Seductive Stranger

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Chapter 3: A Night Call

It had been two days after I met Didi and had his best kisses. I didn’t hope he would call me as he’s a married man, but I kept checking my phone to find out if he texted me. I shouldn’t have hoped too much that he would contact me. Often happens when a married man trying to approach us, it doesn’t mean that he loves us, mostly it is just a sexual desire.

Yes, I was afraid if I fell for him, as I told you, he’s the type of man that I’ve always wanted. I still remembered the way he introduced himself to me, so sweet. His eyes, his after-shaved face, and his arms were still in my mind. the way he kissed me, still I could feel it on my lips, so passionate. The way he caressed my hair, gently and made me feel loved. I loved everything about him.

Another day passing by. It was exactly on the fourth day after our meetup when I heard an incoming call on my phone. I saw Didi’s name on the screen. I was thrilled knowing that he called me.

“Hi, what’s up?“, I asked him.

“Yeah, I’m good and I hope you’re doing well too. I’m still at my father-in-law’s house. He’s getting better now and I plan to go back to Jakarta the day after tomorrow. For sure I will transit in Surabaya. I hope we can be on the same bus again.” he explained his plan.

“Yeah, I really hope so. The day after tomorrow means on Saturday. I think I can go back to Surabaya too on Saturday.” I tried to offer him to be together as I wanted to feel him more than before. Yeah, I couldn’t get rid of this feeling in my mind.

“Mom, I will go back to Surabaya on Saturday,” I said to my mom.

" Didn’t you plan to go back next week?“, Mom was curious as I suddenly changed my plan.

I always tried to spend more days at home. No wonder if it was a bit suspicious when I told her I wanted to go back sooner.

“Aah yeah Mom, I was just informed that there will be a substitution class on Monday and I haven’t done the assignment for that class.” I tried to make a sensible reason.

“Okay, so you’d better go by train then. The bus will be very crowded on weekends.”

“No, Mom. I’ll go by bus. It’s more relaxing as I don’t have to hurry with the departure schedule. I’ll leave in the morning tho. I think it won’t be very crowded.”

I kept on insisting Mom let me go by bus before she finally agreed.


It was after midnight when I heard my phone ringing.

“Who’s on earth calling me this late,” I murmured while trying to find my phone.

Didi calling ...

“Aah yeah, hi. Is everything fine? Why are you calling me this late?” I asked him softly afraid if my parents found out that I was talking with someone this late at night.

“Nothing, just missing you,” he said. “So, will you go back to Surabaya this Saturday?”

“Yes, of course. I don’t want to miss this chance, Di,” I was a bit thrilled knowing that I would spend some hours with Didi. “But my mum asked me to leave in the morning at about eleven.”

“Okay, no problem. I will meet you at about half past eleven at the bus station. I can’t wait to see you, dear.”

" Anyway, how are you?” I asked him as I wondered why he didn’t call me.

“Now? Well, actually I want you badly, dear. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about our kisses. Your soft hand touching my neck. Frankly, it made my junior up. But I guess I could not have access to have more than kisses. I love your sweet smiles, Luki. ”

My cheeks were blushing. If he was there for sure I would give him other hot kisses. I just laughed, didn’t know how to respond. It would be embarrassing if I told him I want him too.

“It was the best kiss ever, Di.” I shyly answered.

“What are you wearing?“, he asked

" A black tank top and black shorts,” I replied before clicking a picture and sent it to him.

“You’re hot, baby. Can we switch to a video call?”

“Okay, sure” and just in seconds, I could see his stubble face. Ahh, he looked much more manly with that short beard on his face.

“Umm, may I know what your cup size is? They look big so much tempting for me.” without any hesitation he asked. Well, I was shocked actually, I never imagined he would ask this question. But I felt proud at the same time because there was something from me that attract him.

“They’re 36,” I answered awkwardly yet happy.

“That’s huge, babe. I wish I could see how they look without your bra.”

“Ummm, do you want to see them?” I tried to make a seducing voice to tease him.

He laughed and asked if it was permission. Without saying anything, I popped out my boobies out of their cages.

“Shit! I wanna squeeze them right now. And your pinkish nipples. Damn! I wish I could come to your room and bite them. Ahh, Luki. You really make me feel horny. ”

I didn’t know how I could be this insane, but I did really enjoyed it. Well, I had ever done this with my boyfriend, Alex, before. He squeezed and sucked my nipples before he started to play his finger in my pussy.

Still holding the phone, I was topless. I played with my boobies, squeezed them alternately with one hand, rolled my fingers around the areolae, and pinched my nipples. I enjoyed listening to him chuckled and got amazed seeing my bossoms.

" My dick is getting harder,” he said while showing a bump on his shorts. “Do you want to see mine?” he offered me.

I was about to say yes when I heard footsteps came closer to my room. I immediately tapped the red button to end the call and put on my clothes. It was my mom.

“I heard you were talking, didn’t you?” she looked suspicious.

“Ahh no, mom. I was just singing a song but I’ll sleep soon,” I tried to find an excuse.

My mom went out of my room after giving me a goodnight kiss. Soon, I grabbed my phone and texted Didi. When I checked my phone there were some miscalls from him.

I’m sorry. My mum was coming in so I had to end the call. See you on Saturday.” Goodnight, sleep tight and wet dream.

P.S: It was a great phone call. I can’t wait to see you.

I pressed send button and tried to sleep. In less than five minutes, my phone vibrated again.

I cannot wait to see you too, my sweet girl. I cannot help myself for not dreaming about you.

Goodnight, sweetie. Sweet dreams


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