clit, knowing full well her breath would send more shudders through the woman. “Now I know this is going to be hard, but I want you to stay as still as you can. Just concentrate, no matter what I do, stay still, and it will be so much more pleasurable for you. Do you believe me?” she asked keeping her eyes locked on the creamy pink hole.

“Yes,” Maybelle whispered as her pussy throbbed and her chest heaved. “I’ll stay still.”

And without warning Kate stuck out her tongue and rammed it into Maybelle’s hole.

Maybelle cried out, lifting her head off the bed as she struggled not to move her lower body. She kept her legs and pussy open, panting as Kate’s tongue drove in and out of her. “Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, yyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssss!” she moaned, biting her lips, fighting the urge to wrap her legs around Kate’s head and fuck her whole face. “OH MY GOD! I’m CUUUUUUMMMING!” she screamed.

Kate didn’t stop to breathe as the blonde beauty’s cunt shot hot cum straight out, filling her mouth, and nose, and it ran down her chin. As her cum started to subside, Kate grabbed Maybelle’s ass. Digging her nails into the soft flesh, she rammed her face hard into Maybelle’s pussy. She drove her tongue in, as far as it would go, mashing her nose into the rock-hard clit, causing Maybelle to thrash and cum all over again.

Kate drank up the cum as she face-fucked the pussy. Her own pussy was dripping so much that it was running over her thighs. She needed to give herself some attention after lavishing it all on the other woman. Kate reached out and yanked Maybelle forcefully to the edge of the bed. Then she pushed Maybelle’s legs back towards her chest. She threw one of her own legs up and between Maybelle’s, so that she now stood with one leg on the floor, the other knee on the bed, and her pussy hovering over Maybelle’s still swollen cunt.

Maybelle moaned and writhed, but asked no questions, letting Kate take complete control of her. Kate lowered herself until their pussies touched; she sighed at the hot wetness they shared.

“Uh, yeah, your cunt is so soft,” Kate said as she rocked slowly back and forth, sliding their lips and clits together. “Oh yes, oh!” Kate began moving faster, feeling her own pussy getting ready to burst, and the sight of the two pussies mashed together made her even hornier. “Fuck my pussy, fuck it” she cried out, cuming as Maybelle forced herself up harder against Kate. Seeing, and hearing, Kate cum made her cum again too, and the force of her squirting cum shot between the two women’s humping bodies spraying everywhere.

Feeling Maybelle’s hot cum running over her legs, ass, and pussy, gave Kate shudders of pleasure. Now she needed to feel Maybelle’s soft tongue lapping at her hot pussy. Kate spun around threw the opposite leg over Maybelle’s flushed face. Grabbing her by the hair and yanking her head upwards, Kate said forcefully, “Lick your cum off my pussy like a good girl.”

Maybelle stared at the bald folds before her and her mouth watered, she was so horny that she’d do anything at the moment, and she flicked her tongue out touching the swollen wet lips. As soon as she got the first taste of their mixed juices she loved it, it was sweeter than she ever would have imagined, and the smoothness of Kate’s pussy felt amazing. She moaned with sexual hunger for more.

“You like that, don’t you, you cuntlicker.” Kate rocked her hips, rubbing her pussy all over Maybelle’s lips, chin, tongue and nose. “Oh, I knew you would. That’s it, clean my pussy, get our cum cleaned up.” She pulled Maybelle’s head deeper between her quaking thighs. “Spread my lips open, you little slut, get it wide so you don’t miss any cum.” As Maybelle reached between her legs from the back, spreading her further apart, Kate felt that she couldn’t hold on any longer, and rammed her pussy down hard on the moving tongue. “Oh you little bitch you’re going to make me cum in your mouth, ooohhh yeah…oh fuck it, put your tongue in my cunt and fuck it.” And with a scream of ecstasy, she came again, this time on Maybelle face, and as the orgasm receded she looked down into the bright blue eyes that were watching her with fascination and lust. “Clean it again, whore,” she said, watching Maybelle lap at her hole and clit, knowing that Maybelle was enjoying this as much as she was.

