The Governess

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Ch. 8 Lessons

Kate and Jason took a month off from the sex games, just to have some time alone, to reconnect, and have normalcy again. The sex was fun, and they were learning, and experiencing new things, but they both needed a rest. During this time they decided that perhaps it would be fun to turn the tables on the Governess and Richard, if allowed, and have them over to a party of their own making.

Kate had gotten on the phone one afternoon, and made all the arrangements with the Governess, and the terms were laid out. So they set the wheels in motion, and planned out a sex-capade of their own.

The night of the party the Governess and Richard showed up early to get into costume, so when all the other guests started arriving, they were already in place.

The Governess was placed in the center of the emptied-out dining room. She was dressed up in a pony play costume. Her long dark hair was pulled tight back into a pony tail, with a metal bridle in her mouth that had straps behind her head, and leather reins hanging down her bare back. She had a long tail that was attached to a dildo up her ass; the hair flowed down covering her naked pussy, and tickled with every movement. She was bent at the waist with her arms inside tall stilts, which were made to look like pony legs that ended in hooves, so she could walk around bent over and still be supported. She also had hoof shoes on her feet. There were blinders on her face so she could only see straight ahead.

Richard stood next to her, and he was also bent at the waist with the hoof legs in front and back, a bridle in his mouth, although he had no tail, and a leather saddle strapped to his back. In the center of the saddle was a vibrator, so anyone that perched upon his back was in for a fun ride. The straps from the saddle went between his legs, and wrapped around his cock and balls. He had taken a Viagra when getting ready, and his cock stood tall and erect against his belly.

Kate stood in front of the Governess holding the reins, while Jason let the others into the room. They didn’t invite everyone as their house wasn’t big enough to allow all the people to fit, so they just had Kendra, and her husband Matt, along with Maybelle.

Kate was wearing a man’s plaid shirt tied at the waist, leather chaps and cowboy boots, with nothing underneath. Jason was in a cowboy hat, chaps and boots also, with a lasso on his side.

She had asked the others before they came to dress in western anything, just to go along with the theme for the day. The others of course were clothed, just arriving from outside. Matt just took off his pants, keeping his cowboy hat on, and put his boots on too. His large cock was semi-erect already at the sight of the Governess in her pony costume.

Maybelle was in an opaque white frilly dress, which clung nicely to her curves, and it was easy to see she was naked underneath, her blonde pubes glowing in the light. Kendra was in a short denim skirt, which was so tiny her bald pussy lips were peeking out.

Kate was licking her lips at the sight of everyone; she was anxious to begin.

“Matt.” Kate motioned the man over to where she and the Governess were standing. Pulling the bridle from the Governess’ mouth she said, “Why don’t you go ahead and feed her your cock?”

Matt obliged, grabbing the Governess’ pony-tail and yanking her face down towards his large member. Her soft lips engulfed his hard cock and she closed her eyes as she began sucking.

Matt rocked his pelvis back and forth, fucking her mouth, his balls slapping her under the chin with each thrust. He shoved it in all the way down her throat, gagging her, before pulling back and doing it again. He watched her mouth as she gurgled on his cock.

“Jason, you get her pussy.” Kate waved her hand toward the Governess’ round backside.

Jason moved behind the hunched-over woman, and flipped the tail out of the way onto her back. He slid his hard penis into her wet tattooed lips, and slowly began to pump it in and out. Then he took hold of the base of the tail, and slowly drew the dildo out of her bottom, fucking both her holes, while she slurped away at Matt’s cock. He watched her tattooed red pussy lips; as his cock drew out, so did her lips. He moved slowly, enjoying how her tight pussy sucked his cock. Her cream smearing all over his belly and balls, she was so wet and that turned him on even more. Jason moaned with pleasure, not sure how long he could fuck like this for. The Governess was so sexy, and he was in control, fucking her. Her big breasts hung down, swaying back and forth with the motion of Matt and him fucking her at each end. Underneath him the Governess was grunting and cooing from the triple cocks she was being fed.

Everyone else was standing around watching the show and getting horny themselves. So Kate had Richard remove the hoofs and get down on his hands and knees on the floor.

Then Maybelle and Kate helped Kendra climb up onto the saddle on Richard’s back. She threw her top off, exposing her breasts, but kept the short denim skirt on. Kendra put a leg over his back, and let the vibrator slowly enter her. Once Kendra was fully seated on the saddle she grabbed the reins that were attached to the bridle in his mouth and said” Giddy up,” laughing as she bounced up and down on his back.

