The Governess

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Ch. 6 Paying for It

A few weeks later the Governess called Kate, enquiring if she and her new friend Maybelle would want a paying job. Excited, Kate said yes. Why not get pleasure and get paid for it too? She cleared it with Jason, and he agreed.

So she and Maybelle dressed in school girl outfits, as requested, and headed out. Kate filled Maybelle in on her first visit with the principal, but of course with two girls things would play out differently. Including a different location.

When they arrived, the office door was closed and Kate knocked quietly.

“Enter” a voice called on the other side.

Kate opened the door, and Maybelle followed her in. It was a regular type office with a desk, guest chairs and bookshelves. As they approached, the principal stood up and came around the desk to meet them.

“So, I hear you girls are causing troubles” he said rhetorically, not expecting, nor wanting an answer. It was his game, and they didn’t know how to respond.

They had stopped before the chairs, waiting for their cue. The principal looked them both up and down. “You little whores, with your short skirts.” His hand reached out lightly, brushing Maybelle’s breast through her white dress shirt. “And you don’t even bother to put on bras,” he tisked, pinching her nipple. “Do you know how horny you make teenage boys, flaunting your tight asses and long legs?” His hand moved down the length of her body. Reaching around, he cupped her ass, never taking his eyes off her face as he watched for a reaction. When none came, he slipped his fingers under the edge of her panties and caressed her soft, wet pussy lips. “See, you like it, you dirty little pig” he whispered in her ear.

Turning to Kate, the principal instructed her to go and lean face down on the desk. Kate did as she was told. Still holding Maybelle in his arms, he grabbed the edges of her panties, and yanked them down to her knees Then he roughly grabbed the open neckline of Maybelle’s shirt and tore it quickly from her body, leaving her standing with her bare breasts out, her nipples hardening. The principal leaned in, took one of her pink nipples in his mouth and suckled, then reached between her legs, and fingered her wet hole.

“You dirty whores make me do nasty things” he mumbled into her chest, lightly biting her fleshy boob.

Straightening up, he turned her toward Kate, who was waiting patiently, spread-eagled across the desk. The principal lifted the back of her skirt, rubbing her smooth bottom through the crisp white panties and instructed Maybelle. “Get over here and take down her undies.”

Maybelle moved in, grasping the waistband of Kate’s panties, and slowly pulled them down, exposing her tanned bum and bald pussy lips.

The principal grabbed Maybelle by the hair, forcing her onto her knees before Kate’s naked rear end.

“I bet you dirty girls fool around all the time, don’t you? You probably kiss, and suck each other’s nasty little wet cunts all the time. Show me!” He pushed Maybelle’s face into Kate’s now dripping hole. “Let me see you french kiss the dirty slut hole.”

Maybelle’s face, already pressed close, darted her tongue out and lapped at Kate’s soft pussy lips, tasting the sweet honey that oozed from Kate. Maybelle recalled how much she liked it the first time, and growled, swirling her tongue in and out of Kate’s pussy, slurping up all of her juices.

The principal loved the lesbo show before him. He got in close to see the woman’s tongue fucking and sucking the wet cunt. His own tongue wanting action, he licked Kate’s bum cheeks. All the while his left hand stroked his penis, which he had pulled out of his pants, and his other hand caressed Maybelle’s naked tits.

Moaning and squirming, Kate couldn’t resist any longer, and started to cum on Maybelle’s face. Maybelle lapped it all up, enjoying that she was able to please her new friend in that way.

The principal, seeing that Kate had cum, decided it was time to change the scenery.

He pulled Maybelle back by her hair. “You! Stand up and take that skirt off.”

Maybelle did so and then stood before him, now naked. The principal sat on his haunches on the floor before her.

“You on the desk,” he called to Kate. “Get over here.”

She straightened up, and he grabbed her hand, pulling her down to her knees. He turned her to face Maybelle. Kate was still in her skirt, with her panties down around her ankles. He pulled her back onto his hard cock. So now Kate was sitting in his lap, with her back to him, and Maybelle was standing before her. He grasped the neck of Kate’s shirt and ripped it open, slid it off her shoulders, and used it to bind her arms behind her back. Wrapping one arm around Kate’s shoulder he took her tit roughly in his hand, and reached out with his free hand to pull Maybelle by the leg, closer to Kate’s face.

“It’s your turn, slut, “he said into Kate’s ear. “You better return the favour. I’m sure your little friend her wants her fuck -hole licked, too. Suck it good, you dirty bitch.”

Kate moved her face into Maybelle’s swollen clit, and flicked it with her tongue, sucking it into her lips. The principal worked his fingers around Kate’s mouth into Maybelle’s open hole while pumping his cock in Kate’s pussy. “Yes, that’s it, my horny fuck-bunnies, lick her slit, suck up that bitch’s cum. Mmmm.”

