Unexpected Storm

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11. Storm

When I woke up this morning my bed was empty and by that, I mean that Mia was nowhere to be found. Saying that I was and still am disappointed is an understatement but most of all, for the first time in my life, I felt unease, scared almost.

Now, sitting around the dining room table as I drink my coffee, I can’t stop thinking about last night. Almost maniacally, I try to retrace in my mind everything that has happened and as much I fucked things up, nothing did go wrong. I think.

We kissed, kissed, talked and kissed all night. Her body moulded against mine keeping me from moving as I gently stroked her skin in the most innocent way I could. The taste of her sweet cherry lips is still wrapped around my lips and I can feel it while sipping my coffee. I can also still feel the tingling sensation along my spine as her breath mixed with mine when we cuddled and kissed before she finally fell asleep in my arms.


I watched her sleeping and nothing ever looked more beautiful, she looked peaceful and serene so why the fuck did she run away from me this morning? Did I do something that triggered her to feel uncomfortable? Is it because I actually got aroused? I tried to control that, I swear. But she kept moving closer, arching her body against mine until our skin crashed together. Let alone the way her muffled noises and gasps imprinted in my mind as the sexiest sounds I could ever hear, no man could have resisted that. Besides, my cock has a mind of his own, damn it!

’STORM!!” I might be wrong but she didn’t seem to mind me at all last night, not when her little fingers explored my chest so innocently and shyly that made me smile at how cute she looked. We talked on top of that, all night so if something was wrong she could have said it no?

“ STOOOORM” Something hits me and that’s when I realize that I’m not alone anymore and instead, a very annoyed Andrea is sitting across from me.

“WHAT?” I scream looking at her confused expression. Does she know something?

“ Jesus. I’ve been calling you for the last 10 minutes! Where is your head?” She asks while grabbing a cup of coffee for herself. She does look like someone that needs more than one cup, however.

“ Trying to forget the image of you and Noah fucking in the living room” I didn’t see them but I do appreciate the fact that she spits her coffee all over at my words. Well deserved, sis.


“ Well, next time check if there is anyone around” I shake my head before looking at my phone. I really want to text her.

“Where is Mia?” Changing the subject she looks at me with questioning eyes but the truth is this is exactly what I wanted to ask her. Shrugging on my shoulder I’m about to answer her but just as I open my mouth, Mia comes in from the back door and my jaw almost drops.

Dressed in a light blue sports bra and matching leggings, Mia makes her entrance looking sexy as fuck. My cock twitches at her sight and I have to use all my control to don’t stand up and kiss her right here, right now. Her skin, which is already tan and of a bronze shade, is covered in a layer of sweat that makes her body shine; her curves are perfectly on view and her flushed cheeks only make her eyes stand up even more. Eyes, that the moment they land on me change in colour and shape, narrowing in order to study me. Biting her lips she doesn’t look away and somehow I feel relieved as I smile, hiding my grin from Andrea.

“Miaaaaaaa” Andrea squirms jumping up the moment Mia reaches the table “ I’m sorryyyyy” she screams some more while wrapping her arms around her feminine, sexy neck. “ What did he do to you? Did he pissed you off?”

“Hey! I’m right here. Besides...why do you assume I did something to her?”

“ Because it is Sunday and she went for a jog!” Shaking her head at Andrea while slowly pulling away from her, Mia meets my eyes for a second and biting her lips, again, she lets a small chuckle escape her lips.

“ He did nothing of such. I just needed to feel healthy after a week of booze”

“Mh. Is that so?”


“You see?” I say finishing my cup of coffee before standing up. “ I’m not a monster, sis” Walking past them I take a second to look at Mia and, brushing my hand slightly against Mia’s body, in a way so subtle that Andrea doesn’t realize I sight, covering the fact that her scent is driving me already insane.” Have a good day ladies.”

“Storm” Andrea voice forces me to turn “ Don’t forget about tonight’s party.”

“ I won’t” I can feel Mia eyes on me the moment I turn the corner, but just as I’m out of sight, the two start talking and my curiosity almost takes over. The need to know how Mia feels and what she thinks is eating me alive. “later” I tell myself as I keep walking straight, after all, she needs some space otherwise why would she disappear on you after the intimate night you shared?

Later that day

When I left home this morning Mia and Andrea were already locked in Andrea's room talking about their stuff. Knowing Mia she wouldn’t even cross the topic of us with her yet, since she didn’t even cross the topic with me, but somehow the fact that I didn't have a chance to talk to her at all this morning, left me bitter and worried.

I thought about texting her and all, but again, if she needed space I didn't want to intrude. Still I feel like an asshole for it. Damn it!

“ Storm, what the hell is wrong with you today?” Kyle asks me as we approach the driveway of my house. The music is already pumping and, for all I know, Mia could be already drunk thoughts that annoy me.

"Nothing, I'm just tired I guess" For the first time in my entire life, I’m keeping something from my best friend and, even if I am about to explode because I honestly don’t know what to think right now, I can’t do it. I can’t talk to him about it with the risk of losing her trust and make her feel as if she is just a fling. Because one thing I know, Is that Mia is not like the others and I need her to know that.

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