The Governess

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Ch. 5 Games

The next call they received from the Governess instructed them to be prepared for an entire night out. The location to meet was at a hall in a hotel. Kate was requested to wear thigh-high latex stockings, the tight latex top from their first encounter with her breasts pulled through the tiny holes, and a pair of black latex crotch-less panties. Although they were crotch-less they still squeezed her outer pussy lips together. Jason helped her into the outfit with great restraint of his own; as he pulled, squished, and wriggled her flesh into the tight exposing outfit, his cock rose. It rubbed her soft thighs and warm buttocks, while he moved around her body. Kate’s juices were flowing already too; as the straps of latex from the panties pushed her lips, they rubbed together with every movement. Her nipples, though swollen from the pressure of being forced through the tiny holes in the latex top, were as hard as ever, and her tits were reddening.

“Oh Jason, “she moaned, eyes half closed, “why don’t we just stay home, and fuck each other?” She ran her hands gently over her swollen breasts, humming with pleasure.

“Because, my love,” he whispered into her hair from behind, his throbbing cock leaving a trail of juice on her bum cheek, “the Governess is expecting us. Can you even image what she would do if we didn’t up?”

“Hummmm, I suppose you’re right. Besides, I guess a part of why I’m so horny is in anticipation of what she has in store for us tonight.” Lust in her eyes, she turned to Jason. “Let’s get you ready too, then.”

Jason had to wear a black leather cock ring that had a butt plug attachment; it came down from his penis, opened into a loop where his balls slipped through, and then continued to the plug. When he bent forward to allow Kate to slide it into his rear hole, she found that it was short, and she had to pull, to stretch the strap long enough so it would go into his bum. By doing so it tightened the loop around his balls, squeezing them tightly too, and pulling on the base of his cock. Once Kate had forced the plug in, he stood up straight, and the straps loosened a bit. He was enjoying all the new sensations, and rubbed his penis head, taking the pre-cum that was dribbling out and licked it off his own finger. Kate said nothing, letting him have his fun too, as she proceeded to take nipple clamps and attach them to his tiny man nipples. “Ouch!” Jason pulled back a bit,” that hurts.”

“Ya well, you know you better go as she says, or it might be worse.”

“Yes, do it.” He bit his lip as Kate put on the second clamp. He was a little concerned that if he lost his erection the cock ring would fall off. Looking down he saw that was not going to be an issue as his penis was still as hard as ever. They put loose clothing on over the outfits, and headed out of the door.

When they arrived at the hotel they encountered an actual guard at the conference room doors. He had pictures of everyone that was to be at this soiree, so that no party crashers, or just innocent unsuspecting people, would open the doors and see inside.

As they entered they saw all the same people from the last big gathering at the Governess’ house. There were all sorts of sexual apparatus set up around the room. A large wheel with straps, a leather pony with a very large faux penis and a whip for a tail, a king size bed with a plastic sheet, a kiddy pool filled with Jell-O, and a table covered with various tools. Kate was quite impressed with the entire set up and a bit overwhelmed, feeling a mix of anxiety and anticipation; she grabbed Jason’s hand for comfort.

What they did not see was the Governess herself. Richard moved away from the group and came to greet them. He was wearing a leather-banded top that had two metal rings around his exposed nipples, black leather chaps and nothing else; his semi hard cock bounced against his thighs as he approached.

“Welcome, Kate and Jason. Please remove your outer clothes and leave them over there.” He pointed to a pile in the corner where everyone else had dropped their things. Then he walked away before they could say anything.

They undressed and moved self-consciously toward where the others were gathered. Debra reached out a hand to Kate as she approached, making a shushing motion with her lips to keep them silent. As they assimilated into the group, which was just standing in a semi-circle near the center of the room, Richard finally addressed them.

“Tonight, I am in control.” His deep powerful voice resounded over the room. “You will all do as I say, and if you have any problems use your safe words. If you wish to leave, you will do so now, or you have to wait until morning, for as soon as I give the signal the guard will leave and the door will be locked from the outside.” Richard turned slowly, facing each person before him, and without any more words got the silent assent from each of them.

Kate could feel the excitement in the room; as her own heart pounded in her chest, the air was resplendent with arousal. Debra’s hand squeezed her own, as Richard’s eyes fell on her and Kate saw Debra blink that she was ready.

