Unexpected Storm

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The house was already crowded the moment I walked in and the smell of alcohol and smoke hit me right away. One thing that Andrea knows how to do perfectly I have to admit, is throwing massive parties that always end with me kicking everybody out. “ well...your sister surely knows how to have fun,” Kayle tells me while walking in between the crowd of people dancing everywhere around us. Licking his lips, I can see his eyes already scanning the room just like I’m doing; the difference though it’s that he is looking for someone, anyone to have fun with, I’m looking for one specific person. “ Don’t I know that...since college ended and she broke up with that douche last year she has been nothing but trouble and fun. I honestly don’t know what to do with her anymore…”

“ Come on, we were even worse than her at her age, I’m sure she just needs to loosen up a bit before going to uni…”

“Loosen up?? Kyle...Trust me, she needs the opposite. It has been a year...and she is way too loose.”

“You are just worried because she is your sister and is understandable, but she isn’t so bad came on...she sure isn’t doing anything of what we did at her age” The moment we approach the couch close to the windows that give to the porch, I finally see what my eyes have been looking for since arrived and, when I do see her, my jaw drops right away while my cock twitch in my pants.

“Mh..yeah maybe you are right,” I answer but I’m already lost in my thoughts or, better, in her killing body. This is good because I’ve already caught a few guys looking at her and talking shit about her, which was making me angry but now that I can see her, I no longer want to punch the shit out of those guys, no, I want to touch her, kiss her. Even simply feel her close.

“ You want a beer?” I ask Kyle the moment he sits down on the couch. From the look of it Mia’s drink is about to run out and I’m sure she’ll go for another. “ Sure,” Kyle simply nods and turning my back on him, I walk straight into the kitchen.

Resting my back against the counter behind me, I wait in the dusk of the room for Mia to walk in. Somehow I’m sure she will. Never, before, I remember craving something so bad and never, I’d expected that craving to be for Mia.

Licking my lips at the thought of her, I feel my body tense the moment her scent hits me, meaning that she is inside the kitchen. Pulling myself from the counter making sure to don’t be seen I look for her and once my eyes lean on her figure standing by the fridge, I reach for her wrist, pulling her in my direction hard enough to have her crush against my body. “ Kitten” I whisper letting go of her wrist the moment her hand reaches for my chest.

“Hi…” She whispers, finally meeting my gaze and letting my hand travel along the almost invisible layer of silk,I meet her gaze, intense as always. “ I...I’m sorry” Biting the corner of her lips she stares at me and gosh, there my cock twitches again.

“ I shouldn’t have disappeared on you” I try to focus on her words but my cock seems to be doing all the thinking. Clenching my jaw I try to control my emotion, the last thing I want is for her to run from me again.

“Did I do something wrong?” I ask, figuring out that she indeed ran away because of my morning erection. After all, I am still a man.

“ You what?..N..No, of course not… You did nothing wrong...I..I just chicken out I believe”


“Because...I didn’t know what to do if you woke up and I was there...and...If you were still ok with me being there.”

Her words leave me almost speechless. I had the same thought in the morning. What would have I done once awake with her sleeping next to me? Could have I controlled myself? “You could have talked to me” I whisper and tightening my hands around her small back I pull her even closer, feeling every single breath leaving her body.

“I...I’m not sure I could have managed to…”Her words make me growl silently against her body because I wonder what she actually means by it. “Mh. No?” Curving my brow I keep my eyes on her and gripping my finger around her silky dress I feel her body shift against mine, which makes me smirk. “ Why is that?” I ask lowering myself on her even more and when our faces are a few inches away, she reaches for my neck, pulling me even further in her direction. “Because ...I can’t really talk to you if I have my lips on yours now, can I?”

Just like that she does something that leaves me speechless once again. Standing on her tiptoes she closes the gaps between us and, parting her lips slightly, she kisses me and my body shivers at the contact.My craving for her is being satisfied and my body relaxes at the thought of it. Exploring her back with my hands I deepen the kiss slowly but needy at the same time. My tongues taste every inch of her mouth and, forming impossible knots with hers, I navigate this new wave of arousal that she causes me to feel when she strokes her body with mine. Another growl leaves my chest but when voices start to come closer, Mia’s body tenses but I don’t want to end the kiss. Flipping our position I cage her between the counter and my body, shielding her from people but she still manages to escape my kisses in order to speak. ” Someone...could...see us”

. ” mmh” I simply growl but as we both run short of breath, I bite her plump bottom sucking on it for a second and, when her body shivers, I know that she did like that. Pulling away from her I lick my lips still covered with her taste and running my hands along her face I smile.

“ I have waited for this all day.” She doesn’t answer right away but I can tell that she was waiting for it too.” Do you want to get out of here, Kitten?”

“ Yes please.” She mumbled kissing my lips again. “ I’m just gonna tell Andrea that we need to go and buy some more stuff.” She does move but I grab her wrist before she can leave me.

“Text her. I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“Fine” wrapping her finger around mine, she stares at me for a moment and before someone actually walks in and sees us, I move away, reaching for the back door not too far from us.

“Let’s go then.” The moment we leave the kitchen and we stand outside, the street light embraces us, giving me a chance to properly appreciate Mia’s small figure. She isn’t too tall but with the heels that she is wearing tonight, she reaches almost my shoulder. Her wavy hair is pulled up into a bun which leaves her V neck and cleavage perfectly on show. She must not have a bra underneath also because with the chill hair of the evening I can see her nipples and her piercing hardening and grind against the fabric of her dress. “Fuck.” I curse internally before her low voice forces me to gaze into her eyes.

“ I can’t walk too far on these “ Pointing her shoe she smiles at me, I will never understand why women put themselves into this discomfort every time.

“ We are not going far, don’t worry.” Pulling her closer to my side I let go of her hand only to have the chance to wrap my finger around her hip once again. “ so, who did you want to kill tonight in this dress, mh?” Sometimes my own question makes me jealous. The thought of those boys talking about Mia still makes my jaw clench.

“Uh? Me? No one.” From the way she smirks at me I know, she is lying. “ It was Andra Idea.”

“Of course it was. Yet every single boy in there tonight wanted to rip this dress off of you.”

Every single boy?” Curving her brow she licks her lips in my direction before turning her head straight to the street. “ I should probably have stayed at the party then… “

“ Yes? Why is that?” I ask, feeling my body tense. If she wants to tease me, she is doing a good job.

“ Well...Isn’t the point of the party to have fun? If every single boy wanted to have fun I’m missing that…″ Gazing at me again she locks eyes with me and when my eyes meet her provocative smile, my body moves on its own and in a second I have her pinned against the wall behind us.

Boy. Mia. Boys..why would you settle with a boy if you could have a Man?” My voice comes out hoarse and guttural but it has an effect on her because when I lower my head, to reach her neck, I can feel her breathing change, becoming slower. “ What is it that you want, Mia?” I ask taking her earlobe between my teeth for a second, forcing her to hiss. “A boy?” I ask again now, moving to kiss her neck. I can feel her body shivering under my attack and when my tongue also slips out to lick slightly on her neck in between kisses, she moans, making my cock hurt. “ Or a man?” Gripping her hand on my t-shirt Mia slowly forces me away and the light in her turquoise eyes makes me wonder once again. What is that fire hiding behind her beautiful eyes?

Did he fall for her already??

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