Unexpected Storm

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18. Mia

Feeling Storm reacting to my every single move had made me somehow less afraid of what is actually happening. That I’ve been having a crush on him since ever is not secret. What is shocking is the fact that he likes me too and if this is a dream, I’m not ready to wake up yet, not until I get what my body and mind is craving for. After he made me reach the stars and back, I’ve wanted to make him feel the same and now that we are safe in the 4 walls of his room, there isn’t really anything that can hold me back.

Sliding my hand between our bodies I reach for his hard erection and, because our mouths are sealed, I can’t let free the gasp that had formed in my mouth the moment I witnessed that his words are indeed true. Nothing seems to be small here but after all, I don’t really have much to compare it with. Straddling my hand gently on his pants, I feel every tremble of his body and every twitch of his sex against my palm yet is not enough.

“ Mia..” His growl against my lips forces me to open my eyes for a moment to look at him and when I do, I can see the unspoken question in his eyes. Am I sure? I am. Shifting on his body I move enough to slide on him and, once my ass is above his thighs, I reach for his belt, starting to unbuckle it.

“ I want to do this Storm...I’m sure” However my voice doesn’t come out as strong as I thought and I can feel my cheeks flushing even more. Get a grip, Mia! You’ve done this before. I tell myself as my fingers slightly tremble against his belt and catching my nervousness, Storm simply smiles at me moving his hand from my sides to my own hands.

“ I feel like a teenager right now… I don’t think I’ve had any hard-on for so long and I’m worried I will cum in no time…” I know this is a way of smoothing things out and actually helps because I feel less nervous while my hands, with his, seem to answer my commands.

“Well...is a good thing that we have all night then.” I don’t even know how my brain processes my words. All I know is that it keeps coming out of my mouth out of control.

“ Trouble…” Is all he whispers before we both manage to unbuckle his belt and trousers and, smiling at him, I finally look down at where my hands are. Curling my finger around the hem of his trousers, I slightly pull them down to let his boxers free and, when they are, I push them even further down to let his erection free to breathe. After this, there is no going back and I’m finally ready. Playing with the hem of his boxers I bite my bottom lips buying myself a few seconds but when Storm grabs my hips, curling his fingers around it, I know there is actually no more time left. He has been in pain long enough and so, stroking his lower abdomen at first, I slowly push my fingers against his skin, sliding them under the fabrics of his briefs. Feeling him tense and hissing at my touch makes me wetter but gosh, I never wanted something more in my life.

His skin feels already super warm at the contact and the more I move down, the more Storm holds his breath. Looking up at him I feel like a queen and when my hands finally reach his twitching sex, Storm looks straight into my eyes and the fire burning in them makes me feel suddenly hot. Opening my hand I straddle him with my palm a few times before wrapping my fingers around it. It doesn’t matter how hard I try but I can’t touch my finger at the end. His cock is in full force and all I can do is try to manage it the best I can.

Watching as his perfect mouth falls into an “O” shape, I curl my finger around is cock and slowly start to move them up and down his hard shaft. I do that a few times as I watch his chest rise and fall, but when my palms open up, only to cover his tip, Storm hisses letting out guttural groans that have me bite on my lips. Without averting my gaze from him I keep my movement going, picking up a little pace when his precum allows my finger to slide on him better, but the moment I quicken my speed and my strokes become longer, Storm’s eyes aren’t on me anymore. With his eyes shut, he trembles under my body and feeling a power that I’ve never felt before, I completely let go of any “rational” thoughts, following my instinct and libido.

“ Oh Mia…” Storms groan as I stroke his cock faster. “ Don’t...stop” His plea makes me grin but anyway I wasn’t planning on it. Cupping his balls in my hand for a moment, I give it a little squeeze and when he hisses, I know he must have liked that. Keep stroking him, I grind myself on his legs and I can feel my soaked panties moving against his skin. ’ You are so...damn wet ″ He growls pulling me from my neck and finding my lips again he slowly nibbles on them, biting down on my lower one when my strokes gain even more speed. “ Fuck” His cock starts to twitch against my palm and welcoming every sound that he makes, I push myself down on him even more wanting to feel nothing more than the stars again.

“ Kitten..” his growls echo in my ear as his hand slowly moves across my body, finding a small gap between us that allows him to reach my core. “ Your hands...feel too good around my cock…” I can feel my core tightening at his words and at the same time his words boost me to stroke him harder. Hearing his panting and soft groan feeling the room is probably my biggest turn on right on and looking down in between our bodies, I watch as his cock twitches because of me. The more I please him, the less he breathes and the room feels with silent noise that overwhelms me. My hand, now living a life of her own, opens again across his tip, massaging his sensitive head for a minute. “ Kitten...fuck” Tensing beneath me Storm finally reaches for my sensitive core but before he can even slide his finger across my wet folds, I change the pace of my strokes going for long and slow ones.

I can tell from how he rolls his head and from the way his hips buckle following my movement that he must be close to the edge, and the idea alone has me moaning against his lips. Kissing him once more I slowly move away and lifting my body up I watch as the scene in front of me imprints herself forever in my mind.

Storm’s eyes are close, his jaw is dropped enough to let his lips parted so that every single breath or groan can leave undisturbed. His shirt is slightly rolled up on his abdomen leaves his sculpted V on show. My hands are wrapped around his shaft and his cock looks absolutely glorious and perfect. It’s almost as if we have been made for each other. His hands are tight around my hips and from here, I can see it all.

“ I...I’m gonna cum Kitten” Never words sounded better into my ears and even if I still find it hard to believe that this is happening, I just watch him with more intensity, stroking him harder and deeper. His breath, now uneven, causes his chest to rise and fall quicker but at the same time, his body jolts in pleasure every time my hand reaches the bottom of his cock. Pulling me in his direction, grabbing me from my neck, Storm opens his mouth against mine breathing my own breath but when his growl literally echoes in between my lips, I feel his body tense for one last time before the warmth of his juices and hoarseness of his groan, fills up my hands and my heads.

“ Fuuuuckk…” His words are muffled from our kisses but I can still make up what he is saying as my hand still slowly moves along his sensitive cock. The cum now covering both my hands and his body, doesn’t seem to stop coming and all I can do is keep going. My dress by now is also gone but honestly, I can care less. “ Oh…”He hisses once more and slowly kisses me again he pulls me in his warm chest, wrapping his hand around me. I feel his cock throbbing one last time as I adjust myself on him and, unwrapping my finger from his shaft, I slowly move them up feeling as his cum drools down my hands.

“Trouble.” He whispers in my ears, kissing my head lightly and weirdly enough, I feel a warm sense of happiness crawling inside my chest. “ I hope you are ready for what’s coming next”

“What is that?” I ask curving my brow, but before I can even blink, Storm has our positions flipped and he is now standing in between my parted thighs.

“ A sleepless night”

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