Unexpected Storm

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14. Mia / Storm


Having his lips literally torturing my neck isn’t the best way to think rationally about anything and his words anyway are only igniting something in me that I didn’t know existed. Biting my bottom lip I try to keep my feeling locked but when his tongue sneaks around my neck, covering the soft spot that he just kissed, I can’t hold in a noise, which happens to be most likely a soft moan. Reaching for his chest as my body trembles at his mercy, I push Storm away and feeling my arousal grow I lick my lips before letting my finger slide along his broad chest. Gosh, I can feel how perfect he is even from the top of his shirt and knowing what is hidden beneath it only makes it worse.

“ What would be exactly the difference, Storm?” I ask, keeping eye contact while teasing him. The moment the words leave my mouth in fact his face is back on mine while one of his hands leave my side to travel along my bare legs. “ You see…” He doesn’t even need to do more to have my body melt at him. His words against my ear make my heart skip a beat while his fingers now travelling on my naked skin makes me swallow. “ A boy would surely make sure you have fun...but a man.” He speaks slow and low, while his fingers travel on the front of my thighs disappearing under my dress, forcing me to hold my breath. “ Makes you feel things that a boy can’t...without even touching you much.” The anticipation building in my stomach is almost painful and to be fair, I never felt something similar.

True I explored very little with boys but still, the slightest touch of Storm is making me feel things a thousand times stronger than the other boys did.

“ Is that so?” I try to be a smart ass once again which makes Storm smirk but he doesn’t answer yet, instead, he rests his forehead against mine pressing his knee between my legs. Forcing me to part them he keeps rolling his finger up my thighs and when he reaches the very end of it, he slides them inside, reaching for my inner thigh. “Storm..”I whisper, feeling my warm juices rolling along my skin as my breath gets caught in my lungs.

“ Kitten.” He growls before pressing his chest against mine “ boys are selfish, did you know that?” My nipples both ache against his chest and I can feel the metal of my piercing stroking his body, which causes me to shake slightly. His question however makes me smile and not in a good way, is more of a nervous smile because in fact, I did know that. The only boy I’ve been with was in fact a selfish prick, hence why I’m still a virgin.

“And men are not?” I question parting my lips the moment his fingers reach for the inside of my legs close to my warm centre. So close that I can feel him hissing when he catches the wetness of my skin.

“ Most of them are not ...I’m not.” Sliding his finger further he strokes my humid lace panties and from the way he swallows, I can tell he likes that. Pulling slightly away from me he searches for my eyes and only when we have again a staring contact he presses his finger along my slit, causing me to bite down my lips. “...So, Mia, what is it that you want?” Pressing even more against my wet panties I let out a gasp and when he slowly strokes me, causing my back to arch,I part my lips but no sounds come out of it.

What is that I want? That’s easy. I find myself thinking and when I don’t answer Storm lips melt with mine again in a small and innocent kiss. “So?” He asks again, now moving his fingers on the front of my pussy and sliding them all the way up, he reaches for the hem of my panties, teasing me some more.

“ What is it that you want, Storm?” I ask, feeling my self-control leaving my body touch aftertouch. “ Am I your new hobby?”

“Tsk Mia. You should know better than that…″ Pressing his body against mine even more he growls in my ear and when the feeling of his erection against my legs hits me, I gasp almost at loss. “ I think you have me fooled Mia.”

“ Me?”

“ Yes. You.” Kissing my lips again he slowly slides his finger away from me but the idea of his hand leaving my body disappoints me. Reaching for it, I press my hand against his and stopping just above my intimacy I part my lips. “I think I like you, Kitten.”

“ I think I still like you, Pretty boy.”

Storm POV

With my hands pressed against her pussy it is hard for me to concentrate. She is wet and I can tell it’s because of me. Her body is reacting to mine in a way that no woman did before but on that note, even my body is reacting to hers in a way that never happened before. In less than a week, she managed to have me wrapped around her finger and honestly that scares the shit out of me. Reaching for her lips I kiss her slowly and letting a growl free of my chest I pull apart enough to be able to speak. “ I think I like you, Kitten.” warmth and worry feels my chest as I speak those words and searching for her eyes I almost drop my jaw when she speaks.