With the manipulations of the principal’s fingers and Kate’s tongue Maybelle began to cum already. She grabbed Kate’s head and proceeded to grind her cunt into Kate’s face harder, screaming “ Ahhhhhhh!!”

Seeing Maybelle cum, the principal, without warning, lifted Kate off his rigid cock and stood up.

“That’s it; you two dirty fucking pigs need to be punished! You,” he told Maybelle. “Sit there beside your friend.”

Maybelle moved to her knees, and both girls sat side by side on the floor. Kate’s arms were still bound behind her back, breasts exposed, while her skirt covered her pussy. Maybelle was entirely naked.

The principal stood before them, red and angry-looking still fully dressed, just with his penis out of the zipper of his pants, stroking it. “Put your faces cheek to cheek” he said to them. They did as they were told, resting their heads together and watched him stroke his cock. “You sluts love the cock, don’t you? I can see it in your eyes, you want to suck it, and you want me to fuck your sloppy holes. I want to hear you both beg me for it.”

They both starting begging for his cock, in their mouths, pussies, asses, to fuck them hard and fast, to make them scream and cum. The principal watched them as they pleaded and moaned for his hard cock. He shot his load into their upturned faces; he aimed for their open mouths, dripping his spunk on their lips, cheeks and into their hair. Then he moved in and made then both suck the cum off his now flaccid penis. As soon as he was cleaned up he told them to get up and get out, his face now red and ashamed.

The girls straightened themselves as best they could with the state of their clothes, and left without a word. Once outside, they fell into each other laughing, and admitted that they were both still horny because they didn’t get a proper fucking from the guy.

“I have an idea.” Kate took Maybelle by the hand. “Let’s go!”

After Kate and Maybelle left the house the Governess called back, this time with a paying offer for Jason. He figured if they could then so could he and he accepted. He didn’t have to dress specially for this gig, just jeans and t-shirt. With butterflies in his stomach, he headed out to the address that she gave. It was a one storey bungalow on a quiet street. As he approached the front door, it opened.

The Governess stood there in all her gorgeous glory, in a skin-tight latex suit that hugged every curve. It had a zipper that ran from the front all the way around to the back.

Jason felt his penis respond at the sight of her. She waited for him to enter before she closed the door, locking it behind him. She took him by the hand and wordlessly led him through the house to a room in the back. It was empty of all furniture. In the center of the room stood a large cage; it was four feet high by only about three feet wide and deep. Inside was a man on all fours - of course there was not enough space to stand - with a leather mask covering his head and face. It had a zipper at the mouth, but no eye holes. His mouth was held open with a ball gag, and there was a leather collar around his neck with a leash attached; his body was completely hairless and naked.

The Governess approached the cage and grabbed the leash off the top bars, where she had looped it when she left the room. She tugged it towards her, pulling the man by his neck closer to the edge of the bars.

“Were you a good pig while I was gone?” She crouched down closer to him and rubbed a hand over his leather-covered head. He couldn’t speak, so his only response was to nod yes.

“Are you going to do as I say today?”

He nodded yes again.

“You better,” she admonished him. “You were a very bad pig last time!” The Governess’ arm slid through the bars and she slapped the man’s ass hard. He visibly flinched, as an angry red welt appeared, but he made not a sound. “Stay,” she told him, as she dropped the leash and walked over to Jason.

He wasn’t sure quite what to make of the scene, but he knew that so far everything he had done with the Governess had been pleasurable, so he was willing to give this a chance, too, whatever it was. If he didn’t like it he just wouldn’t do it again.

“Take your pants off,” she told Jason.

He unzipped and dropped his pants on the floor. He had not worn any underwear so his penis, at half-mast, bobbed as he moved.

The Governess took his arm and led him over to the cage, stopping before the man on his knees within. Then she bent down and unhooked the ball gag from the man’s mouth.

“Piggy! Get over here and press your face through the bars.” She again yanked his leash, directing his face.

With his face was up against the bars, his mouth and nose extruded out. “Now open wide!” she said, prodding at his lips with her blood-red finger nails. She grabbed Jason’s member in her other hand. “Fuck this pig’s face!”

Jason had to bend his knees slightly so his cock would reach the man’s mouth; he used the top of the cage as support, and pressed his cock head against the man’s lips. The man in the cage tried to pull away, jerking his head back from Jason’s cock.

The Governess pulled back on the leash, so his head jerked forward, banging against the bars. He let out a grunt. “What did I say!? You are to do as you are told, or there will be punishment.”

This time he didn’t move as Jason once again slid his cock between the man’s lips. There was no resistance, as he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of the leather-covered face. The man’s mouth was wet and warm, and even if he didn’t want the cock in his mouth he began to apply suction.

