Seductive Stranger

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Chapter 7: Didi POV

I had been imagining her after our last meeting on the bus. A pretty girl with black straight hair. She looked calm and warm. I loved the way she greeted me. I loved the way she smiles. With her black t-shirt and jeans, she looked damn sexy for me. I accidentally saw her cleavage as her T-shirt had a low cut on the neck and it was enough to turn me on. She was friendly too, we were talking like we had known for a long. She was an innocent girl. And what made me amazed was that she was still a virgin. Well, I have met many girls during my working trip, most of them weren’t virgins. I think that is what made her special. I told her that I’m married, but seemed like she was fine with it

Her eyes, she’s got a pair of seductive eyes. Without revealing anything, her eyes could tease my fantasy. Her lips, I could not help myself for not kissing those kissable lips. I was shocked and happy at the same time when she allowed me to kiss her. She wasn’t as innocent as I thought. She was a good kisser. I still remember the way she sucked my lips and played her tongue in my mouth. It was strong and so passionate.

Since then, I could not stop myself for nit fantasizing about her. Everything about her turned melon in instant. That night, I called her and she showed me her boobs. Damn, those are the hottest boobies I've ever seen. I wish I was there and squeezed those soft and bouncy breasts. My dick was instantly awake when she rolled her fingers around her pinkish nipples. I masturbated soon after she cut the call. Imagining to push her on the bed, kissing her sexy lips while my hands were busy squeezing her boobies. Licking every inch of her skin, let her moan loader on my ear. While stroking my dick, I saw myself in my fantasy was sucking her boobies and my dick fucking her endlessly. I heard her moan in my ears, thrusting my bulging dick into her cavern deeper. She screamed for mercy as I moved my cock faster and faster before I cummed on her face, a release of pleasure. Damn, Luki. You were so much hot, even in my fantasy.

We agreed to meet today at the bus station. We would go back to Surabaya together. I saw her with her blue tank top and black cardigan with blue jeans and white sneakers. I always love the way she dressed up. simple yet sexy at the same time. We were talking while waiting for the bus to take us to Probolinggo.

It was my most amazing journey. I never imagined that she could be a little bit naughty. She played my dick for some time and left my dick helpless. It was a bit annoying but I felt happy seeing her face full of satisfaction for leaving me horny. She’s funny. For a while, I forgot about my problem with my wife. She’s pregnant but I am not sure if I’m the father of that baby. For several times, she arrived home drunk, and her male friends dropped her. I was okay with that until one day my friend sent me a picture of her and another man was kissing in a pub. I didn’t want to be bothered by that problem for now. I wanted to enjoy my moment with Luki.

It was my lucky day, I guessed. We had to wait for about five our for the bus to Surabaya. It was impossible if we waited at the bus station, so I soon tried to find a hotel. A taxi driver helped us and drove us there. Room 308, the receptionist said and handed the key. I pressed the button on the elevator. Good thing because there were some people in it, or else I would lose my mind and would kiss Luki here.

Floor 3. Eight units after the lift. I opened the door, and let her come in first. She looked amazed with the room. I was glad she liked it. When I showed her the tub, she said that it was her fantasy to make love in the bath up and under the shower. I slammed my lips on her and asked if she really wanted to. I let her think, I didn’t force her to have sex with me. I could understand if she refused it. So we went to the restaurant to have lunch. I let her consider my offer.

We went back to our room after lunch, she just suddenly hugged me from behind and said

“Ummm, well I know you’re married. I know that I shouldn’t say it, but I love you” she spoke softly while still hugging me. I turned around and looked at her eyes. I was confused when she said that she loved me.

“ And yes, I want to have sex with you” I was shocked when she told me so. Though actually, I was thrilled as she wanted to make love, but I was afraid if I was giving her false hope. Yeah, I had problems with my wife but I would feel very guilty if I let her fall in love with me.

Again, I told her that I am married and it would not be possible for me to love her wholeheartedly.

“Yes, that’s okay. I don’t mind, Di. But still, I don't want to miss this wonderful moment with you. I ...”

I landed my lips on hers and started kissing her deeply. I took off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra. Aaaaah dear, those perfect boobies now was right in front of me. I squeezed them hard. I sucked those pinkish nipples. I was like a baby who had been starving for days. I couldn’t stop myself from playing those two perfect mountains. I helped her hand to move lower on my jeans. She slowly touched my hardening dick. I knew it was the first time for her to do. But she told me that she had watched porn several times. I let her what she wanted to do. And it was surprising as she knew what to do with my bulging cock.

She licked and sucked it at a slow pace. She rolled her tongue on every inch of my dick. Ahhhh, I almost lost my mind when she played her tongue on the tip of my hard cock. Her hands rolled into my inner thighs while she slowly licked and sucked my two balls. She’s my sex Goddess. My legs started shivering, without any longer I pinned her on the wall and rubbed my dick onto her panties. I let her panties attached to her sexy hip. My lips always craving for hers. I shoved my tongue and explores every inch of her mouth. my hand was busy rubbing my dick on hers. When she said that she was wet. I slid my fingers into her panties and rubbed her clit. I could hear her moaned softly in my ears. Her eyes rolled when she almost fell as her legs couldn’t stop shivering from pleasure. Damn! Another side of her sexiness made me higher.

I carried her onto the bed. Pulling down her panties. I saw her naked right in front of my eyes. The desire and lust took control of my mind. I sniffed every inch of her body. Giving some pecks on her skin from top to her toes. Her scents, her moan, and the way she rolled her eyes really electrified my desire.

She opened her legs as I ordered her to do. I buried my head between her smooth thighs, licking everything that I could lick. She trembled. My lips then gave some pecks to greet her pussy. She chuckled and let me enter her hidden paradise. I lick her clit and let my tongue dance freely for her juicy honey. Her heart pounding as she breathed uncontrollably. She kept on saying my name, begging me to fucked her.

I crawled on her body, asked her if she was ready. She gave me a warm smile before slamming her lips onto mine. A yes, she said. I positioned my dick, rubbed it for a while to make it harder. My dick was right in front of her entrance, I pushed slowly. I looked into her eyes, those soothing eyes. I kissed her lips and give my shaft a hard push. I felt something was cracking inside her as I heard her whimpering. I saw the blood slowly dripping from her pussy. She grabbed my head and kissing my lips deep. I kept stroking at a faster pace. Deep and quick. She moaned and groaned softly. I thrust it deeply before I cummed on her belly.

I hugged her and let her sleep in my arms for the whole afternoon. We still had few hours before leaving. I checked my phone, a message from my wife asking where I was. I replied my wife's messages and kissed Luki’s forehead and fell asleep.


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