“Let the games begin!” Richard shouted. There was an audible click from the main doors. He then moved away from the group, with a motion of his hand to stay put. Going behind a large screen, he proceeded to come out pulling a frame on wheels. And there was the Governess, hanging upside down by her ankles. Her long hair was pulled up in a ponytail, with amazing knot-work bound tight around her tresses, and tied tightly to the base of the frame below her head. Her hair pulled so taut that you could see it pulling the skin of her forehead tight as well. Her legs were spread wide open, and her arms tied tightly around her waist. There was a large dildo poised on the frame, above her open pussy. Her breasts were also bound tightly with soft ropes that looped around and around, causing the already large melons to bulge out and turn purple, much like Kate’s own.

Richard moved about the group looking them all up and down, thinking. All the ladies were in various outfits that displayed their goods, and all the men wore the same cock ring and butt plug as Jason; they all had raging hard-ons from seeing the state the their Governess was in. He stopped in front of Charlie, reached out and caressed the man’s hard member. “I think you will do,” he said, pulling Charlie forward by his cock. Charlie clearly had the largest penis in the room, about 9" long and thick too, with huge purple veins throbbing up to a mushroom-like head. Richard manoeuvred Charlie over to the Governess’s dangling head.

“You are going to fuck her mouth.” He stroked the pulsing member in his hand, enjoying the power he had over everyone in the room. “I want you to choke her, jam it down her throat, and make your cock stifle her screams, until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Charlie replied with anticipation.

Richard moved to the side of the frame as Charlie slowly slid his huge cock into the Governess’ mouth. He hit a hidden button that lowered the dildo down from the frame into her gaping hole, and it too started slowly moving in and out of her.

The Governess wriggled as much as her bonds would allow, moaning, and grinding around the two cocks fucking her mouth and pussy.

“Ok,” Richard called, “come on Charlie. Fuck that slut’s face! Gag her with your giant cock! Pay her back for all the things she has done to you!” He pressed the button again, and the dildo from above began moving faster and faster. It was visibly pounding her pussy, and everyone could hear her juices slurping with each motion. She gurgled loudly around the pistoning cock in her mouth.

Charlie moved in as close as he could to the frame; grabbing the back of her head he shoved his cock and balls deep into her face. She was choking around it as spittle flew out of her lips around the meaty base. Her face reddened further. Her eyes bulged.

Richard egged Charlie on. “Yes, choke the bitch, fuck her throat, get it in there, and make her gag.” Kneeling down so the Governess could watch him watching her, he continued “You love getting the cock rammed down your throat, don’t you! You slut, cunt, whore! Feel that cock in your twat fucking you harder, and faster than any man can! You love it don’t you? Cause you are nothing but a dirty fucking whore that loves to get abused by cock!”

Charlie continued to pound in and out of her face, sometimes ramming it in deep, and holding it for a few seconds; as Richard goaded her it was difficult for him to hold his cum, but he knew that the time wasn’t right.

As Richard was saying “abused by cock”, that put the Governess over the top; the two cocks pounding was too much, and she began to squirt cum. Crying out as best she could with a cock down her throat, her pussy spewed cum everywhere, it even hit the group watching as the pulsating dildo continued to move in and out. She writhed in ecstasy as her pussy squirted, as she was gagging on the cock. Charlie, with a nod from Richard, jammed his member fully into her throat, and came too.

Richard clapped his hands together, pulling the attention from the hot scene before them back to himself. “Now let’s get you all into your places so you can have fun, too.”

He motioned Charlie to stay by the Governess, so they could both recover before moving on. Pointing out various contraptions around the room, he directed everyone in pairs where to go, with the exception of Kate. Taking her by the arm he led her over to a stockade that had a vinyl covered sawhorse behind it. He helped her onto the sawhorse. It had two runners for her feet to sit up on, and her head and hands went into the open half of the stockade. Richard pulled the top half down once she was positioned comfortable, locking her by the neck and wrists into the wooden - but thankfully padded - device. In this position, her legs were spread over the sawhorse, her knees drawn up slightly from the foot rests, causing her clit to be pushed down against the cool smooth material, and the sensation was arousing. Richard then pats her behind and walked away, leaving her alone wondering why everyone was paired up but she was not. Unless, she thought, he was going to get everyone started with their instructions, and then he would come back to her himself. She wouldn’t mind that at all - Richard was very sexy. So she waited, and watched as much as she could see of the others around the room.

Her husband Jason was with Lil. She had been strapped to the large wheel in the middle of the room. Kate was watching what the plans were with that thing, when she felt a hand touch her thigh. She jumped, goose bumps raised on her body, and her sphincter tightened.

“Hey,” she called out, not being able to turn and see. “Who’s there?” She knew everyone in the room was busy together, because she could see them.

