Unexpected Storm

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9. Storm

Caging her between the wall and myself, I watch the way Mia’s chest rises and falls, the motion is slow but gives away the fact she is indeed nervous and if not that, is something else but still, she is reacting to me being close to her.” Am I?” I ask leaning forward even more and when I feel her breath, spiced up by the alcohol, mixing with mine, which still hides a hint of smoke, I let a deep growl die in my chest, melting my eyes in hers, which now are just bright and innocent, like the little kitten she is.

“You are” Is only a whisper coming from her lips but the way she looks at me, challenging me once more, only makes my thoughts win over my rationality and before I know, my head is even lower and her lips are just a few inches away.

“Mh. Yet somehow I believe you like that” I whisper in a short breath along her jaw. Her scent is intoxicating right now and I’m surprised I didn’t catch that before. There are so many things about Mia that I need to discover that I’m actually happy she is stuck with me tonight.

“ You wish”`This time her tone is sharp and neat just like the look she is giving me. There is a partial grin stamped in the corner of her lips that’s enough to trigger my inner beast.

“ Let’s go, before they decide to come this way” Pulling away I force myself to be a decent man, at least for now. I do want to kiss her, that much is now clear to me but not here, not now. Not knowing that those two idiots can walk on us at any moment, besides, I still don’t know if she wants to.

“ Yes sir” She mocks me before stepping ahead of me and, walking straight into Andrea’s room, she comes backs outside a few minutes later holding what I assume is her PJ.” Ready” she whispers while biting her bottom lip and just now I wonder if she has the slightest idea of how much I like that little habit of hers. The way she grips on her lips while chewing it from the inside makes my cock twitch and my blood boil, which makes me realise that I need to calm down. Is it Mia that we are talking about for fuck sake.

Reaching for my room as Mia follows me with her inquisitive eyes, I step inside first to turn the light on and, waiting for her as she takes her sweet time, I can feel that she is not at ease anymore which for a moment startles me. After all, this isn’t the first time we share a bed.

“ Are you coming or what?” I ask curving my brow. Right now she looks just like the little Mia I used to know big eyes, innocent smile and, most of all, insecure about what to do.

Taking in a deep breath, she walks in a second later still holding her Pj. Her eyes are far from me and so looks her mind. Only the moment I close the door behind us she gives me a silent look, but then she turns away again, looking at the room in front of her.

I can tell from the way she narrows her eyes that she must like the new decor. The last time she was in here - 3 years ago- the room was still a room of a young boy which is not the case anymore.

The walls, completely white, are basically virgin, there is only one shelf on the left wall with a few books and pictures on it, and the wardrobe, nothing more. In front of us, there is a desk with a chair and on the left a balcony. The bed is against the middle wall and on top of it, there is my favourite thing: A huge skylight that lets in the light of the moon.

“ I must say, I’m impressed.” Looking around she licks her lips amused and rolling her head she fixes her eyes up in the sky. The smile that curves her lips is the sweetest thing I’ve seen tonight and for once, my heart feels warm at the sight of it.

“How so?”

“ Well...your room was a mess last time I was here. Stuff everywhere, awful posters...and your bed was tiny! Now it is ..neat and mature and the bed looks big enough and comfy”

“ Wow..my posters weren’t awful,” I say crossing my arms on my chest pretending to be offended “ And thanks...the bed is after all a King size, Missy”

“ I bet the girls have fun in there” Giving me a sly look Mia swiftly moves across the room and looking for something she gives me her back as I slowly follow. “ Are the sheets at least clean?” I can’t tell if she is being serious or not, but the way she spits her words at me forces a grin out of my lips.

“ ...They are. And yes, girls do have fun in here “ I growl as I reach the edge of the bed and, giving her my back as I sit down, I start to take off my shoes. “What are you looking for?”

“ Uh? Nothing. I was just wondering how tall that is. I can barely sit down. ” Tilting my head at her I see the struggle she is in. She isn’t that tall and the bed is indeed taller than a standard bed. “ I really hope those girls are taller than me” Curling her nose she fives me a smile yet, something isn’t quite right.

“ Mh sometimes...but if you want I can show you how I get them on it…” Widening her eyes getting the mischievousness of my tone she throws her shirt at me and, shaking her hand in the air she lets a frustrating sight out.

“ You are I M P O S S I B L E Storm!”

“ Oh come on. Is it so funny watching you getting all worked up...besides, is it not my fault if your best friend kicked you out of the room.” Waving her T-shirt at her I smile, she just made a huge mistake.

“ Thanks for the reminder.” Stretching her hand out she tries to get hold of the shirt but standing up, I quickly pull it away from her. “ No no missy. That is mine now”

“ Seriously Storm? How old are you? Five?” Frowning at me she furrows her brow and curling her nose once more she tries again to reach the T-shirt. Unfortunately for her, I’m quite taller which makes it all even funnier. “STORM!”

“ Uh you know? I quite like it when you scream my name...Kitten”

“ Fine! Keep it, can you at least turn so that I can change and go to bed?”

“ And what’s the point of it?” Curving my brow at her I watch as her face contorts once more and she slaps my shoulder, I pull up my hand in surrender, giving her one final smile. “ Fine” I can still feel her eyes on me when I turn but only a few minutes later, I hear Mia’s clothes coming off and the urge to turn almost wins over me. Sitting back on the bed focusing on the fact that she is Andrea best friend, I keep my eyes ahead of me and, pulling the hem of my T-shirt, I take the indument off, tossing it aside with Mia’s Pj.

“ How many tattoos do you have?” I can feel the bed bending behind me and the cover moving as she talks, which makes me thinks she is ready. Still looking ahead of me however I think about her question and honestly, I don’t know the answer.

“ I don’t know. I believe around 35?” I mutter tilting my head slightly as I wait for her to give me the green light which she does. “I stopped counting them” The moment I turn I found her eyes already on me and from the look of it she must have been studying my tattoos . I can be sure if she likes it or not but the fact that her eyes are still on me is a good sign. Muttering an “I see” Mia keeps looking at me and for a second I swear, it look likes she wants to ask something but she doesn’t.

" You like them?” I ask while rolling down my shorts and, as my shorts fall on the floor and my briefs are out, Mia’s heads turn to the side and her eyes focus on her feet. This isn’t the first time she sees me like that yet, I can tell from her flushed cheeks that she is embarrassed. Why is that?

Crawling into bed I feel Mia body tense the moment I'm under the sheet and when I turn in her direction, she is still looking down, away from me. " You ok?" I ask moving slightly closer which is enough for her scent to hit me. A scent, that has my cock twitch in a second, forcing me to hold my breath. I need to calm down or this would be a disaster. You are not a fuckboy anymore, Storm.

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