Seductive Stranger

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Chapter 2: Excuse Me, Can I ...?

“Luki, what are you listening to?“, again he tapped me.

“My favourite songs. It’s The Reason by Hoobastank now.” I explained while looking at his eyes.

Ahhh those eyes, I couldn’t help myself for not staring at them.
He was absolutely gorgeous with his spiky hair. Those polo and jeans outfits looked really good on him.

He took off his glasses and had closer look at my phone. I could smell his fragrance. I knew nothing about perfume, cologne, and all but I thought it was aquatic series. Again, adding his masculinity.

“Seems like we have the same taste of music, Luki.“, he commented after I showed my playlist.

“Come closer. Listen to this.“, he gave me one side of his earphones.

If you’re not the one by Daniel Bedingfield played softly on our ears.

“This song”, I was a bit yelling. “I love this song very much.”

“Yeah, the most romantic song ever for me.” he agreed.

He took off his glasses. Gosh, this man was very good-looking. He came closer to me and asked

“Still virgin, right?” He whispered and looked at my eyes deeply.
“Have you ever kissed?”

I nodded my head. I might be blushing. Not boasting, but my ex-boyfriends always said that I gave the best kisses ever. I was proud of myself for my kissing ability.
Sshhh, it might sound crazy, but silently I wished to be able to let my tongue dance with his tongue. His perfect red lips created temptation on my mind.

“Well, I’m married.” he showed me his wedding ring on his finger. Aaahhh shit! Why I didn’t notice from the beginning. I silently laughed at myself for being stupid.

“Ooh, okay. That’s great. Have you got any kids?”

“Yeah, I’ve got an eight-year-old son. Both my wife and my son stay in Jakarta. I have to stay in Surabaya due to my work.”

“You must be missing them so much. How often do you visit your family?”

“Ummm, usually once in two weeks. But this time my father-in-law is sick, so I need to go to Lumajang.”

“Hope he’ll get well soon, Di,” I responded by tapping his hand.
Soon I realized that I shouldn’t have done it.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said

He smiled, looking at my eyes.
Gosh, his eyes.

“Well, can I ask you a question?“, he asked then I nodded my head still with my eyes couldn’t get off from his.

“Well, it might make you angry. But can I kiss you?“, he asked and holding my hand.

Oooh shit! I wanted it so bad, but he’s married. I was in confusion, I didn’t want to miss this chance though.

“Umm, okay. I’d love to” a naughty part of me came out and responded to his request stupidly.

He soon took off his glasses, again I was hypnotized by his soothing eyes. He came closer, softly touched my cheeks. It was just his hand, but I felt so much sensation. Hahaha, okay again I admitted his look dragged me down in his charm.

He pulled my head and aimed my lips closer to his. Slowly he put his lips on mine. Gently sucked my lower lip while carressing my hair. Soft and sweet, I loved the way he kissed me. We stopped a while, he looked into my eyes, and again we kissed. He kissed me harder this time, I let his tongue dance with mine. Strong and wild yet passionate kisses we had. I was drowned in my desire to feel him. I gently grabbed his neck, give my soft touch all over it while letting our tongues dance wild.

I didn’t know how I could be that brave to kiss a married man and in the bus. But I did really enjoy it.

“I love your kisses.“, he said.

For sure I could feel my cheeks blushing. He touched my lips with his thumb and gave a smooch on my pinkish cheek.

“And it was the best kiss I have ever got,” I told him. He held my hand and give a small tap on it.

Sadly, this wonderful moment had to be ended soon as we reached our destination. We shared contact number before waving goodbye.

Again, he sucked my lower lip deep as I did the same on his upper lip.

“I can’t wait for another wonderful night,” he said while hugging me tightly.

He winked his eye on me as he got into his relative's car who had been waiting for him. I sat on the bench, could not believe what I had just done.


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