Falling For The Mafia Leader

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After 18-year-old Chelsea found out that her "boyfriend" has been cheating on her for the past year and a half she turns to his bestfriend for comfort.She doesn't know that he is as mafia boss going undercover as a student.What will happen if she finds out about his identity.Will she leave or will she stay? 24-year-old Nick De Luca is a mafia boss going undercover as a high school student after finding out that someone from his gang is giving feeding off information about his operations to the German mafia.1 year later he still doesn't know who it is.He falls for the quiet girl,Chelsea Fields,but he had to keep his identity a secret.If revealing his identity just to have her is risky then so be it,because if he wants something,he will do everything in his power to have it.And her wants her. . . . . This book contains a lot of mature content,so if you're under the age of 18,please leave,but then again you won't listen,so read at your own risk.This book also contains scenes of sexual harassment,assault,kidnapping,bdsm relationship.So if this isn't your typa book then leave.Peace out. . . . . Previously titled Falling For The Bestfriend . . . . .Don't forget to like and commentπŸ˜‰

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Chapter 1

Today is mine and my boyfriend's 4 year anniversary and today is the day that I'll be giving my virginity to the one that i love.I'm on my way to his house to give him the became that I bought him at Carter's and that jewelry store is pretty expensive but thank the God's i can afford whatever I buy.

So let me tell you a bit about myself.
Hi,I'm Chelsea Fields and I'm17 years old and I go to SouthView high school.I have the perfect boyfriend and the best of bestfriends.Im 5ft3 and i have black hair,I'm slim and i have curves in the the right places.So back to the original story my loves.

I stop and park in the drive and see that there's another car there.Hmm,I've never seen that car before.I wonder if it's one of his friend's car.I walk up to the door and try to open it but it's locked.So I take the extra key out from under the flower pot and open the door.I walk inside and close the door behind me,then I walk up the stairs and I'm hearing alot of banging and moaning and groaning.

Maybe his friend brought someone over.I walk to his room and hear alot more moaning.Oh Christ.His not cheating on me,is he?Maybe his watching porn or something.

"Faster Ryan faster!" Wait what the fuck.I slowly pushed open the door only to find my boyfriend fucking the school slut.Okay his actually cheating on me.I can feel the tears beginning to fall down my face,so I close the door and run out the house jump in my car and drives to my bestfriend's house.Okay so basically his bestfriend is my bestfriend but who gives a shit,me and Ryan are officially not dating anymore.

I pull up at his bestfriend's house and knock on the door.As soon as the door opens i wipe my tears away to see who it is.I look up at his bestfriend and his only wearing black basketball shorts.Jesus he has so many fucking tattoos and he looks like a sex God.I look into his green eyes and he gives me a confused look,then he sees that I'm crying and he pulls me into a hug.He keeps me tight and i keep him tight as well.

Suddenly I went limp and i couldn't walk.As if he noticed that I couldn't walk,he picked me up in a bridal position.He walked into the house and closed the door behind him and we went up the stairs and into his room.He put me on his bed and he sat next to me and he looked at me.

"Wanna talk about it?"He asked in a soft and gentle voice.I nodded my head. "You can shout at me if you want and if it makes you feel any better you can punch me too." He say with a small laugh and I laugh with him.

I could feel the anger building up inside of me,so I let it all out.
"That fucking shit face,ass wipe has the fucking nerve to che-" But before I could finish the sentence he interrupted me.
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