Unexpected Storm

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10. Mia

Curling beneath the soft sheet of Storm bed, I take in the musky and peppery scent trapped in it, which automatically makes me take a deep breath. Storm's essence is basically imprinted in this bed and the idea of it makes my stomach curl again.

“ You ok?” His husky voice makes me shiver under his watch and unable to look away I bite my bottom lip while simply nodding at him. “ Yes, of course” I should have probably had more to drink tonight because this is definitely not how I remember sleeping with Storm. There is too much going on in my head and body and many feelings that I’ve never witnessed before.

“ Ok, let’s get some sleep then shall we?” His soft tone makes me tense again and the moment the light goes off and our bodies are lightened only by the moonlight, I feel a weird pressure between my thighs and the next thing I know, my panties are humid.

“ Sure” Rolling on my side I curl my legs into a fetal position and sliding my hand under the pillow, I stare at the wall in front of me looking for an explanation. He isn't even close to me, so what is happening? Considering the size of the bed, in fact, this is the first time we have space between us as we sleep. I’ve slept in his bed more times than I can count since I was probably 5 and we have never been so far apart, so why am I feeling suddenly nervous? Why my hands are sweaty and my heart is skipping beats?

Shifting in my position, I tense when I feel his body moving closer but when he wraps his hand, slowly, around my waist that's when my skin covers in goosebumps and there is no way he didn't notice that. Pulling me closer, as he always did when we used to be younger, he spoons me but somehow, this is not at all like the old times. Now, the feeling of his skin against mine makes my stomach clench into a tight knot and there is weird electricity running along our body. Something in my head tells me to move but my body, won't give in. Shifting in his embrace, I take in a deep breath and as I do, his peppery breath tickles my neck, causing me to jolt.

" What’s wrong, Kitten? Suddenly feeling nervous?” I can feel the smirk spreading on his perfect lips and using his arms around my waist, he forces me to slowly turn, in order to meet his intense and sexy gaze. His eyes have never looked so dark and dangerous, yet I can’t seem to look away from him now that I'm here. Storm Davis, what the hell is going on with you?

“mh? Nope. I’m cool”

“It doesn’t seem that way” His words are soft yet his tone is hoarse and deep. Moving his hand along my flat stomach, he takes a second to play with the little metal ball of my piercing, a gesture that makes my body flinch. Arching my back I involuntarily push myself against his body and when my ass straddles his lower abdomen, Storm hisses, holding his breath for a long moment. “ This is not going to be easy…” His words come out in a whisper so low and guttural that I’m not sure it was meant for me to hear but when I tilt my head to question him, his eyes are in mine and his lips are dangerously close.

“ Kitten…” he whispers while slowly pulling me over with his arm and, flipping my body in his embrace, he makes me roll on my back, which forces me to stare at his beautiful and perfect face. The moon enlightens just enough of him for me to see and I like what I see. Why too much.

“Storm…” I whisper before swallowing hard when his finger starts to move along my bare skin. Every inch of skin that he touches, warms up as if on fire. There is a heat spreading along my spine that I can control and, for the first time in my life, that same heat spreads between my thighs causing me to pull them together.

“ Why are you nervous, Kitten?” Burning me in his gaze, Storm leans closer, so close that I can taste his peppery breath on my chewed lips. His chest, which now is above mine, moves so slow that I can’t quite understand if he is breathing and, as his finger reaches for my face, I let out a strangled gasp. My body is betraying me.

“ I…” I try to speak but nothing seems to come out of my lips. I’m nervous because I wish I knew what to do in this situation. “ I don’t think this is a good idea. ″ I shake my head feeling all the confidence l mustered until now leaving my body, but even before I can attempt to move away, Storm’s body cages me, keeping me exactly where I am, under him.

“ I know it is not…” He whispers those words lowering himself even more and now that his eyes are completely drowning in mine and his lips are a breath away, the tingling sensation in my body comes back and as I try to find a way out, in order to breathe, I part my legs just enough to move. Attempt that only makes me straddle against his legs and lower abdomen, an attempt that has Storm inhaling deep once again. Then, the next thing I know, my hands are both in his broad chest and when my slender finger curls against his skin, he shivers, causing me to do the same.

The warmth that spread between our bodies is confusing and exciting, I’ve never felt anything similar before and I like the ways my body seems to react to his. That's why, still keeping my eyes in his, I part my legs more, giving Storm enough space to move in between. I can tell, by the look on his face and how his jaw clenches, that he must be conflicted too, but when I part my lips to speak, he moves quickly and, resting his thumbs on my lips, he shushes me and his eyes narrows into mine.

Is this really happening? I find myself thinking as my eyes slowly shut and feeling my breath quickening, I swallow hard. " Mia..mia..mia" he whispers against my skin while cupping my face with a tenderness that I didn’t know he could have and when his lips brush against mine, in soft strokes, my breath gets caught in my throat and soft noise escape my lips.

" Look at me" he whispers against my lips still cupping my face. His voice is barely audible, yet I do and so opening my eyes I slip my hands around his neck and when our eyes meet, my heart stops for a moment, I'm sure.

Closing the invisible gap between us Storm lips finally melt against mine and the moment we kiss, I feel it, what everybody is been talking about: the silent fireworks exploding inside my chest, head and core. I’ve kissed guys before, that I did, but never ever before a single brushing of lips, melting of breath and mixing of scent has ever felt so unreal. Moulding and following his moves, I let our lips meet and pull away a few times. The kiss is tender, innocent and almost sweet. There is no rush and he is not pushy still, it has my body shivering and jolting in pleasure. A pleasure that I didn't know existed.

Curling my finger against his skin, I pull him closer feeling the need of having him closer and when I do, a growl escapes his lips causing me to moan. Deepening the kiss as our body moves against his each other, I feel the humid tip of his tongue knock against my lips and the moment I part those, my tongue is there ready to meet his. Discovering and testing each other I feel a pressure building in my stomach as we kiss and that's when his hand reaches my thighs, keeping hold of one of them.

Arching my back I search for a closer contact which I find the moment he positions himself better in between my legs, what I wasn’t ready for is the hardness of his sex brushing against my lower abdomen, which makes me moan against his lips and I swear, I can feel him smirk against my lips.

There is no going back now, that much I know, but what is it that we are doing? Just as the thought crosses my mind, Storm slows down the kiss and, giving me a few innocent kisses, he then bites my bottom lips, in a way that makes me moan again. Pulling away he searches for my eyes right away and while his free hand travels along my belly, he licks his lips, forcing me to swallow. “...I’ve been wanting to do that all night.” The smirk on his face only causes me to blush so I try to escape his gaze but, cupping my chin, he forces me to stare at him “ Don’t look away from me, Kitten…”

“ What ...what was that?” That’s the only thing I can say. My heart is pumping in my chest so hard that he can hear it I’m sure. What if he thinks I’m drunk? What if I’m just one of many conquests?

“Uhm...I believe that was a Kiss, Mia” His words are low and he looks so calm that It made me feel on the edge. Biting my lips I look away again as his answer annoys me but just as I tilt my head, his finger on my chin reminds me that I can’t look away. “ ...A kiss that I can’t wait to try again.”

“ We shouldn’t” I mutter, still feeling the warmth of his body heating mine. “ Is not…” But I can’t even finish my sentence because his fingers roaming on my body freely are slowly obfuscating my brain, making my thoughts difficult to express.

“ We shouldn’t” He repeats and just as another wave of heat hits my body feeling his hardness pressing against my stomach, something takes over me and, pulling him closer by his neck, I kiss him and he doesn't pull away.

This surely wasn’t the night I expected.

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