Seductive Stranger

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Chapter 6: One Short Afternoon

We went back to our room soon after we completed our lunch. We talked a lot on the bed. He shared about his past, his marriage and his family. I talked about my college year, my part-time job as a private tutor and also my dreams. He listened attentively, without any judgment to my silly story.

“Ummmm, I am ready,” I told him. He arched his eyebrow looking surprised at my decision.

“Are you sure?”, he asked me “I’m married. Yes, I do really want to have sex with you but nothing against you. That’s okay if you don’t want to do. I do respect you” he tapped me on my shoulders.

“Yes, I’m sure. I love you. It may sound silly but I started to feel the attachment. Some of my friends aren’t virgins and they are fine with it. I think I will be fine too. anyway, why did you changed your mind? You don’t want me now? You lose interest in me?”

He stared at me and slammed his lips down onto mine.

“I want you. But all I want is you feel comfortable. You do it without any pressure”, so close, I could see his brown eyes looking at me with lusty desire. I rolled my fingers on his stubble face, kissed him and put my arms around his neck to feel him closer. Damn! This sensation. The best feeling ever kissing a stranger that you instantly adored.

He pulled my hip. I could feel his hardening dick. I pushed myself closer to have his dick pressed my pussy. He grabbed my ass and squeezed them hard. I caressed his hair and rolled my fingers on his neck, I didn’t care that he’s married and his wife was pregnant. All I wanted was him at that time. My hand went lower, sliding up his t-shirt and started rubbing his abs and back. He kissed me harder and rougher. I let his tongue and mine move wildly in our mouths.

He removed my t-shirt and unhooked my bra and threw them on the floor. My 36 sized boobies with their erected nipples were freely exposed. His eyes opened wide with admiration he mumbled.

“Fuck! Damn! Best boobies ever. Let me be the owner of those two perfections” he exclaimed and placed his masculine hands onto my breasts. He started to squeeze them soft while landing his lips on mine. I responded to every movement of his tongue in my mouth. His hand grabbed mine and slowly moved it lower to his jeans. I felt something hard down there. I rubbed for a while and slowly unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. Still, we were kissing, his tongue didn’t stop battling mine. Sucking my lower lip deep and alternately kissing my neck gently. I softly moaned as I felt his warm breath.

I knelt down and pulled down jeans till his ankles. A pair of navy blue boxers wrapped his bulging manhood tightly.

“Hahahaha, I think you need to set your dick free” I giggled while giving small pecks all over his hardening cock.

I had never done this before. But I felt like there was something going in my mind that guiding me on what to do.

“Aaaaaaah! Shit, that’s driving me crazy, baby” he closed his eyes feeling the temptation that started controlling him. He directed my hand to come into his boxer. I touched his bulging manhood and gently rubbed the tip of it. I helped him to remove his boxer.

Wow! It was the first time for me to see a dick in real. Yeah, I had ever seen some porn videos but for sure it gave me a different sensation to see the real dick right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t let myself stop rubbing his manhood. With some hair around it, I started to play his two balls. I heard his moaning, closing his eyes and biting his lower lip. His hand was caressing my hair.

“Do you like it?” he asked me. I nodded my head and chuckled without looking at his face. My eyes were hypnotized by his stiff big cock.

“Have you ever seen a dick before?” again he asked. I just shyly shook my head and was still not able to get my eyes over his mighty manhood.

“What would you do with it, Luki?”

“ I don’t know, what to do with it” I honestly answered. “But I watched on porn how they do blow job”

He giggled and bend his body and whispered softly in my ears

“ Just do anything you wanna do, baby” and kissed my forehead.

I put my mouth closer to his cock. Started kissing it while playing my finger on its hardening tip. He laid his back on the wall. He spread his legs so I could lick his inner thighs. Up and down, I rolled my tongue on his two balls. Gently sucking them and while my hand bussy stroking his dick. Again, I heard him moan.