Kate then took Maybelle by the arm and laid her on the floor in front of Richard, pulling her white skirt up to her waist, exposing her glistening pussy. “Richard, you are going to leave that bridle in your mouth, and using your nose and the tip of your tongue only, pleasure Maybelle. Do you understand?” she asked Richard as she patted his head. He could only nod and grunt, as drool ran down his chin from having his mouth held open for so long. “Good boy.” Kate pushed the back of his head, directing his face into Maybelle’s waiting gash.

Richard gladly moved in, pressing his nose against the blonde’s hard clit. He shook his head back and forth, rubbing it hard, then his tongue darted out under the metal bar in his mouth, and he licked as much as he could of her dripping hole. It was soft, and slippery, and he felt his hard cock throb against his belly. The straps from the saddle twisted, and pulled at his cock and balls, as Kendra on top rocked and moved the saddle around. His own hips thrust in and out with the pressure, wanting to dip his cock into one of these lovely cunt holes.

Kate herself got a strap-on cock, and moved in behind Richard. She watched Kendra bouncing up and down on his back, humping at the vibrator, and rubbing her clit into the saddle, while Richard went to town on Maybelle’s pussy. Kate reached between his legs, and gave his throbbing penis a couple of strokes, his pre-cum slippery on the bulbous head. Kate bit her lip; she was longing to have a cock in her watering mouth, but she wanted to fuck too. She straightened up, moved behind Richard, and lubed up his puckered asshole. Grabbing the thick dildo that was strapped to her pelvis, she pushed the head slowly into his behind. Kate moved in closer, knocking his legs open wider, and gave a hard thrust ramming the cock in all the way. Richard grunted in Maybelle’s pussy, and pushed back into the dildo. Kate could feel his huge balls dangling against her wet cunt. Knowing he was ready, she began to pump the dildo in and out of his ass. With each thrust his balls slapped back against her pussy. Above her Kendra had leaned forward and was rubbing her tits on Richard’s back, while reaching under to stroke his cock. Richard bucked and groaned; he held tight to Maybelle’s hips, pulling her hard into his face as he began to cum all over the floor.

Kendra climbed off Richard’s back; the saddle was soaked wet from her cum. Kate pulled the dildo out of Richards’s ass, leaving him open and empty. She replaced that dildo with a larger clean vibrator, in the straps around her waist. Flicking it on she felt it pulsing on her clit and stroked like it was her own cock.

She moved forward, and pushed Richard’s face out from between Maybelle’s legs. Kate nodded at Richard. “Go take care of Kendra now.” Then she moved over Maybelle’s prostrate form. Kate grabbed Maybelle’s legs, and pulled her hard onto the strap-on. Maybelle moaned and reached up, wrapping her legs around Kate’s waist, thrusting her hips up, accepting the pulsating member. Kate met Maybelle’s lips, and they embraced in a deep kiss, tongues probing each other’s mouths as she fucked Maybelle’s slopping pussy with the strap-on. Together they humped and moaned, biting at each other’s lips, kissing and pinching, nipples and breasts. They were lost in their own passions while around them the others carried on their own fun.

Matt and Jason had both fucked the Governess raw. After Jason had come in her pussy, Mat pulled his cock from her mouth, and moved around to fuck her juicy hole also.

He rammed his huge cock into her cream-filled pussy, grinding his pelvic bone against hers, making her cry out for more.

Her teeth bared “Yes! Yes! Fuck it hard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Holy fucking motherfucker…Do it Harder!”

Jason moved around to her face; he grabbed her pony tail. “Lick my cock clean, Governess” he hissed, yanking hard on her hair. She moaned with desire as the two men manhandled her. The Governess came over and over again, while licking and sucking Jason’s balls and cock, loving being submissive for a change.

Meanwhile Richard had moved in on Kendra, and because he was already spent, he took the bridle from his mouth and used his tongue and fingers to fuck her dripping pussy again. She screamed, and writhed to his touch. Fucking his face, and fingers, tugging at her nipples, as she continued to orgasm multiple times.

Once everyone was all done, and tired, they cleaned up, got dressed and parted ways again. Maybelle and Kate spent a bit more time together, cooing and caressing. Their relationship was more intimate then the others and they wouldn’t be parted for long.

The Governess took Kate aside, and, brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes, kissed Kate softly on the mouth.

“I think you are ready to be your own Master now,” the Governess said.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“That was a great party.” The Governess pressed her breast against Kate’s arm. “If you can put me in a position where you have full control,” she explained, “you now have the power to do this with anyone you desire. Go out there and start your own group.”

Kate looked forlorn. “You don’t want us to come to you anymore?”

“Oh darling! You can still come and party with us anytime you like. I just want you to realize your potential and have fun with it.” And with that she turned and walked out the door.

Kate smiled slyly at Jason, “Well, you heard the lady, let’s get planning!” She laughed, wrapping her arms around her husband. “I love you.”

The End.

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