Unexpected Storm

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8. Mia

Sitting on one edge of the sofa, while Storm sits across from me on the other end of it, I drink my beer watching as he does the same. There is this feeling, as we sit not too far from each other, that keeps crawling in my stomach and for once, is a feeling that I can’t quite recognise. This whole evening with him has been weirdly exciting yet I’m not sure if what I feel is adrenaline or else. What I know is that his proximity makes my brain stop working and if I have any thoughts, automatically they are pulled down a dangerous path.

“ What are you thinking about?” Why does he need to have such a sexy, hot and dangerous smile? I think as I divert my gaze from him to our surroundings, not because I’m nervous, quite the opposite actually. I’m relaxed and at ease, maybe too at ease and it must be thanks to the empty bottle of beer now resting on the small table across from us but surely, I’m not drunk, not yet.

“ I’m just trying to figure you out Pretty boy “ Looking straight back at him I let a dramatic sight out of my lips while crossing my legs in front of me.“I mean...is Saturday night and you are here with your introvert, shy, little sister best friend”

“First of all, we agreed already that you are none of those things anymore, surely not introverted or shy anyway “ There he goes again his smirk and all of sudden my body melts against the sofa. He is sexy, I got it. “ second...might be hard to believe but people change Kitten”

“ so now you rather spend the Saturday night babysitting, than go fucking?” I drop my jaw dramatically once again and the warm husky laugh that leaves his chest forces me to bite down on my lips before doing something I might regret. “ That’s a change…”

“What can I say? I’m getting old…” taking another sip of his beer he crosses one leg under the other while turning his torso enough so that now he is completely turned in my direction .” Ready for Giving and Take, Kitten?”

That husky voice of his will be the death of me soon, I’m sure. That's why once again I’m nodding to him even If I’m not sure I am.“ Uuuuh I am. Are you?”

.“ Always ready, Love” His intense gaze makes my body shiver and for once I have no doubt about that, he is indeed ready. “ Ladies first”

Biting the inside of my lips I think about my first question and just as I do, my eyes end up again on his body, statuary and perfect. There is something that caught my attention early and since I have enough alcohol in me to ask, I smile at him, before pointing at his leg.“ Where does your tattoo end?” Mesmerised by both his tattoo and his muscles I don’t look away from it, not even when I feel his eyes burning on my skin. Instead, I slowly move my gaze up to his leg and take in as much of him as I can, mainly when my eyes reach his lower abdomen, I lick my lips, before finally meeting his eyes again.

“ Who are you?” The way he asks that question looks more like a whisper to himself and before I can even realize what is happening he is standing in front of me, with his hand on the hem of his shorts.

“ What are you doing?” I ask, feeling a knot forming in my throat, if he gets naked now I’m probably gonna die.

“ Relax, I’m just gonna show you where it ends “ The grin on his face grows bigger when my cheek becomes slightly flushed and, feeling anticipation building in my stomach, I watch as he slowly rolls the hem of his shorts and boxer, slowly. His V is the first thing my eyes catch, so perfect and defined that it looks almost fake but as he rolls down the fabric and his pelvis start to show, my breath hitch and his grin grow. “ Here. It ends here.” His voice is even lower than before. “ He goes all the way up the side, until here”

“ You could have just told me” I answer now looking up at him.

“ And leave the fun out? No way..” Rolling down his shirt while adjusting his shorts and briefs, he sits back on the sofa and while still grinning at me, he finishes his beer before licking his lips.

“ I hate you “ I mutter before taking the last sip of my beer. He is still an asshole, but I sure didn’t mind the show. “ Your turn.”

“I’m I ever gonna be able to see where your piercing is? I know you have one on the belly...so that doesn’t count”

“ Well...In that case..nope.” I simply answer while smiling at him. “ Apart from the one on my belly, the other is - unfortunately - on my nipple, which I’m sure you don’t want to see " The way he parts his mouth and his jaw almost drops to the floor is hilarious. Never, in my life, have I seen Storm so surprised or shocked before, however, is not just that. He is fascinated by it.

“Who says I don’t want to see it?” His voice is just a warm whisper and as he slowly moves in my direction, still burning me under his gaze, I feel a weird connection. His eyes are demanding and his lips are tempting. My body feels week under his gaze and my core is under a weird new pressure. " There are many things, Kitten, that would surprise you I believe" Swallowing as the words roll out of his perfect lips, I bite my own lips but before I can say anything the main door slams open followed by noises that make both of us jump on our seats.

“ Seriously?” I'm not sure if he is disappointed but for sure he doesn’t look or sound pleased at all about the abrupt intrusion. The way his face contorts as he realises what the noises are, making the funniest expression ever, make me almost burst into a laugh but I hold myself still not sure of what is happening.

“Shhhh” He shushes in my direction looking behind the soda, but as the noise comes closer and moans get louder, he pulls me by the wrist, forcing me down the sofa in a blink of an eye. “ I can't believe it. Is she out of her mind?" The way he whispers is even funnier but I have to say, being so close to him feels nice. " Listen, I'm not up for it, so we need to..." But before he can even finish the sentence Andrea and Noah enter the living room still unaware of us being there.

“ Fuck it” He whispers in my direction and pulling me with him, he runs out of the living room taking me with him. The way he pulls me, almost as if our lives are depending on it, is cute, yet I'm still laughing.

“ I can’t believe it” He mutters in disbelieve still pulling me across the stairs. “ What’s wrong with her?” Bursting into an even bigger laugh I stop halfway through the stairs letting go of his hand and, turning in his direction I watch as he frowns once more. “ What’s so funny?” he asks, staring at me, I didn’t even realize until now how close we actually are.

“You! Acting all prude...you know how many times it happened the wrong way around?!” His expression twists even more and never like now, I wish I could just take a picture of it. “ What? Did you really think that the house was all yours?!”

“ No...but that was different.”

“ How so?”

“ To start, I was young… Second, I’m sure one of you at least enjoyed the view”

“ Ewek! You are disgusting Storm” I whisper trying to hold my laugh and finding myself pinned against the wall, I look up at him, who is now caging me with his perfect body. "Am I?"

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