The Governess

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Ch. 7 Time Out

Kate and Maybelle straightened up their clothes as best they could. Both tied their now button-less shirts around their midriffs and headed downtown to a local bar.

As they entered the dimly lit place, all eyes were on them. Their skirts were very short; and of course had the traditional school girl pleat, with knee high white socks and patent leather shoes. It was enough to have all the men drooling already.

They moved to the bar and ordered drinks. Two other women that had been sitting at the bar got up gave them both scowls, and left. Kate just shrugged it off; at this stage in the game she no longer cared what anyone thought.

Kate and Maybelle stood facing each other, rather than sitting down, so they could move around and survey the room easier. Sure enough, off in the corner there were three men, dressed business casual, watching them and talking.

Kate took a large gulp of her chocolate-tini, and licked her lips seductively. Maybelle picked up the cues that Kate was giving, and moved in closer to her, ran a hand up her thigh, stopping just short of her skirt, taunting and beckoning the men to make a move.

The men took the bait, gathered their drinks, and swarmed over to the girls. They closed in on all sides. A tall, rugged man, with stubble on his cheeks, and not-a-care-in-the-world-tousled hair, stood behind Kate. The shortest and stockiest of the three, bald headed with piercing blue eyes, stood in the middle of the girls. And the average-height man, with dark blond side-swept hair and grey eyes, stood behind Maybelle.

“You ladies working?” Baldy asked.

Kate frowned, “Do we look like pros?” Her hand reached out and took Maybelle’s.

The tall guy leaned over Kate’s shoulder, “Well. most ladies in their,” he paused to re-check his thoughts, “early twenties, do not go around dressed like Catholic school girls.”

Maybelle flipped her blonde hair off her shoulder. “We’re just trying to have some fun; we do not do this for a living.”

“Well, then,” Baldy reached into his pocket and pulled out a room key. “You ladies are in luck, then. We just happen to be in town on business and have rooms just up the block.”

Kate picked up her glass, nodded at Maybelle, and downed the rest of her drink. Maybelle followed suite.

She linked her arm through tall guy’s. “Let’s go, then, lead the way.”

The group walked together the block and a half to the guys’ hotel. Bald guy was dead center, with a girl on each arm and his hand up the back of their skirts, squeezing their asses as they walked. Tall Guy, on Kate’s left, was cupping her other cheek, and Blondie, at the end had his hand on Maybelle’s other cheek too. It was a warm night, and the girls were fine dressed as they were, but Maybelle had goose bumps; this situation was making her a bit nervous. She wished she could break away and talk with Kate, but no chance arose and it wasn’t too long before they were entering the hotel lobby.

As they waited for the elevator to come down to the main floor, Baldy was getting impatient. He turned and pulled Kate into his beefy arms. He thrust his tongue down her throat and slid his fingers under the waist of her panties, ramming two fat fingers into her already wet pussy.

Kate grunted, shocked, and tried to pull away, but he was too strong. All she could do was succumb to his touch, and wait.

The elevator doors pinged open, and Baldy moved with Kate still in his arms into the carriage; the others followed. Baldy continue to fondle Kate as they moved up floors. Maybelle shot her worried looks from across the small box, but Kate just shrugged it off. After all, this was what they both wanted, to get fucked hard and fast, after being left on their own by the Principal.

Baldy handed his key over to Tall Guy so he could open the door, and as they entered the room Kate didn’t even have time to take it in, or to say I need to freshen up. Baldy grabbed her around the waist, and roughly shoved her face down on to the made bed. He pulled his hard cock out of his zipper, and ripped her white panties off. Kate was trying to scrabble up to get some control of the situation, but he held onto her hips and yanked her back. Her now exposed, and already wet pussy, opened, and his fat cock plunged right in.

Kate moaned, and pushed back swaying her hips. “Ohhhh!” she cried out. “Mmmm, you have a thick cock. Oh yes, fuck me, you beast.”