“That’s it; suck that big cock, you disgusting pig. I know it’s what you want, a hard throbbing cock down your throat. You love tasting the cock and balls. You probably wish it was dirty cocks, straight from your asshole, don’t you? Because you are a dirty fucking pig, and you want a dirty fucking cock.”

The Governess taunted the man while Jason fucked his mouth. Her face was only inches away from his cock too, and that fueled his passion more, wishing that she would turn her face towards him and take his dick between her beautiful lips. Thinking of that, he grabbed the bars and started moving his hips faster in his excitement. The man below was gurgling and drooling, letting the cock fill his mouth and pound into his throat.

The Governess put a hand on Jason’s thigh. “Stop!” she commanded. She stood up and put her leg through the bars. She placed a stilettoed heel against the man’s shoulder, and gave him a hard shove to the side. “Turn around, pig.”

Doing as he was told, the man, knowing his space limits, raised up enough to spin round on his knees, and now faced away from them.

The Governess smacked his ass through the bars. “Back it up! Come on, little piggy, get that fat ass up against the bars.”

The man backed up, his legs now coming through the cage until his bum was tight to the cold metal. He bent forward, resting on his forearms, his anus fully exposed before them.

Jason saw that there was a thin nylon rope wrapped many times around the full length of his hard penis and balls. The head of his cock was left untied, and it was a deep purple from the tight rope, and his balls bulged. She moved to Jason’s side and whispered in his ear” Do not give him any slack, ram your cock in his ass hard, and start fucking. Do not cum!”

Jason did as she said. Moving onto his knees, he grabbed the man’s hips through the bars, pulled him back tight, and pushed his cock forcefully into the already lubed hole. Jason fucked the man’s tight ass hard and fast; he could feel his balls slapping against the other tied ones.

The Governess had moved to the front of the cage. She took the leash in hand and drew the man’s head up towards the top of the bars. She made him open his mouth, and proceeded to cram a large dildo into his mouth.

“You are a gross pig! Look at you getting fucked in the ass by a man, and sucking a cock in your mouth. Only pigs do that. And you love it, I see you drooling all over this cock. Next time I am going to want to hear you begging for the cock. Piggy piggy. Tell me where you want the cock.”

She continued to fuck his face as Jason fucked his ass, and Jason was starting to have a hard time not cuming in the man’s tight hole. Watching this stranger, locked up and abused by their Mistress, was a huge turn on for him. He was even wondering if he might want to be in the cage sometime. When he thought he could hold on no longer, the Governess tossed the dildo aside, and told Jason to come to her. He pulled his penis from the ass, leaving a nice gaping hole and moved to where she stood still holding the leash. She had Jason climb up onto the cage, and over to the man’s open mouth. He dangled his legs down through the bars, getting his still-hard cock as close as he could to the upturned face.

“Okay, piggy, here is what you wanted. Lick the shitty cock.”

The man’s tongue darted out blindly, searching for Jason’s penis. Jason pushed it down at the base so it was directed towards the awaiting lips.

The Governess moved behind the caged man again, never letting go of the leash. “You disgust me; you pig, eating a smelly cock that was just in your shitty asshole. Lick all the shit off it, suck the head. I can see how much you like it; your filthy little cock is just dripping now, isn’t it?” She goaded him on as he licked and sucked at Jason’s member. Jason rocked on the bars, trying to make his cock reach down farther into the man’s mouth, but the positioning didn’t allow it.

The Governess had taken the dildo that she was using to fuck the man’s mouth, and now rammed it hard up his ass. He grunted below Jason, as she fucked his anus hard.

“Cum in the pig’s mouth,” she instructed Jason.” Make him slurp up all your sperm. The dirty pig needs to be taught not to disrespect me. Don’t you, pig?!” Her face contoured as she held the leash taut, and pounded the dildo at the same time.

Jason finally released his cum. Only the head of his cock reached the man’s mouth, so he rubbed the base, and his spunk went into the man’s suckling mouth, but also squirted out over his lips.

Seeing Jason finish cuming, the Governess released the leash enough so the man could bow his head down, and rest his neck. She stopped fucking his ass but left the dildo pushed all the way in to the hilt. She motioned that Jason could climb down off the cage, as she moved around to the same side; she took the leash, and tied it up on the bars. Now he could only move his head slightly left or right. She reached in and removed the mask from the man’s face. “Well, now, little piggy, did you like that? You had fun getting a mouthful of cum” she cooed, rubbing his chin.

The man said nothing, just blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light, not taking them off his Mistress.

“Because you were a good piggy, I’ll let you watch now.”