No one responded, but the hand continued to move about her body. It traced up her thigh and along her ass; she wriggled as though trying to throw it off. “I don’t think you are supposed to be here, ” she began to admonish, getting ready to cry out to the group, to let them know they weren’t alone, when she felt a hot tongue probing her exposed asshole. “OH,” she started, her nipples hardening, in spite of being bound as they were. The person’s tongue slid from her anus down to her dripping slit, where it moved expertly around her bulging lips, in and out of the folds, and then darted into her tight pussy hole. She moaned with pleasure, aching for release, raising her ass up to push the tongue further inside her. As she moved, so did the person behind her. The tongue left her hot pussy, and the rough, stubbly chin pressed hard into her ass cheeks.

Then the man rammed his tongue hard into her bum hole. She squirmed against the face, wanting him to go back to her pulsing pussy, she so wanted to cum right now. The face moved away again, and Kate felt the man climbing up on to the sawhorse behind her. She pressed back against his hot thighs. “Oh yes, please fuck me, fuck my cunt hard - I need it.”

Without saying a word, the man grabbed her ass cheeks roughly in his large hands and spread them open, exposing her puckered rear hole. Kate felt a hot wad of spit land on her asshole, and then he forcefully pushed his penis head against the tight opening.

Kate cried out from the pressure; his cock was quite large, and her asshole wasn’t used to being fucked. Then it penetrated fully, and she felt his balls slap against her dripping pussy. She moaned again with pleasure. He began to pump his cock in and out of her ass. Every time he pushed in, her clit slid against the vinyl below; it was driving her insane. She tried to press herself harder against the sawhorse, to make herself cum, but she wasn’t able to move enough, being locked in the stockade. She was at this stranger’s mercy. She felt his cock engorge even more in her tight canal, and thought ‘this is it, he’s going to cum’, when suddenly he pulled out, leaving her rear opening a gaping hole. He moaned from behind her, jabbing two fat fingers into the opening. He fucked her tender behind with his fingers. Suddenly his fingers were gone, as he climbed off the sawhorse, and moved around in front of Kate.

Looking up she saw it was the security guard from the door.

“I am going to open this now, but only so you can turn over,” he instructed her as he opened the latch.

Helping her turn onto her back, he then re-latched her head and wrists in the stockade. Now her legs hung down a little too far, but she didn’t have to worry about that for long. As the guard moved around, he grabbed her ankles and lifted them up over her head. Bending her at the waist he strapped her feet into leather buckles on the side of the wood trap.

Now she lay looking at the ceiling, her legs near her shoulders, and her cunt and ass wide open to the air.

“So you want to get fucked, do you?” he asked Kate

“Yes,” she breathed, closing her eyes, “please fuck my cunt.”

She felt him again climb up into the sawhorse and thought, ‘yes, this is it, I’m finally going to get fucked’, but that wasn’t what he had planned.

Once again she felt his cock pressing into her ass. “OH please,” she pleaded, “no more, please fuck me in the pussy.”

He ignored her pleas, pushing his hot cock deep into her ass. He rocked back and forth against her bum, watching her bulging breasts bounce with each thrust. Her pussy throbbed and clenched, and the vinyl straps from the crotch-less panties slid across her lips, squeezing them together. The guard grabbed her by the hips and lifted her body so her back was up in the air, off the sawhorse. His cock still filling her ass, he rammed four fingers roughly into her exposed cunt.

Kate cried out as his fingers plunged deep into her. He was ramming his hand hard into her cunt, as his cock pounded her asshole, “Wholly fuck!” she screamed. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” And she started cuming again, and again. As her pussy came, her ass hole responded, tightening into a vice and the guard let out a grunt of his own, letting his cum fill her anal canal.

Once spent, he let Kate back down onto her back, but kept her legs strapped up. He proceeded to lick up her pussy juices and suck her bulbous clit until she came, screaming, a few times in his mouth.

Meanwhile the group were having their own fun. After finishing up some of the first games that Kate was not able to see, Richard took the Governess, now down off the Frame, and bound on the large bed. Her legs were pulled up over her body, knees to shoulders, her hands tied around her own shins, keeping her legs up and in position. Her gleaming, bald-tattooed pussy was fully exposed to the group standing around the bed. Richard did not have her mouth gagged, as he had plans for that. He got Charlie, again due to his huge cock, to lie down sideways across from the Governess’ pussy. Placing pillows under Charlie’s hips, Richard then forced Charlie’s hard cock into her pussy. Richard made Jason climb up on his knees, and told him to also get his cock in the Governess’ full hole.

