Falling For The Mafia Leader

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Chapter 2

"Wait,what the hell are you talking about.Is Ryan cheating on you?" He asked and i could hear the anger in his voice,so I just nodded my head.

"That sleazy motherfucker can't even keep his dick in his pants,can he?Jesus,what is wrong with him?" He was still really angry.
"How the fuck shoud I know Nick and i bet you his been cheating through out our entire fucking relationship.Fucking cunt." Then i started to cry and let it all out.
"What did i do to deserve this.I did nothing wrong.I never cheated on him and there he was,fucking the school slut amy in his fucking bed."I said wiping my tears away.I move closer and he pulled me onto his lap.

"Do you want me to call him and ask him about it."he asked me.
"I mean yeah.Just dont make it obvious."I looked at him and nodded.
"Nah don't worry ima pro I've done this before." He shrug and let out a chuckle.Oh dear God i think i need holy water cause the things I'm thinking about him are so dirty not even Satan himself can help me.Lol.

He put me on the bed and walked to his cupboard and picked up his phone.He came back to sit down next to me he dialed Ryan number and he picked up on the third ring."Ryan speaking." He answered.Why the fuck does he always answer his phone like that?But I the fuck don't care.
"Put it on loud speaker I wanna hear what this dipshit has to say."I whisper to Nick.He put it on loud so that both of us could hear him.
"Yeah hey its Nick.I was wondering if you wanted to come over?"
"Nah shit man I can't.I'm too busy fucking Amy and plus my girl's coming over later for our 4 year 'anniversary'." He said anniversary so sarcastically.If he didn't wanna date me,he could have just said so.
"Shit,what if Chelsea finds out that your cheating on her?"
"She won't cause she's too dumb to notice bruh."
"Well will you just come over so we can talk about you guys."
"Man I could care less about that bitch im breaking up with her as soon as she comes over."
"Why you even breaking up with her?"
"She's not satisfying my needs at all.I mean the handjobs and blowjobs is amazing,but i need pussy too.You get me right."
"No i don't get you.Because unlike you im staying a virgin and keeping it for my future wife."
"You need to atleast try and have sex dude.Just try."
"Nope I'm fine with staying a virgin,but will you come over to my house?"
"Yeah sure Amy just left and I'm sure Chelsea wouldnt mind if I'm with you." Wouldnt mind my ass,yeah right.We'll see about that...asshole.
"Whatever yeah just come over."
"Okay dude.Let me just freshen up,cause of reek of sex."
"Eww gross.I dont wanna know what you smell like." He laughed.God he has a beautiful smile.
"I'm on my way right now.I can still open the door with the key you gave me right?"
"Yeah you can and I'll be in my room."
"Check you later dude."
"Yeah check you later."
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