Unexpected Storm

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15. Storm

I don’t think in twenty-six years of my life I’ve ever witnessed anything so deeply and purely sexy as I did just now. The way Mia’s lips have parted letting out the most arousing moan is something that will keep me awake at night, I’m sure. Let alone her shocked expression as I licked my finger clean, making it just worse for me anyway. If I knew that she would taste so damn delicious I probably wouldn’t have done that just yet. I’m already gone for her and now I am also addicted to her succulent taste. Fuck Storm, what a way to go mh?

Licking my lips in the vain attempt of trapping her taste a little longer, I let my other hand travel along her body to which her body reacts with a feeble tremble. “I...I think we should go Storm” Her voice is still hoarse and her breathing is still uneven but when she slowly recompose herself I can’t do anything but smirk. Pulling away, enough to give her space to move, I stroke her chin once more but before letting her go completely I lean down once again, reaching for her smooth skin. “ I already know the answer to my question, Kitten...and you do too.” At least I’m hoping that I know it but the fact that she refuses to answer just yet, gives me hope.

“Why me Storm? You could have literally anyone around...why me?” She doesn’t sound annoyed or surprised. She doesn’t let any emotion out to be fair. Her eyes are still on me and the fire burning in it is still alive, that makes me wonder that indeed, she has literally no idea of the power she has on people and on the effect she has on me.

“ Because you are nothing like them, Mia.” Her brow furrows on her forehead painting both and the middle of it at my words and I can tell from how she bites her bottom lip that she wants to trust me but something is still bothering her. “ I know what you think about me...because everybody, Andrea included, keeps telling me...but just like you, people change, Kitten.”Adjusting the painful bulge in my trousers I now completely pull away but before I can turn, Mia’s hands is on mine, pulling me closer again. Her eyes shift between my lips and my bulge and I can see her eyes narrow at the view of my erection.

“ I know people change Storm...is just…” Before she can even finish her sentence her phone starts to ring and at the view of her text message she rolls her eyes, before smirking at me half annoyed and half...between excited and intrigued. “ Looks like we are stuck with each other again…”

“What do you mean?”

“ I mean that Andrea has company once again and I have nowhere to sleep”

If this is not a sign what is it then? Smirking at her as I slowly move away, I grab her hands and moving away from the brick wall that until now has covered us in the dusk, I pull her to my side inhaling her scent deeply “ Well, Mia, looks like you’re gonna have to face the fact that even the universe is trying to pull us in the same direction.”

“Or...the universe is trying to tell me that it is time to find a new friend. Tangling her fingers in mine she gives me an amused look and walking by my side, she sighs dramatically, before forcing me to stop in the middle of the street.“ Storm….” She calls my name so softly that I tilt my head in her direction right away and when I meet her eyes again, there is way too much emotion in it for me to be a smart ass .”If we do this… you need to promise two things.”

“Mh” I nod, listening to her carefully. “ First, no one can no until I’m ready, Andrea included.” Fair even though I’m sure Andrea will kill us once she finds that out. Not because she won’t approve, just because we didn’t tell her right away. “Fine”

“Second. We need to go at my pace” In that sentence I can feel the weight of her unspoken words burning in my chest and with that, the memory of her tightness makes my erection hurt once more.

“ I’m fine with it, as long as you let me know when to stop or when to move further.”

“ I will.” She nods at me as well and starts to walk ahead of me, she lets go of my hand which makes me feel disappointed right away. “ We already came back with no beer with us...I don’t think holding our hand will be a good idea.”

“Fair enough. At least I won’t need an excuse to take you to my room…” I say, while following just behind her and I have to say, I don’t really mind the view in front of me. “ Besides, I can’t wait to see that dress on the floor.”

“ My pace Storm, remember?” Curving her brow at me she waits for me to reach the entrance as we walk inside a weird silent welcome, making us look at each other very concerned. “ How long have we been out for?”

“ 3 hours. I really hope you came back with lots of booze.” Andrea and Kyle both walk our way from the living room and from the smirk on their faces, they are taking the piss.

“ Who called the police?” I ask right away knowing the neighbourhood way too well and watching as Andrea frowns at us, I have the confirmation that yes, I was right.

“ Miss grumpy old bitch.” She snorts at us walking straight to the kitchen followed by Kyle. The way those two seem to look at each other has me not at ease yet, something doesn’t add up. If everybody else is gone and Kyle is the only one left here, who is Andrea sleeping with?

“ Mia..” I call her name slowly to avoid Andrea listening. “ Who is Andrea spending the night with?” Biting her lips she slowly turns to look at me and reaching for my ear I can feel her smirks. “ I believe you two are indeed very similar...you seem to have a thing for sibling best friends…” Her words make my blood boil not in a bad way. She is teasing me and I like that. Of course, the idea of Andrea and Kyle doesn’t thrill me but I’ve known the man for my whole life and I know he is a good boy. Besides, he confessed a long time ago that he had a soft spot for her and somehow, I really hope he can bring her back on the right path.

“ Bro, can I talk to you for a minute?” Grabbing one beer from the fridge I follow Kyle outside and knowing him I know exactly what he wants to talk about and I do want to talk with him about something but because of Mia’s rules, I really can’t right now.

“ Be good” She whispers at me the moment I turn to look at her but without giving me a second glance, she turns to Andrea and I can tell from how loud my sister is, that she is indeed telling her some stupid girly details.

“What’s up?” I ask rolling a cigarette out of my pack and handing one to Kyle. Watching his jaw clenches as his expression tense for a moment, I almost chuckle feeling his nervousness. In his place, I would probably feel nervous too but this is not something new to me. I've known his feeling for a while now and is just about time that he is finally doing something about it. “ Look Kyle, I know she asked you to stay over.”

“ You do?”

“ Of course. Just treat her right.”

“ You know I will.”

“I know you will.” taking a puff of my cigarette I turn to look in Mia’s direction and when I do, Kyle’s gaze follows. “ Well, thank to me, you’ll have another shot with her tonight.”

“ She is Andrea’s best friend, Kyle.”

“And I’m yours. See you in the morning?” He asks, throwing his cigarette away and before I can even reply he is back inside and his hand are wrapped around Andrea's shoulder. Mia's eyes gaze in my direction for a moment and since the door is open, she can have a perfect view of me.

"What?" I ask as she slowly comes closer. Her eyes are fixed on me but her lips are slightly parted. Only when she reaches the arch of the door do I notice where her eyes are and the fact that she is indeed looking at my bulge, only makes my cock twitch more.

" You should do something about it." Her words are low and hot and God if I like how they sound.

" I will." Watching her jaw drop causes my body to hiss and taking a step closer I let her hands travel along my chest. " Unless you want to take care of that?"

I whisper those words in her ears and from how her body shakes against mine I would say that she isn't totally against it. Who is this new version of Mia in front of me?

Storm ...what do we think???

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