Seductive Stranger

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Chapter 5: Logic VS Lust

After about two hour journey, we arrived at Probolinggo Bus station. We bought tickets to Surabaya soon after we arrived there. Our bus to Surabaya left at about eight o’clock in the evening, which meant we needed to wait for about five and a half hours. It was a long time to wait.

“Then, what to do? Five and a half-hour is too long if we just stay here.” It was quite annoying for me to wait for that long. Besides, I had told my parents that I would arrive in Surabaya in the afternoon. If we left Probolinggo at seven in the evening, for sure we would reach Surabaya after midnight. I definitely couldn’t enter my hostel. I really didn't know what to do. I told this condition to Didi.

“Well, for now, let’s find a restaurant nearby for lunch then we think what to do” he tried to calm me down. I had no other options. So I just followed him. He called a taxi and asked him where the nearest restaurant was.

“There is one near here, Sir. Only about thirty minutes. One area with the hotel too. I will take you there if you want” he offered us

“that’s great, that’s exactly what we need. My cousin and I had to wait for five and a half-hour for the bus. It’s impossible if we wait at the station.” Without thinking twice, Didi took that offer.

I was a bit shocked at that time. I didn’t think that we would spend the time together at the hotel. I could imagine what we would do. And the pictures of his pregnant wife on his Instagram struck me. I was bout to say no, but then I was also confused about where I should go. So, I just followed. Yet, I didn’t want to miss this moment too. It might sound crazy, but I started to fall for him.

It was less than thirty minutes when the taxi stopped at the drop point of the hotel. We went out of the taxi and Didi soon reserved a room. A double room with standard facilities like an air conditioner and tv. The receptionist also mentioned that it got a bathtub in its bathroom. Great, I whispered.

Soon, we went to our room which was on the third floor. Didi unlocked the door. Fresh fragrance, it was quite large about 40 m2 with grey carpet. It’s got a modern look. With fewer details of furniture. A double-sized bed was there, covered with a white sheet and light grey bedcover. When I opened the window, wow, it got a pool view. Didi called me when he entered the bathroom.

“Do you want to be naughty here?” while showing the bath up. I laughed and spontaneously said yes.

“Would you like to have lunch first or wanna get dirty?” he asked me with his smirk face

I rolled up my eyes with my lips showing my seducing smile. He just directly pushed me into the bathroom and pinned me on the wall. He raised my hands and held them tight with one hand only. His other hand was busy exploring my boobies. I was shocked at first but soon I enjoyed this game. He kissed me roughly. I gasped for a while and plunged my tongue into his mouth. He did the same. Our tongue danced wildly following our symphony of desire. His hand went lower, unzipping my jeans and inserted her fingers. Still, with the panty, he rubbed my pussy like giving massage to it. It was the first time for me. I was scared but at the same time I was curious and I did not want to miss my moment with him.

All of in sudden he stopped and asked, “Have you ever done this before, Luki?”

“No, I haven’t done. I’m still a virgin as I told you before” I looked at his eyes.

“You can say no if you don’t want to, Luki. I just want to make you comfortable. If you want to do it, I want you to do it without pressure” he reassured me while holding my hands.

I was in my doubt. Being virgin is every girl’s pride but I was attached to his charm and didn’t want to miss this moment. My devilish thought was controlling me, so I said yes and told him that I was ready.

“I love you, Di,” I said to him.

“But you know I’m married. We couldn't be more than this. Listen Luki, it’s all up to you. I like you. You’re kind and sweet. You’re a sweetheart. I respect you a lot. Whatever your decision is I do appreciate it. Nothing against you, dear. You think first. Please consider it”, he was staring at my eyes deeply and caressing my hair gently.

“Let’s have our lunch, and you think about it”, he zipped my jeans and hugged me.

I was really confused. His words made m fall deeper again for him. Such a perfect man. Handsome, mature yet very wise. How lucky his wide to have him.

I made myself neat and put on some powder and lipstick to look fresh. He was waiting and still staring at me. With his lovely eyes. I didn’t see any lusty sight but the way he looked at me was full of affection. Then he stood up, come closer to the dresser and hugged me from the back. Giving some kisses on my neck and whispered “You’re my Sweetheart. Think about it. I don’t want you to regret it.”

We went down to the restaurant on the ground floor. We didn’t speak much at the lift but he kept holding my hand. I knew he’s married but I felt his love. Maybe it was just my feeling. But I was falling for him deeper.

We arrived at the restaurant when his phone suddenly rang. He showed it to me. It was written “ Lovely Wifey” on his screen. A WhatsApp call, so I could see her DP. She looked very pretty with her purple sleeveless dress with her baby bump. He accepted his call just right beside me and put his pointer on his lips to tell me to be quiet. This hit me hard. Soon I realized that I had no right to him. He belongs to his wife.

The call ended as the waiter came and gave us the menu. We both ordered fried rice and orange juice. Well, I lost my appetite, but I still needed to eat as we had to wait for another couple of hours to reach Surabaya.

I was still thinking about having sex with Didi. There isn’t any chance for us to be together as he’s a married man. He would forget me in instant too. But I loved him, I didn’t want to miss this moment. That is what kept on bothering me. Yes, I had made my decision. I didn’t tell him until we completed our lunch and went back to our room.

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