Even though she felt like she was about to cum again, Kate wanted more of the other woman, so without warning she flung herself down onto the bed bedside Maybelle and took the other woman into her arms. They kissed deeply, exploring each other’s bodies to the fullest, squeezing tits and ass, licking, sucking, kissing, and finger-fucking each other for what felt like hours. Finally exhausted, they fell asleep in each other’s arms, naked and spent on top of the covers.

Jason felt four hours must have been long enough. He had yet to hear anything from Kate, so figured they were either still at it, and he could join in, or Kate had fallen asleep. Either way, he decided it was time to head home.

Arriving, he found the driveway blocked with two cars, so he parked on the street. He noticed the house was dark. Letting himself in through the front door quietly, he listened. Hearing nothing but a soft, lilting music, he figured the two girls must have worn themselves out, and were sleeping. He tiptoed down the hallway, peeking into the bedroom; sure enough, the two naked ladies were spooned on the bed, sound asleep. He felt his cock stir in his pants at the site of their bodies intertwined his wife with an olive tan and the girl in her arms a pale alabaster white. Silently he slipped in the room and removed his clothes; he stood for a moment stroking his cock, just watching their supple bodies breathe at ease together. He moaned softly, deep in his throat, he was the luckiest man alive, he thought, as he approached the bed

Maybelle was on his side of the bed, her back out and her legs curled up under Kate’s. In this position her pussy was exposed to him. It was dim in the room as night approached, but it was still light enough for him to see the fine blonde hairs on her lips, and his cock danced in his hand. He wanted nothing more than to just ram his throbbing meat into her and fuck her hard. Knowing that would scare the hell out of both women, he carefully bent in to her curved buttocks; as he came closer he could feel the heat coming off her body, and smell her sex. This drove him madder; he flicked his tongue out, letting it caress her matted pubes, and his tongue delved her creases gently. He flitted around her ass and thighs, and back down to her pussy, his touch as light as a feather. He wanted her arousal to grow slowly and permeate her dreams, so when she awoke she would be horny, and ready for him. However his own arousal was getting too much to handle, and he pushed his tongue further into her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. He moaned aloud, not noticing the movement from Maybelle’s right.

“Taste good?” Kate whispered a huge grin on her face.

Jason startled, but not enough to pull away from the pussy before him. “Mmmm, ya, mmm.” he breathed, and then suckled on the sweet pink lips.

Kate pulled his head back, and kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue darting into his, licking his face, tasting Maybelle’s juices too. “It’s ok,” she nodded.” We’ve both been awake for a little while now, listening… well, me listening - she’s been enjoying, your machinations.”

He looked, and sure enough Maybelle’s head turned; she grinned at him, “Nice to finally meet you, Jason. You may continue, I was rather enjoying it.” She wriggled her bum at him.

Jason smiled. Grabbing Maybelle’s’ right leg he proceeded to flip her onto her back. He then grabbed her other leg, and pulled her wet pussy up off the bed, and into his eager mouth. He mashed his face deep into her mound, slurping and licking and pressing his nose against her hard clit, until she came screaming on his face.

Kate watched from the side as her husband devoured this woman’s fuck-hole, just as she herself had done only hours before. She couldn’t believe how much it turned her on. Her own pussy was throbbing and sopping again. She fingered her clit, and fucked her own hole, while Jason made Maybelle cum. Now she wanted in on the action.

Kate put a hand on Jason’s shoulder to get his attention. “I want to see you fuck her” she said with lust in her voice.

Jason stopped licking the wet pussy, and lowered Maybelle’s body back to the bed. Maybelle let it all happen, just awaiting instruction, as she too was fully enveloped in the game.

“But,” Kate warned, “I want to really see it, so this is what we are going to do.” She gave them her plan, and jumped off the bed to grab the vibrator from the night stand. Maybelle and Jason got into position. “And Jason,” Kate winked at him, “don’t cum inside her. I have a plan for that, too.”

Kate handed Maybelle the vibrator, then lay flat out on the bed. Maybelle moved forward, in the 69 position, so her pussy was directly over Kate’s face. Leaning onto her elbows, she took the vibrator and placed it at ready near Kate’s wet opening. Kate looked up at the hot box just above her, and longed to pull it down into her waiting mouth, but she held back, also in anticipation of seeing her husband’s cock penetrating the tight hole. “Ok, Jason,” she called from below, “I want you to go slow; slide your cock into Maybelle’s cunt so I can see it.”

