Poetry For The Lustful

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A breathtaking poetic take on fantasies designed to satisfy your mental cravings while taking your body on a slow and seductive trip from your hands. The poems will captivate you and the short stories of brief yet passionate encounters will leave your mind craving more. From sinful flings to passionate getaways Poetry For The Lustful will definitely satisfy you

Erotica / Poetry
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Turn Off The Lights

Turn off the lights

Leave your insecurities at the door just like your clothes

As I embrace you while the candles flicker, whispering sweet words into your ear as my handles caress your figure. On your neck I will place, my lips so sweetly against your skin. Your perfume intoxicating me as I imagine all the things I’m going to do to you. The words of how long your week has been escape your lips as mine are marking your shoulder blades. My tongue soon travels as my hands lower to your waist. I draw pictures of heavenly images across your exposed flesh. The sounds of you biting your lip creep into my ear. I stop myself from traveling any lower and climb my way back using only my tongue and hands. I grab your hands and I kiss you so sweetly, your rose colored lips and your mahogany skin so breathtaking. I lead you to the tub, rose petals have invaded the room and the candles still burning brightly. I disrobe you so softly as I help you climb into the bubbles, the look of you relaxation disappears as my hand disappears into the water and is now In between your thighs. My fingers trace your pearl as you run your fingers up and down my arm. We kiss once again and your tongue dances with mine. Their waltz of passion sends my taste for you to another level. My traces so gently but quick, your moans enter my mouth as your knees buckle. My fingers
Stop as my tongue circles your breasts and
soon down your stomach. I lower myself at the tub and your thigh is now on my shoulder. Your taste so unforgettable as my tongue now caresses your pearl. Your hands give
Me the most sensual back massage as i become an addict to your taste. My tongue may drown in it as i allow it to unravel on your pearl. Deep breathing becomes the music of the night as your sensual massage becomes a tightened grip when you burst like the sweetest maraschino cherry on my tastebuds. When I arise you instruct me to face away from you I listened to your words as I feel your hands on my chest. The clicking sound of you undoing my shirt fills my ears, soon my shirt greets the floor as you continue caressing my chest. Your lipstick stains my back , your kisses forever being my favorite. Soon I mimic your lip biting as your kisses only tease my appetite. Your kisses soon vanish I turn around
in confusion. Your holding the wall as our eyes met in the heat of the moment. I caress
your hips before I slowly enter your awaiting queendom. I call the lords name as I feel your tightness surround it, I travel the deepest. You feel so good I’m possessed by lust, my thrusts more harder than the last. The words you moan to ravage you, like whispering wishes to a genie I comply. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as I grip a lock of your hair, this
moment my mind only thinks of the wetness I’m drowning In down below. Our lips say their farewells as my strokes are stronger I feel the grip you have on me tighten. Our sounds of passion from what started as mere whispers are now echoes. All my passion for you bursts in your deepest regions as your body quivers
from your orgasm. Our passion only a night of existence but an everlasting moment when present

Turn off the lights
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