I think I still like you, Pretty boy.” Still? What does that even mean? Closing the gap once again between us I melt my lips with hers but this time I can tell from how our body reacts that it is a much more needed kiss. Mia’s lips part right away allowing my tongue to tangle with hers while her hands, still on mine, almost guides me to move across her warm secret heaven. Gripping at my neck, she pulls me closer and, pulling my hair, she starts a dance with our tongues that makes me growl. Her kiss is deep, needy...sexy and most of all slow. She takes her time exploring me and I do the same.

A moan dies against my lips when my hands - finally - start to move along her folds and when my finger slips between her slit, her fingers curl against my hair, making me hiss once more.

Moving her hips slightly Mia almost gives me an extra signal and as she does, I pull her panties aside with my index finger, letting my other finger stroke her silky and moistened skin. She is so wet for me that thought alone almost has me cum.

“Ahh” She moans parting her lips and the sound of her soft moans has me going insane in a blink of an eye. Pulling away from her lips I focus my attention on her smooth neck and nibbling on it, I stroke her wet folds enjoying every bit of her pleasure that seems to crush against my body. Circling my index around her clit I enjoy the feeling of her finger gripping at my hair, she uses a force and pressure that’s almost painful but it only makes me more aroused. Biting on her neck I keep pleasuring her and adding a little bit of pressure I welcome the warmth of her breath against my cheek. “ Storm…” She moans again and resting her head against my shoulder she lets out another moan, letting her body tremble in pleasure. “ Someone...could see...us” She whispers between breaths and her voice is enough to have my cock fully erect, prying to be let free.

“ Do you want me to stop?” I ask now searching for her eyes and when I look at her, my heart stops for a second. Her eyes are closed and her expression is relaxed, her cherry lips are slightly parted and her chest moves unevenly. The moon enlightened her enough to show her beauty and right here, right now, I know I am a goner.

“No...make me feel what other men didn’t manage to…” Her words evoke something in me that I can’t describe and, moving my finger along her folds as her please echoes in my head, I reach for her heaven. Easing one finger inside of her, I listen as her moan becomes a soft cry but when her tightness almost sucks in my finger, I feel the urge to pull back. “ Ahhh…” She cries and the way she grips on me only makes me wonder. “ Mia…”I whisper, feeling her walls clenching around me, she is way too tight, but before I can ask her anything, her lips are on mine and her hip is moving slowly, allowing me even more inside her warm heaven.

Letting myself loose in her kiss, I thrust my finger inside of her slowly while using my thumb to circle her clit. The wetness covering my fingers is something that has me on the edge but the voice inside my head is telling me to take things slow. Focusing on her, I let her body relax to mine and as the pleasure hits her while I hit her soft spots, I can only open my eyes and enjoy the view. She isn’t ready to talk and I won’t make her but I will make her feel good.

Kissing her neck I move my finger in and out of her in short strokes and as I do, I also slowly reach with my free hands for her cleavage, rolling down her deep V neckline. Sneaking my hand under the fabric of her dress I reach for her breast and, tugging my finger around her left nipples I smirk. “ ...here it is” I simply growl while playing with her tiny metal bar and I can tell from how she moves against my finger that she likes that. “ Don’t stop…″Her words are muffled against my body but when she slowly moves away, I can feel her body give in to the pleasure, even more, meaning that she is very close to her edge. Grabbing my neck, she starts kissing me and when my finger starts to work on her faster her teeth sink into my skin forcing me to moan out loud. Gripping on me, she uses me as support and when my finger works in synchro both inside her and on her clit, she kills her moan against my neck until her whole body starts to shake. “ Oh...gosh…” She cries as her orgasms hit her and as I push inside of her slightly harder, her eyes widen as her lips part.”...Ohhh Storm..” She cries biting her lips and when she crush eyes with me, I know that she is ready. Thrusting in her one more time I hold her against the wall and letting her body tremble and melt against my touch, I watch as her orgasm overwhelm her and her wetness embrace my fingers. Gaining back my breath while she does the same, I lean in for a small kiss and when her body slowly stops shaking, I withdraw my finger, bringing them close to my face.

“ So...Mia, what is going to be? A Man or boy?” I ask looking at her and as she studies me, with eyes burning in intrigued lust, I lick my finger clean, enjoying her sweet, intoxicating and addictive taste. “Fuck..”

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