Doing as he was told, Jason grabbed his turgid member. Squeezing tight to make the head bulge out even more, he took Maybelle’s ass-cheek in hand, and pushed the head of his cock against her tiny gash. There was a chorus of moans from all three, Maybelle as the hot flesh touched her aching lips, Jason as his head felt the wetness, and Kate as she watched the lips part to take in his cock.

“Maybelle,” Kate instructed, “slowly push the vibrator into me; go in a few inches, and fuck me slowly to that point only, while you lick my clit.” Kate parted her legs wider, feeling the hardness slide inside her, and then the warm tongue start to manipulate her rigid clit. “Oh fuck yes, you are a good girl, oh yes” she cried out, ready to cum from all the excitement herself, but holding back for now. “Jason, as slow as you can, fuck her pussy.”

Above Kate’s face, Jason slowly slid his cock to the hilt into Maybelle’s pussy. Kate watched, fascinated, as the lips spread open to take the meat, then the inner lips pulled out partially with it as he pulled back, then in again. His balls slapped her forehead each time, in and out, in and out. All the while, a cock was going in and out of her own hole, and a tongue was flicking her clit - she was going insane from pleasure. Not wanting to torture anyone any longer, Kate reached up, grabbed as much ass-cheek of Maybelle’s that she could, and yelled, “Fuck her hard! And fuck me hard!” Then she mashed her own face into the pounding cock and balls, and tried to lick Maybelle’s clit, while she was getting a pounding of her own from below.

Kate started cuming hard, screaming into the woman’s flesh and soaking the sheets. As Jason’s cock rammed into the cunt, Kate’s nose was mashed again and again by his balls. She loved all the sensations. This, along with the hard fucking from Jason, caused Maybelle to start cuming on Kate’s face.

Jason had to brace himself, and try not to cum. It wasn’t easy, but he held on until the two ladies stopped writhing. He pulled his cock from Maybelle, sitting back to catch his breath.

Maybelle plopped over on her side, sighing, and Kate sat up. “Ok, people, no time to rest, I see a cock that needs some tending to.” She patted Maybelle’s thigh. “This is where you are going to finish it off.”

“Jason, lay back on the bed.” She pulled Maybelle up. “You - over here on your knees.” She pushed Maybelle onto the floor between Jason’s legs. “I want to try something, if you get scared hold up three fingers, ok?” Maybelle looked a little worried, but nodded her assent; she was having fun, and was up to try anything now.

Kate got down beside Maybelle on her knees, “Go ahead and start licking and sucking his cock.”

Maybelle took Jason’s hard, wet member, and began to lick her own juices off the base, slowly rising up, following each pulsing vein with her tongue. Taking his head into her mouth, she slowly sucked it, savoring the flavor. Jason had his head back, enjoying the treatment, his hips rising to meet her mouth. He didn’t even see what was about to happen until it was too late. He heard Kate say “Hold your breath.” And suddenly his cock was plunged all the way down Maybelle’s tight throat. He jerked unexpectedly; opening his eyes to find Kate had Maybelle by the hair, and was pushing her head all the way down on his joint. Her eyes were watering, and he could see she was trying not to gag, as spittle gobbed around the base of his cock. Sitting up straighter he moaned; never before had he felt how a throat could contract and squeeze at his cock like this. He could no longer hold it, this was too much, and it looked as though Maybelle was trying to pull her head up, but Kate wouldn’t let her. So Jason thrust up quickly, getting his cock just that one more millimetre in depth, and he shot his load straight down her gullet.

Once Kate saw he was finished, she released Maybelle’s hair. Maybelle fell back on her butt gasping for air. Kate went to her side. “Are you ok?” she asked, rubbing her back. Maybelle drew in a good breath, “Yes,” she nodded. “Ya, that was kinda fun, a little scary at first, “she admitted, “but you know what, once I felt Jason’s excitement I actually came!” Kate and Jason were both relieved to hear that, and figured it was enough for one day. They all cleaned up and Maybelle; with hugs and kisses all around, went home, promising to call them soon for more fun.

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