Unexpected Storm

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Flashback - Intro


4 years ago.

“ I will miss you like crazy” Andrea kisses my face covering my skin in tears which silently and slowly, start to mix with my own salty tears. She is my best friend, always has and will always be but for now, our roads are forced away.

“Mee too. I’ll see you this summer?” I ask, rubbing my eyes with the back of my hand. I hate that we need to move and right now, I hate my parents for that. “ It’s only three months away” I try to cheer her up, she has never been good with farewells.

“ ...Yes. I’ll call you every day and night. Promise” She muffles a small laugh between tears before pulling me in for another tight hug. “ ..this sucks” She screams into my neck while more tears stream down her perfectly beautiful face. “Why do you need to go?”

She has asked me the same question every day since we find out - last month- that we had to move away. My father got promoted and with the promotion, a new adventure knocked on his door. After 15 years of waiting he couldn’t really say no, so he accepted, forgetting all about my feelings.

“Because I have no choice” I grin between my teeth kicking the small stones around the driveway.

“ Stop crying you too. None of you is dying “ A rough hand finds its way through my already messed hair and tilting my head to the side, my red and puffy eyes meet with the calmest eyes of Storm, now standing beside me. I can’t really tell if the fact that I’m leaving bothers him in any way, but the look he seems to give me makes me sigh. “ Finally I’ll have my bed for myself.” He doesn’t hide the smirk forming on his lips and even if I know he is joking, his words still annoy me, like always.

“ Be good, Kitten. No more trouble” He winks at me and kissing the top of my head, he pulls away, wrapping his arms around his sister’s shoulder now crying even more than before. ” Take care of her” I sob crossing Andrea’s eyes once more, just before my mum comes beside me, tapping my shoulder lightly. “ It’s time to go honey”

With one more hug to the Davis family, I jump in the car with my parents and as we drive away I can’t avoid feeling empty and sad as I watch my childhood house quickly disappear from view and, with her, my best friend, standing outside the driveway.

Fifteen years. My entire life I’ve lived here, with my parents. For fifteen years I’ve known my best friends and now, in a blink of an eye, everything is about to change. A New City, New country and, what scares me the most, new people. Luckily for me, the Davis’ have agreed to send Andrea over every winter and my parents agreed to let me come here every Summer. I can’t wait for these three months to pass. I really can’t.

This is my life and I never wanted for it to change so much.

15.06 - 2 months later

Letter to Andrea

Life sucks!

I hate this city, I hate the people. Most of all, I hate my school. Everyone there is so perfect at all times that it almost makes me feel sick.

Boys are all over the place and the fact that I am the “new girl” is giving me too much-unwanted attention.

Why are you not here with me? I’m sure you would understand.

Thanks for the gift and the pictures, I’ve put all of them in my room on the walls... Almost all...did you know your brother sent me a picture of his ass?! What an idiot!!! Is he really 22??

Anyway...I’ve grown some boobs you know? Never seemed more awkward! What’s up with you?? Still, seeing Tommy? How is Margot? And Evans? Shit...I miss you all soooooo much!!!

Only one-month Bestieeeee and I’ll be there with you again.

Love you,


4 years later.

" Mia, Honey. Please stop worrying about me.”

Hugging me tightly my mum lets a single from leaving the corner of her eyes while with her hands she pats my hair.

" I'm gonna be fine and besides, you need to have fun and live a little"

“Will you?” I ask, chewing the inside of my mouth. Since everything happened last year I haven’t left my mum’s side once and now, here I am, ready to board a plane to leave for the whole summer.

“ yes. so, get out of here and stop worrying about me, I’m your mum… and I order you to have fun.” The smile she gives me makes my chest fill with warmth and as she kisses my cheek, I can sense that indeed, she will be fine.

“ I love you Ma. See you in a few months? Call me ok?”

" I will. " She tilts her head before smiling at me again. " Besides, Evans and Margot are coming next week."


“ Didn't Andrea told you?”

“ Nope.” Somehow I'm shocked. " Are you seriously going to leave us alone?"

" You are not children anymore, honey. Besides, it has been a while since I saw them ..and it's time to create new happy memories together."

True. The last time that we saw Andrea parents was in fact at my father’s funeral and it wasn’t the best time in our life. “ I see. Well, you guys have fun then” I can't avoid feeling excited. Knowing Andrea she is already planning a week straight of parties and gosh, if I need that. " By ma, Love you"

Just as I get out of the car, with my bags in hand, my phone vibrates. A message.


Missed that? - Picture of an Ass-

We won't be alone after all.

Hiiii All and welcome to this new adventure.

Thoughts on the Prologue??? Let me know x You know how much I love to hear your thoughts.

Have fun and stay safe.
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