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Unexpected Storm

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" I've slept in his bed more times than I can count since I was probably 5, so why all of sudden I feel nervous to be this close to him?" I shift in my spooned position as his hand slowly wraps around my waist to pull me closer, something not different than usual. Yet, the feeling of his skin against mine makes my stomach clench into a tight knot and before I can react, his peppery breath is on me. " What's wrong, Kitten? Suddenly feeling nervous?" I can feel the smirk spreading on his perfect lips as he forces me to turn. His eyes have never looked so dark and dangerous, yet I can't seem to look away from him. Storm Davis, what the hell is going on with you? I was five the first time I've met the Davis family and since then, Andrea has been my best friend. When my family moved for work reasons 5 years ago, Andrea and I were destroyed but the Davis and my parents had the most brilliant idea. Every winter, Andrea will come and stay with us for a month and, every summer, I will come and visit them. Last year, however, my dad passed away, so I didn't make it here, but Andrea stayed with me instead which helped me a lot. Now I'm ready to go and, as I board the plane there is only weird thought in my mind: Will Storm be there too?

Erotica / Romance
Aria S.
4.8 72 reviews
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“A storm consists of everything chaotic and dangerous, uprooting everything in its path.”

But let’s not forget that storms are sometimes the shake we need in life in order to do great and better things. It’s a new beginning, for better or worse.



-If you are not +18, smut is not your genre please feel free to turn your head around now.

-English is not my first language and as for now, this book hasn’t been edited and maybe will only be in the future. Errors can happen, it doesn’t mean I’m doing that on purpose.

-I love constructive criticism and I’m all in for your feedback, but please, bear in mind this note: It has to be constructive.

-If - a few- misspelt words and grammar errors- annoy you, I’m sorry. I’m trying my best here.

That said, Welcome to Unexpected Storm, a book where the only thing that counts is your imagination. Let your wild desire unbind and follow the character into their adventure.

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