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Seductive Stranger

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With a simple Hi, I fell for him. A completely stranger who became my fantasy. In instant he turned me from innocent into a girl with lots of lusty desire. ⚠️⚠️ mature content ⚠️⚠️ Happy reading ❤😘 Feel every word, play with your fantasy and stay kinky 😋😉✌ Please leave review ❤ I love to hear your feedback for I am new here ❤🤗❤🤗

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1: A Simple Hi

“Can I sit here,” a masculine voice just suddenly distracted my daydream.

“Sure, it’s empty tho,” I answered while staring at his eyes.
Oh Gosh, his eyes. Brown and deep. Eyes that I always love the most.
A man in his 30s sat next to me. Seeing someone too long isn’t polite, so I just sometimes looked at his perfect look.

Wearing a white shirt, folded sleeves, glasses, jeans and sneakers. I couldn’t get my eyes off him.
What on earth is this super charming man. This man was just perfect for me. His fair complexion reminded me of those Korean actors that I never remembered their names.
What a perfect moment, I murmured to myself. Night trip to my hometown by bus with a perfect guy sitting next to me. I wished my journey would be longer.

“What’s your destination?” he asked. His voice really made my heart beating unrhythmically.

“To my hometown, Lumajang. It’s about 4hours trip” I explained clearly to him while looking at his adorable face.

Ahhh those eyes, how I always loved this kind of soothing eyes, with glasses. It was instantly made me adore him so much. I could hardly take my eyes off him.

After about thirty minutes, the couch started to leave. There weren’t too many passengers on the couch. Only about half of the seats were occupied. The TV was turned on, a comedy show was on screen. Most of us laughed a lot due to their hilarious jokes. That man and I too. We gave some comments about the cheesy jokes.

“That’s silly. She shouldn’t have peed on her pants. I can’t imagine how the studio smells like.” I started the talk.

“Yes, that was hilarious indeed,”
“They were too silly that made her not able to wait and went to the bathroom.” He replied while his eyes kept looking at the TV.

It was getting later when the TV turned off. It became so quiet, as the lights were turned off too. I thought everyone was sleeping. It’s getting late at night either.

“I’m Didi. May I know what your name is?” he asked while looking at me.
Without thinking twice, I reached my hand and said, ” Lukita. You can call me Luki.”

“Jeez”, my heart kept pounding. “How blessed I am, having a chance to sit with this handsome guy.“. His after-shaved face gave an extra masculine look to him. With his black polo shirt and jeans, I couldn’t help myself not seeing him.
It would be very embarrassing if he knew I didn’t stop staring at him.

He took out his phone and got engaged with it afterwards, so I also did the same. Though I was just scrolling Instagram. He seemed really busy as he made some calls talking about work. Well, I didn’t give much attention as he didn’t talk with me too. I took my earphones and started to play my playlist. I hummed a bit.

When he tapped my hand and asked where I studied. We had small conversations, till he asked if I had a boyfriend.

“Hahah yeah, I have,” I said.

“Still virgin?“, he asked.
I was shocked, nobody had ever asked me this kind of question.

“Yes, I am.“, without any hesitation, I answered. Then I could see he nodded his head slightly.

“That’s great,” he responded. “Most of the college students that I met aren’t virgins anymore.” he continued.

I just giggled, not knowing what to answer.
Well, I was a virgin and never had sex with anyone. He didn’t say anything afterwards as I heard his phone vibrated. Again, he got engaged with his phone. I was wishing to have a longer conversation with him. So again, I plugged my earphones and enjoyed my playlist.

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