The Governess moved Jason so he was lying on his back on the carpeted floor, with this head against the cage, closest to the other man’s face. He was still only in his shirt, with no pants on. The Governess unzipped her latex suit from between her huge breasts, all the way down the front of the bodice, and down over her legs. She stood over Jason, and without taking the suit off, just letting it naturally open, she bent at the knees and placed her hot wet cunt on Jason’s mouth. All the while, her eyes were glued to the caged man. “Now you get to watch him please me,” she taunted him. “I know how badly you want to taste me. Watch how a real man does it; see how his tongue laps at my clit.” She rocked her hips back and forth, letting her motions guide Jason’s tongue. “And how it slides into my hole, ohhhhh” she moaned,” his tongue is bigger, and harder than your tiny pig dick!” She began to bounce up and down on Jason’s face, her huge tits flopping against her chest.

The man in the cage grunted, straining against his leash, tongue flicking out, trying to reach the Governess’ hard nipples. She reached her arm through the bars, and slapped him hard across the face. “You think a pig like you will ever get to touch me, or fuck my pussy, or even suck these tits?” She slapped him again. “Oh yes, that’s it. Fuck me with your mouth. Suck my cunt, eat me, I’m cuming!” She came on Jason’s face, and in his mouth. He lapped up her sweet juices, his cock hardening again from the pleasure. The Governess stood up from his face. Seeing his hard cock, she smiled. “Well, look at that, Piggy. My pussy tastes so good that his cock is hard again.” To Jason she said “Your time here is finished now. Put your pants on and leave.” She turned away from him and focused on the man in the cage.

Jason wasn’t’ sure what to make of the situation, but he figured she was the Mistress and he better do as he was told. So he grabbed his pants from where he dropped them, and left them to whatever they were going to do next.

The Governess released the man from his cage. She left the collar on, and gently removed the rope from around his cock and balls. She led him by the leash to the bathroom, where silently she drew a bath. She took the man’s hand, and had him step into the warm water. “Kneel,” she told him, and as he knelt, naked in the water, she placed a towel on the edge. Carefully, so as not to fall, she perched herself facing him, legs spread open around his body, exposing her still wet pussy. Her boots were on, but they were made of latex like her suit, so she had no concerns about them getting wet. Taking a sponge from the edge of the tub the Governess dipped it in the warm water and gently washed the man’s body. She repeatedly dipped it in and rubbed his swollen ball sack and semi-hard cock, and then his violated ass.

The man moaned with the pleasure of the warm water and gentle touch now, after the abuse he had just endured.

“Are you ready to cum?” she asked him.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Will you be a good piggy from now on?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Play with yourself.”

“Yes, mistress,” he said, taking his cock in his hand. It wasn’t a large one, about five inches, and thin.

“Do you think I’ll ever let little piggy fuck me?” she cooed in his ear, still running the soft sponge around his ass and balls.

“No, Mistress.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m a fucking pig, Mistress.”

“That’s right. I’ll never let a pig dick in my pussy, will I?” She dropped the sponge, and reached between his legs taking his balls in her fist. She tightened her grip around them. As she moved in closer, she allowed her pussy to rub on his elbow. “Oh, do you feel that, piggy? That’s my pussy that you will never get, do you like it?!”

“YES Mistress!” He rubbed his hard cock faster in his hand, pressing his arm into her body, trying to touch her as much as he could. “Please Mistress, may I cum?”

“Not yet.” She squeezed his balls harder. “Give me your hand” she said. Taking his free hand in her own, she put it down over the edge of the tub, right underneath her hot pussy, and began to grind her clit into his knuckles. “As long as you wait, I will give you the pleasure of my cuming on your hand. But,” she warned, “if you cum first, I’ll stop, and you will not be allowed to cum until my next visit. Do you understand?” She wiggled her hips, grinding into his hand.

He gritted his teeth, eyes closed, as his hand slowed on his cock. “Yes, Mistress, please cum on my hand.”

The Governess watched as the man tugged his cock, and thrilled at the power she held. She slid her pussy lips and clit over the man’s big knuckles, her own juices flowing out between his fingers. She then pinched at her own nipple, to give herself some pleasure too. “I’m so close, but I can’t seem to cum. Squeal like a pig for me, just like in that movie, make me believe it” she told him, and he began to squeal as he tugged his cock. The Governess rocked harder, pressing into his hand, and gave the man’s face a few hard slaps. She began to cum. “Now!” she cried out, and released him so he could finally cum too.

His cum spurted weakly out into the bath water, dribbling over his own fingers.

“Now lick your hand,” she said, pointing to the one holding his flaccid cock.

Without question he started licking his own cum off his fingers. She took the hand that she was sitting on and held it up. “Good piggy, now you can lick my cum too.”

He moaned with pleasure as he slowly licked her cum from his dripping hand.

“See? Be a good pig and you get treats.” She patted his head, and with that she was done with his session.

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