Unexpected Storm

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The way she speaks the last words makes them sink into my brain harder than I thought. Something in her eyes has changed and in fact, the moment I try to stroke her chin, she slightly pulls away, forcing me to uncage her from my body. “ Mia…” I call as she almost rolls away, but gripping on her waist a little harder than intended, I stop her beneath me, causing her to turn and look at me again. “ What’s that about? I didn’t say anything.”

“ But you were about to, I just said it first.”

“You might have done...but why is that bothering you now? You were just a kid back then...which you are not anymore and we can well agree on that…but isn’t something I’m responsible for”

“ Sure...is not...but it is the fact that you’ve never paid attention to me, hence the fact that you had no idea I had a crush on you!” Her voice now is higher but she isn’t screaming. Surely she isn’t happy about it and you can tell.

“ That is not true and you know that. I just never looked at you that way..and since I didn’t I had no idea. Besides, I wasn’t a perv back then so you should be happy about it.” A small chuckle leaves both mine and her lips, yet she still avoids me. “ You were only twelve...I was already eighteen...already sexually active while you probably didn’t know the word yet” Her eyes narrowed on me are almost deathly, yetI can tell from the little tremble at the corner of her lips that she wants to give in and smile, but something is still bothering her.

“So...why now? The age gap is still the same” Moving my hand along her body once again I reach for her face and when she lets me rest my finger on her chin, I cup her face softly helping her direct her gaze into mine.

“ Because now you are capable of making your own decision Mia, and even if yes, we still have the same age gap...we are both of age…” Lowering myself enough to reach, I give her a soft peck on those cherry plump lips of hers and, letting Mia free of my body, I roll on one side while still stroking her face. “ Look. I know that I wasn’t the greatest back then and I always teased you both...but I did pay attention to you all the time. Of course, you were Andrea’s best friends and since you both grew up under my nose it made you look like a sister to me. However, just before you left, I stopped looking at you as a sister because deep inside I knew you would be trouble for me, Mia.... “

“ Trouble?” Only now she rolls on her side too in order to see me better. Lifting her leg she wraps it around mine and stretching her hand towards my chest she slowly starts to play with the fabric of my shirt. “ Why trouble?”

“Because I realized that I knew things about you which I shouldn’t have.Things that I didn’t even know of Andrea.


“ Your favourite colour to start.”

“Which is?” I can see her lips spread into a grin as she asks the question which makes me smirk. “ It was yellow until your twelfth birthday. Then you switched to emerald green.”

“..How?” Her lips part into a small O as she speaks and I can only smile at her. “ I just paid attention to you “

“ I paid attention to you too…” Leaning on me she presses her chest against mine and when she does the light invisible fabric of her dress just lets me feel the pressure of her nipples, which makes my body hiss. The metal bar of her piercing stroking against my shirt makes both of us gasp and before I can, her lips are on mine, controlling the kiss with ease. Parting my lips at her request, I welcome her shy tongue with mine and letting her guide this dance, I guide her body to comfortably melt against mine. Shifting nervously above me, Mia brings her legs on both sides of my hips and sitting just above my lower abdomen she teasingly chases my tongue while straddling her perfect ass along with my ( now painful) bulge. Growling against her lips I reach for her hips and pushing her further down on me I grip tightly the fabric of her dress, curling my fingers around it.

The mad man me would just want to rip this little dress out of the way but the rational guy inside me it’s forcing me to control myself, something that I realize is quite difficult around this little girl. “ What are you punishing me for?” I ask in a hoarse whisper the moment she pulls away to breathe and when her eyes find mine again, the lightest blush on her cheeks has me growl again.

“ I’m not. Why would you say that?” Nibbling on the corner of her bottom lip she looks like the sexiest angel on earth and the fact that she isn’t aware of that makes everything harder.

“ Because I find it very...very difficult to control myself around you Mia and having you in this tiny dress...on top of me, surely doesn’t make things easier.”

“ Would you rather have me without?” My breath gets caught in my throat as she speaks and the fact that she has a super straight face right now and that her eyes are firm on mine, makes me wonder if indeed her goal tonight is driving me insane.

“ You see. You want to see me dead.” I mutter again before letting a gasp go. The reason why I’m gasping is that little Mia just decided to grind on me very slowly but very precisely and I’m sure she felt the way my cock twitched undre her soaked panties.

“ I don’t want you dead...yet. I just want...to help with the little problem you are having.” I’m not sure if she can tell from my dumb expression right now, but for a moment her words leave me speechless.

“ You what?” I ask curving my brow while slowly reaching for her ass. “ And trust me...There is nothing small about the problem I’m having right now.”

“ In that case…” She whispers one inch away from my lips.” There is only one way to find out who is right...don’t you think?” Shutting my mouth with another kiss, she slowly lifts her ass and when she isn’t on me anymore, her hand slowly slides between us reaching the head that seems to have no control over his thinking.

“ Mia…” I warn her pulling away but she doesn’t seem willing to listen and, pressing her chest even more against mine, she grabs my erection in a swift move and all I can do is melt myself into her kiss. After all, we are going at her pace.

Is little Mia finally getting out of her shelf and getting what she wants??

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