Tall Guy must have been turned on by the show, for the next thing she knew he was on the bed in front of her face, his pants off completely. He grabbed her by the hair, lifted her face up, and forced his cock into her mouth.

Kate groaned as she was getting her face and pussy fucked by two strangers; just the idea of it made her start to come already.

“Yes, you are a hot twat!” Baldy moaned from behind Kate, as he rammed his cock in and out of her pulsating pussy, as hard as he possibly could. “Oh shit, I’m coming!” he bellowed as his throbbing cock spurted into Kate’s sopping pussy.

His motions made her cum again, and she gurgled around the penis in her mouth, writhing, and humping the cock inside her.

“Man, you sure can suck it, baby,” Tall Guy said from above Kate’s head, as he gurgled and rocked his member in and out of her drooling mouth.

Kate sucked and slurped at his cock, rolling her tongue down the shaft to his hairy balls. She flicked her tongue out, teasing them, and then sucked it deeper into her throat.

Tall Guy, seeing Baldy stop fucking, pulled his cock out of Kate’s mouth, reached under her arms, pulled her away from the other guy, and onto the bed. He then spun her around, so she was now on her hands and knees, but facing the end of the bed. Without warning he pushed the head of his cock into her pink, puckered ass-hole. As Kate cried out, he shoved her face down into the bed and proceeded to rape her bottom. She felt Baldy climb onto the bed beside her, and he moved his hand underneath her body, and again put his fat fingers into her wet hole.

She rocked her clit on Baldy’s fingers, as her ass was getting fucked. She could feel his throbbing cock plunge deep, and then pull out leaving her open, and then plunge back in again.

“Mmmm, I love fucking ass,” Tall Guy moaned, and as his cock slid out he spit a huge hot wad into her open hole, and rammed his cock back in again.

With Baldy rubbing her clit, and pussy hole, Kate came over and over again, crying out for more with each thrust from the two men.

Meanwhile on the floor beside the bed, the blond guy had Maybelle on her back, her legs thrown over his shoulders, and he was fucking her cunt, watching the show above. He had ripped open her shirt, and her soft white breasts bounced up and down, her pink nipples hard. Maybelle was grinding back against his pelvis, and getting immensely turned on watching what the two guys were doing to Kate.

Bald Guy’s cock rose again so he climbed off the bed and went to hover over Maybelle’s face. He put his hard slimy cock into her mouth, and watched her face as he slowly moved it in and out, her soft lips suckling at him. He reached down and pinched her pert nipples, twisting and pulling at them. With her mouth full she couldn’t say much, but he could see in her eyes that she liked the pain, and when she came so did the blond guy fucking her cunt.

“You whores, you like getting raped and fucked hard, I can tell” Baldy taunted as she came.

As Blond Guy finished, he moved away from Maybelle, dropping her legs back onto the carpeted floor. So Baldy made a move. Standing up, he moved quickly and grabbed Maybelle’s legs before she could get up. He lifted them in one arm, and squeezed her knees together lifting her ass off the floor; he prodded with his hard cock until he found the hot tight hole.

Maybelle’s eyes widened at what he was about to do, and then he forced his cock into her rear opening. “Oh!” she exclaimed as it slid into her bum. He yanked her ass tight to his thighs, and fucked like a jack rabbit, pounding and fucking her tight behind. Once he got his rhythm he then moved his free hand between the fronts of her raised thighs, and rubbed her clit fast with his thumb.

“Shit! Oh fuck! Oh my God!” Maybelle cried out helplessly. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the reaming, and came again and again.

All the while, Kate and the other two guys sprawled out on the bed, watching Maybelle and Baldy as they romped on the floor. Finally the bald guy came in her ass and slumped over, tired.

Once everyone was done, and now tired, the girls gathered up their clothes once more and left the hotel. They headed back to the car, a bit wobbly-legged from the fucking but overall satisfied, and each went home for the night.

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