Awkwardly, Jason clambered over Charlie, positioned himself above the Governess, rested his bum on Charlie’s hips, and pushed his hard cock into her already full hole. It wasn’t easy jamming two cocks in, but they did it. The Governess’ cunt was stretched wide, her wet clit already engorged, rubbing on Jason’s belly.

Richard instructed them to try and move slowly in unison, in and out of her full cunt together. Jason had to take control here, and holding one of the Governess’ feet for support, he used his other hand to direct Charlie by the hip to match his rhythm.

Richard pulled Kendra from the bedside, had her scoot under the Governess feet, and plant her pussy on the Governess’ face. Kendra wriggled under the woman’s tied-up legs, her wet, cum-filled twat pressed on the the woman’s nose and mouth. Richard grabbed a huge vibrator and knelt beside the Governess’ head. “Kendra, I am going to fuck you hard with this cock. I am going to have it on full vibrate. I know you are always complaining that you feel like you need to pe e… well, this time” he wriggled his eye brows. “You are going to let go. Hold your cum as long as you can, when you are ready tell me, and then you are going to piss and cum at the same time all over the Governess’ face, do you understand?”

“Well, I’m not sure I can do that,” Kendra replied sheepishly “I’ve never peed on anyone before, I might not be able to let go.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, I know how to make you pee whether you want to or not!”

“Ah, ok”, she said as her pussy throbbed over the Governess’ thick lips, and as she wished the bound woman’s tongue would seek out Kendra’s hole and fuck it.

Richard began at first slowly, pressing the vibrator on her clit. Kendra responded, moaning and wriggling, and then he pushed it roughly into her cunt. She cried out, biting her lip and grinding her hips to meet the thrusts. She squirmed and rotated her hips, grasping at her own boobs and tugging her nipples, her clit mashing the Governess’ teeth and nose.

Underneath them all, the Governess lay still, letting her subjects abuse and fuck her. Kendra’s juices seeped between her open lips, while the two men behind her continued to slowly double-fuck her.

Richard watched the Governess’ face as she lay bound, being force-fucked by two cocks, with a dripping pussy pressing into her face. Her eyes closed, drool slipped out the side of her gaping mouth. He knew the time was getting close as Kendra bounced harder, up and down on the fuck-stick. Above him she grunted, “I’m getting close… uh now!

On that cue, Richard tilted his hand up towards her ass, jamming the large vibrating tip into Kendra’s G-spot and bladder. He rammed it hard, once, twice, and again, and again. Kendra began to cum and urinate at the same time, all over the Governess’ face and hair. Kendra screamed long and loud, shaking, trying to hump the vibrator harder. Never before had she felt anything like that, the pure ecstasy of peeing while cuming was almost unbearable!

Richard’s hand slowed, and the urine stopped. Kendra jolted, and her body shivered. He slipped the vibrator out with a pop. “You sit there and relax for a moment; your Governess needs to cum now.” He leaned in to the governess “You better tongue-fuck that pussy. I want to hear her cum again and again.”

The Governess could not open her eyes for the stinging piss that pooled in them; she just nodded.

Richard moved to the two guys that were still slowly fucking her pussy together. “Ok, this is not going to make a tough bitch like the Governess cum. Charlie, can you push your cock all the way in as far as you can and lay still?

“Yes”, Charlie replied; he had been holding his own jism off since Jason slid his cock in, but knew from experience it would be worth waiting.

“Jason, I want you to grip both her ankles and push your cock in to the hilt too. Now without pulling out too far, pump your cock as hard and as fast as you possibly can. Do you understand?”

Jason did. He moved in slowly so his cock was buried in deep with Charlie’s. He grabbed both the Governess’ ankles, and then starting fucking her like a jack rabbit, as hard and fast as he could without pulling his cock out. Her pussy was so tight with the other penis inside; he could feel the head rubbing and lubing his cock. The feeling was amazing; he grunted and rammed the cock-filled pussy. Jason thrust his hips down as hard as could, and his pelvic bone mashed the Governess’ clit.

The Governess, with a muffled scream under Kendra’s pussy, came over and over; she squirted her cum all over all three of them.

Jason felt Charlie’s cock engorge further against his, and as the hot spunk filled the Governess’ hole it was too much for him, and he too started to cum.

By the time they all finished up, everyone was spent. Of course the men could only cum so many times before their penises would rise no more. The ladies were tired and sore from all the crazy positions the men put them in. They headed to the rooms that were reserved for each couple, calling it a night.

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