“Fuck! What a good starter I’m having now” he softly mumbled. I was glad, he responded positively. It was the first time for me to do. It sounded crazy, but I didn’t care. I wanted him right now. I got braver in instant. Without any hesitation, my mouth sucked his manhood. In and out, slowly, gently with a slow pace. I looked at his eyes, and I could see how he enjoy this treatment. I rolled my tongue around his bulging dick, play it for a while on the tip. He pulled my hair with excitement that really boosted my confidence.

“Again, Luki. Don’t stop” as he pulled my hair and moved my head back and fro.

My mouth stroked his hard and big manhood faster, sucked it deep and played my tongue on its tip. His legs were shivering. Then I grabbed his dick with my hand and rubbed it in my cleavage. I used my hands to squeeze my boobies, so his dick could feel the softness of those two mountains. My lips gave small pecks on the head of his dick.

“Aaaaahhh, baby. You know how to treat it very well, baby” he softly murmured.

He helped me to stand up and pinned me on the wall. He rubbed his dick on my pussy.

“Does it hurt?”, he checked me. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

“Please tell me if it hurts. I just want to make sure you’re comfortable in doing it” he spoke softly and kissed my neck. My goosebumps raised, I loved this sensation.

I was moaning when he just suddenly shut my mouth with his lips. He shoved his tongue into mine and explored every empty space of it. I let his tongue battle with mine. His hands went lower on my boobies and squeezed them roughly. I loved the way he squeezed them. I felt my juicy came out from my pussy. I curled my spine as I felt hornier than before.

“My pussy is wet” I whispered in his ears.

He inserted his two fingers into my panties and started to play them on my clit. I could not stop myself from moaning. My legs started shivering. I could feel how wet my pussy was. He rubbed my clit faster and I was almost falling as my body started trembling.

He carried me on his muscular arms and laid me down on the bed. He took off his T-shirt. And Jeez!!! What a perfect man he is. Good looking face, charismatic and wow his six-pack abs. He was there, taking off my panties and threw them on the floor. He crawled on me. Sucking my lips before he licked every inch of me. His pecks electrify my desire. He came lower and lower and buried his head between my thighs, playing his tongue gracefully. he gave a soft rub on my pussy before letting his tongue continue its assault on my clit.

“Open your legs wide, Luki,” he told me. I opened my legs, preparing myself for his entrance.

He was there right in front of me, stroking his dick for a while. He slowly positioned himself on top of me and again he asked

“You’re sure? I can stop if you don’t want it. I won’t break your virginity if you mind. I don't want to make you uncomfortable. You are more important than my lust. I can control” he looked at me right in my eyes.

I nodded and said, “Yes. I am ready. Just do it, Di”

He kissed my forehead and slowly put his lips on mine.

“It’s gonna be a bit painful. But I will do it very slowly” he said while penetrating his bulging dick into my pussy. He pushed slowly and again slowly.

’Luki, it’s now” he pushed his dick deep as he was saying it.

“Aaaaahhh!” I let out a whimper. I felt something got cracked down there. It was painful but soon I felt something like pleasure.

“I’m sorry, Luki” he kissed me on the forehead with his dick still inside my pussy.

“That’s okay, I’m fine. Let's continue this. I love you” I assured him with a smile on my face.

He started moving his cock, slowly but deeply. His big and dark manhood occupied the space in my cunt. No more pain, it was only pleasure and satisfaction I felt.

I pushed his hip to penetrate deeper. His stroke made me moan louder. He kept rocking his dick at a fast pace. Turning it around while kissing my breasts again and again.

He stood and stroke his dick for sometime before he cummed on my belly.

“Thank you, Luki” he whispered on my ears while caressing my hair.

He laid himself next to me. I put my hed on his arms. He grabbed his phone on the bedside table, checking the time.

“It’s four now. We still have 3 hours to enjoy our time. Unless you want to stay longer here with me” he smiled while kissing my forehead.

“I don’t mind actually” I answered while playing my fingers on his stubble face.

“Ahhh, I would love to. But not here.Tonight we still have to leave for Surabaya and I’ll book a hotel for us there” he laughed while landed his kisses on my forehead.

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