Seductive Stranger

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Chapter 4: A Glimpse of Fun

Saturday morning at about ten o’clock. I was getting ready to leave when a notification popped up on my screen.

From: Didi

Hey, babe. I’m leaving now. It takes about an hour for me to reach the station. Let’s meet at the departure lounge. I’ll text you as I reach.

I pressed the reply button,

Okay, I’ll see you there.

Message sent.

At about half-past ten I left for the station. My parents drove me there, though actually, I asked them to let me go by Uber. It took only twenty minutes from my home to the station. After giving me a hug, they left the station. I opened the i-ticketing app on my phone and showed my e-ticket to the ticket officer. It was eleven o’clock. I looked at every corner and every seat to find Didi. He hadn’t texted me either. He might be late. So I came into the departure lounge and waited there. The bus left at half-past twelve. We still had about an hour and a half before the bus left. I was waiting while scrolling my Instagram. Feeling bored of reading the feeds, I tried to type Didi’s name on the search option. Didi Raditya. There were some accounts with the same name. I tapped one account with a display picture that looks like him. And yes, it’s his account.

I started to scroll his page. There were lots of pictures of his wife and son there. His wife looked beautiful too. From the pictures, I knew that they often had a family vacation. A happy family. but why he cheated on his wife? Ahh yeah, I forgot, when a married man cheats, it isn’t always about love but mostly just for lust. And it might happen on Didi too. I kept on telling this to myself, so I wouldn’t fall for him. Though actually, I might have fallen with his charm.

Again, I scrolled his page. there was nothing wrong with his family. on some recent posts, there was like a baby bump on his wife’s tummy. She was pregnant, I guessed. Aah, suddenly I felt guilty. I kissed a married man whose wife was pregnant.

“Okay, I’d better talk to him about this,” I said to myself. In less than fifteen minutes, my phone rang. An incoming call from Didi.

“Hey, babe. I’m at the station already. where are you?“, he asked.

“Aaaah, yeah. I’m at the departure lounge. at the long bench under the tv”, I replied.

I saw a man in jeans, a grey t-shirt, and pair of white trainers came closer to me. carrying his black backpack, he stood in front of me and hugged me as I got up from the bench. Aaah this masculine parfume, his stubble face. I put my hands around his neck while kissing his cheek. He rubbed my back with his hands and landed a gentle kiss on my forehead. I was going to ask him about his wife and, but I cancelled. I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

“Why don’t we leave for Surabaya in the evening. it’s more convenient I think. not too hot though”, he tried to convince me.

“Well, I don’t mind actually. But how about with the ticket?”

“That’s okay, we will transit in Probolinggo and wait for an evening bus.” He explained while buying tickets from an app. “At six o’clock. we still have much time in Probolinggo while waiting for the bus to Surabaya.”

We talked about many things while waiting for the bus. It was okay we stopped at Probolinggo though our tickets mentioned our destination as Surabaya. It was twenty past twelve when there was an announcement that the bus to Surabaya was already at the third lane. We soon grabbed our backpacks and board the bus. He walked in front of me and chose the best seat for us. The one at the back, on the right side. He said sitting at the rear seats is more comfortable. I just followed him, though.

After about fifteen minutes, the bus started to leave. The bus was quite full. Only some seats at the back were empty, luckily the seats next to us and in front of us were empty too. As usual, the conductor checked out tickets. Since there were lots of passengers, it took a longer time for the conductor to check. Didi took out his phone and changed it into silent mode. I saw he was checking some messages and typing some messages. I wanted to ask about his family actually, but I thought I had no importance to ask about it. We would be just a short relationship though. Or maybe I could say that it was a One Night Stand.

He was still busy with his phone when the conductor asked us to show our tickets. I tapped his thigh before he handed his ticket to the conductor. Not more than five minutes, the conductor moved away from us. We were in silence, I looked out of the bus, green rice field along the way. I felt happy at that moment, though I didn’t know the reasons why. Or maybe that because of this wonderful moment with my handsome stranger.

“What are you doing?” he surprised me with his soft masculine voice.

“Just looking outside,” I whispered in his ear.

He grabbed my hand, rubbed my palm and held my hand tight. He put my hand on his thigh and I slowly caressing it. Knowing that it would be a bit naughty scene, I took off my cardigan and put it on his lap covering his thighs. My finger was rolling on his inner thigh when he laid his head on my shoulder.

“Aah, babe. You are naughty, dear” he softly spoke in my ear. This was permission for me to start this lusty pleasure. We had about an hour and a half to reach the Probolinggo bus station. I started to unzip his jeans, my fingers were exploring something beneath them. Rubbing his dick, which was still caged by his underwear, slowly as he sometimes closed his eyes drowned in fantasy. Damn, he got a huge cock. It was as hard as a rock, I could feel it. He grabbed my hand and directed me to come deeper under his underwear. Shit! I touched how hard it was. I wished I could lick every inch of this huge stoney stick. His head was still on my shoulder when he started kissing my cheek. I bet he almost lost control.

“Babe, shit! I wanna scream”, he whispered

I smiled and said “I think I’ve gotta stop this. Save your scream for later, dear.”


Hi, guys. I'm so glad you give some time to read my story. I do really hope to receive feedback and some review to improve my ability in writing, as I am new here.

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