Unexpected Storm

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12. Mia

I shouldn’t have disappeared on Storm this morning, I know. The thought of it in fact has haunted me all day and, even now, as I sip my cold beer while puffing away my cigarette, I can’t stop thinking about him and about what happened last night. The things I felt are new for me and confusing, but the only memory of it is making my stomach jolt in excitement, even now. The way his lips nibbled and kissed my skin, turning my body on fire. The warmth of his body against mine and gosh, I can even still smell his cologne and taste the peppery mint of his lips against mine.

What threw me off guard, forcing me to run away, is the fact that this is all too new to me and I couldn’t face him this morning. That and the fact that his erection pressing against my body sent waves along my spine all night, making me feel a desire that I’ve never felt before. The kind of desire that had my senses be on alert around him and my core tremble in need. What the heck is wrong with me?

Taking the last puff of my cigarette I dispose of the butt in the nearest ashtray and pulling the hem of my green silky dress down, I cover as much as I can my ass. I don’t usually wear dresses to start, so I’m kind of out of my comfort zone, but this green silky dress that Andrea has given me, makes me particularly self-conscious. It shows more than I want. The V neck shows enough cleavage and doesn’t properly hide my full C cup; the length only reaches half of my thighs, which makes me feel as if my ass is practically bare. The silky fabric feels good against my skin but is still almost like not wearing anything.

“Here you are” Andrea’s voice forces me to turn right away and her bright and sly smile catches my attention right away. “ What’s that smile?” I ask, knowing that something is up.

“ Weeeell...Kyle is here” The moment she speaks my stomach clenches right away as my lips slightly part. If Kyle is here Storm is here and I’m not ready. “ ..and I’ve been wanting him for soooo long Mia!” Her squirming makes me chuckle as I shake my head at her. “ You are such a horny little bitch.”

“ I know. I just need to find a way to distract Storm.” Narrowing her eyes she gives me her “ help me please” look and feeling already my body warming up to the idea of it, I smile, shrugging at her once more. I’m gonna have to talk to him at some point anyway. “ I can try. But you owe me big.”

“ I know.” Kissing my cheeks she grabs my wrist and, before I can complain, she throws me back to the party and for a moment, I really wished no one else was here.

“ Let’s dance” Scanning the room as we heat the middle of the living room, my eyes pick right away Kyle sitting on a couch close to the balcony. The last time I saw him was probably 4 years ago and he surely did change a lot. His hair is shorter and the bushy ginger beard covering most of his face gives him an older and dark look, which makes me see why Andrea’s obsession with him is still strong. Swaying my hips at the rhythm of the music I keep looking around but to my disappointment, Storm doesn’t seem to be around, which is bad for me, is good for Andrea who is doing anything in her power to catch Kyle’s attention.

“ How do I look?” she asks, screaming loud enough for me to hear her voice over the music. “ Beautiful as always” Good genes are all over this family in fact, not only Storm is hot as hell, Andrea is too. Her wavy blonde hair frames her heart-shaped face perfectly, brightening up her pointed chin in a way that leaves her dimples right on show. Her eyes are of the lightest blue and her skin is the warmest Ivory which compliments her colours way too well. She is taller than me and being a ballerina her body is fit, on top of that she is just simply gorgeous.

“I need a drink, you want one?” I ask, pulling slightly away from her and the moment she nods, I turn around headed to the kitchen. Walking through the corridor as I reach for the kitchen I bump into a few guys who I went to school with and, as much as I’d like to catch up with them, my mind keeps distracting me. Managing to ditch them as I still scan the area around me, I walk into the semi-dark kitchen but before I can even reach the fridge a hand wraps around my wrist, pulling me against the kitchen counter corner, where the light doesn’t hit. Storm’s cologne invades my senses right away and my breath hitches in my throat for a moment as my hand reaches for his chest. He pulled me so hard that I basically crushed against his body and let me tell you, I liked that.

“ Kitten” His voice is only a low whisper but is enough to have me trembling. Meeting his eyes in the dusk of the kitchen, I gulp at the feeling of his free hand on my small back and parting my lips slightly I let out a small breath, still taking in his sexy scent.

“Hi…” I manage to say, feeling guilty already drowning me “ I...I’m sorry” Biting the corner of my lips I stare into his beautiful eyes but for some reason, he doesn’t seem annoyed or angry at me. “ I shouldn’t have disappeared on you” I finally breathe out the words I was waiting to say to him but his expression doesn’t soften right away.

“Did I do something wrong?” I’m the one that chickens out this morning, so why does he think that? Furrowing my brow at him I shake my head lightly before letting my finger play with the soft fabric of his shirt.

“ You what?..N..No, of course not…” His warmth is making my brain melt again and all I want to do is kiss him already actually. “ You did nothing wrong...I...I just chicken out I believe”

“Why?” His intense stare is causing me to shiver even if it is dark and I can already feel my knees weakening at his touches.

“Because...I didn’t know what to do if you woke up and I was there...and...If you were still ok with me being there.”

“You could have talked to me” Pulling me impossibly closer, I feel his breath on my skin and that’s all my body needs to light up and burn on fire again.

“I...I’m not sure I could have managed to…”

“Mh. No?” Curving his brow while keeping his stare on me, Storm’s face lowers incredibly slowly in my direction and gripping at the soft fabric of his shirt with my fingers, I swallow hard, finding it difficult even to breathe. “ Why is that?” Huskier than before his voice sends chills down my spine and before I can even think of an answer I stand on my tiptoes and pull him in my direction, searching desperately for his lips, now only an inch away.

“Because ...I can’t really talk to you if I have my lips on yours now, can I?” But I don’t wait for an answer, instead, sliding my hand around his neck I use a little force to pull him in my direction and, closing my eyes, I kiss him. The moment our lips meet I feel Storm chuckle against my kiss but as the peppery taste of his breath takes over my own taste, something in me changes and the world surrounding us disappears. Parting my lips as he does the same, I follow as he deepens our kiss in a way so slow that it makes me growl against his lips. Stroking my back with his big hands, I feel the warmth of his finger igniting my skin even more and when my tiptoes give in, forcing me to come down, he lowers himself more making me feel even smaller.

Exploring my back while testing every corner of my mouth, Storm doesn't pull away from me for a single moment. His kiss becomes almost needy when my finger curl against his hair and his breath run shorter as my body strokes against his. Hearing voices getting closer I try to break the kiss but Storm doesn't allow me to and flipping our position he cages me against the counter, shielding me with his body. " Someone...could...see us" I manage to say between kisses and yet, all he does is to chuckle against my lips. The slight chance of getting caught at the same time scares and excites me, making my stomach clench. Feeling that only grows when his hands slowly move along my side, outlining the shape of my ass. " mmh" He growls in approval, however, he doesn't touch my ass, instead he covers my body with attentions that has my thighs press together as my panties become basically useless. Running short of breath I slowly pull away but he let me free to go only after biting my bottom lips, a gesture that makes me even needier for his touch. Sucking on the exact same spot heha just bitten, I feel like a teen who just received her first kiss and the childish smile on my face can probably tell.

“ I have waited for this all day.” He is the first one to speak and even if I was tangled in his tongue until a second ago, his words make me blush because I too have waited for this all day and it has been all I could think about anyway." Do you want to get out of here, Kitten?”

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