Unexpected Storm

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16. Mia

You know…” I say as we walk towards his room “ To be someone that claims to have changed so much you still look like the same asshole to me.” I can tell from the light chuckle that leaves his mouth, that his lips must have curved into his perfect smirk, which seems to have become my new favourite thing at the moment. Brushing his finger so lightly against my back, we both reach the first floor and as I walk towards his rooms, he grabs my wrist, forcing me to face him.

“An asshole? Me?” Curving his brow he takes one step closer and that is enough for us to be a few inches away. His figure towers over mine and I can already taste the scent of his smoke on my mouth before he can even speak.” And why is that? Isn’t it true that maybe...very deep inside your overthinking head, you want to take care of it for me?” Every single word that left his mouth came out like a hot whisper and if my panties weren’t already ready to be thrown away, now they are. Pressing my legs together I try to control my aching core but when he leans in my direction for God knows what, I hold my breath for a moment and I don’t even know why.

“ You see? An asshole” That’s all my brain can put together and, turning on my heel, I free myself from his grip, rushing inside the room now in front of us. “ However…” I say the moment he walks inside, closing the door behind us. “ You might not be wrong...who knows.” My words cause him to hiss and not even a second later his hands are back on my body, wrapped around my small waist. Reaching for my neck as a first thing, he presses his lips against my skin and I can feel his nose poking against the soft spot beneath my ear. What is that that I’m doing for fuck sake?

“ Mia..Mia..Mia...why are you such a tease mh?” He muffles those words against my ear and all I can do is melt for a moment against his broad chest. The warmth of his body invades mine right away and closing my eyes I let my body free to adjust to his, without my overthinking every single move.

Letting my head roll back, even more, I give Storm enough space to nibble on my neck and while his lips slowly move down, covering every inch of my exposed skin, his hand moves on my front, pressing lightly against my flat stomach before slowly moving upward.

“Storm..” I whisper as his touch sends chills creeping down my spine and when he doesn’t stop, I press my lower back lightly against his causing us both to hiss. His erection pressed perfectly against my lower back has me tense for a second. Not that I wasn’t aware of his erection, I just wasn’t expecting to feel it so perfectly against my body, perfectly enough to recognise that he has been well gifted in that department.

Biting on my neck slightly harder, Storm flips me in his embrace and once I’m facing him once more, his lips curve right away into a smile which makes me melt under his gaze in a way that I can’t quite understand yet. “ Can I ask you something?” His face for once turns serious tonight and you can tell from the way his brow curves in the middle of his perfect forehead.

“ Of course. I mean...even if I would say no I’m sure you will ask it anyway so...go ahead, Pretty boy”

“ Before ...when we were, you know out there...you said something. I was just wondering what you meant by it.”

“ You know, Storm…” I say while reaching for his neck with my right hand while the twins one just moves along his chest. “ If you don’t tell me What I said, I can’t explain what I meant by it.” Somehow I know what he is referring to, yet the fact that for once he looks out of his comfort zone is funny.

“ You said...you still liked me...but in order to still like someone, you must have liked them before, no?” His furrowed expression alone makes me want to laugh but his words make the trick easier. Shaking my head as I let my chuckle free I curl my finger around the loose hair on his neck and, pulling him closer, I search for his eyes which are burning to know the truth.

“ I always thought you were a smart boy Storm...I must say I’m surprised to find out that it wasn’t the case.” Stepping on my tiptoe I try to kiss him but before I can, his fingers are on my sides and the bastard is tickling me.

“ What did you say?” He asks with a grin while still torturing me and as he does, we slowly move towards the bed because right now, I’m moving and jumping as if a tarantula had just bitten me. “ Stop, stop...please!” I cry between laughs and just when I think he actually stopped, he starts again forcing me to fall backwards on the bed with him falling right on top of me.

“ Please...I take it back” My lips are almost sore from how much I’m laughing and smiling and from the grin on his face, I can tell he is enjoying the show. Leaning down and kissing the tip of my lips very quickly, he slowly stops torturing me yet, he doesn’t move from me and instead, his hands roam freely along my legs in soft and gentle touches. “ So?” He asks again, now curving only one of his brows. “ What did you mean by it?”

“ You know what I meant Storm…” Once again like if attracted to a magnet, my fingers end up on his chest but this time my hands move slowly down on his body, tracing every single line of his abs. The way his breathing changes so rapidly makes my core throbs once more and now that he is in between my legs, towering over me, I can feel his sex twitching against my thighs and gosh if I like that.

“ I might do...still, I’m asking you Kitten” Rolling my eyes at him I try to look away but as soon I try, his hands are on my chin forcing me to look at him. “ Did you just roll your eyes at me, Kitten?” Deepening his tone I can feel the change in his voice and watching as his eyes narrow I bite my lips, nodding my eyes slightly. “ You really shouldn’t do that…”

“And why is that?”

“ You will soon or later find that out...for now, would you answer my question?” Pressing his bulge against my bare legs he takes a deep breath and when I do the same, his hand moves on my knee guiding me to part my legs slightly more, which I do. Finding a better position I stare at his gaze for a little longer and knowing that he won’t stop until I answer, I let go a dramatic sigh before shaking my head.

“ I have had a crush on you since I was..twelve I believe. Everybody knew it” The changing of emotion on his face is amusing and when his lips part taking the shape of a shocked “O” I curve my brow at him, tilting my head. “ For real Storm? You had no idea?”

“ Of course I didn’t! How could I have known? You were…”

“ Just a kid.”

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