Unexpected Storm

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With my hand behind my head, I watch as Mia enters the room, covered in nothing but a small white towel. Biting her lips, she walks slowly in my direction and since I’m wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, her eyes crawl greedy along my body, studying my tattoos from toe to head.” Are you going to tell me about them, one day?” She asks with her soft voice but when her eyes land on my -again- hard cock, her cheek flush brightly and she looks away from me biting her lips harshly.

“ Of course” My voice is still hoarse from before and honestly as I watch her walking my way I can only think about her sexy body on mine as her hand worked magic on me. I’ve been with many women in my life and too many girls, but no one has ever given me such a great handjob. I mean, her slightest touch has been enough to make me go insane. Besides, she is so beautiful both in and out that it is quite difficult for me to control my second brain in the southern part of my body. So far anyway, he has been having a life of his own. “ You know right that walking in here, like that, wasn’t a smart move, Kitten?” I say rolling her nickname in a deeper and lowest voice as I pull myself up.

“ And why is that?” Holding her towel around her perfect boobs, Mia walks in my direction way too slowly and with every step she takes, I can see her better thanks to the only light on, which is on my bedside table.

“ Because...You left me in here for too long and in that...I’m not sure I can manage to control myself.” Standing up as she reaches the bed, I wrap my hands around her waist to pull her in. The first thing that hit me is her scent, which once again is mine. “ You like my shower gel don’t you?” Running my nose along her neck I bite slowly on her flesh and when I do her body pres harder against mine letting a few giggles leave her perfect soft lip.

“Uh...Uh. I really do.” Outlining with her fingertip my abs, Mia moves her hands along my chest causing me to shiver under her light touch. I don’t know what she is doing to me but I’m trapped, that much I know.

“ Well, then keep using it. I like my smell on you...” As I run my hand along her body my tongues slowly tease her warm flesh on the neck and I can’t stop thinking about what’s hiding beneath the fabric of the towel now stroking against my body. Truth is, I’ve never seen Mia nacked and before now, I never wanted something so badly. I’m sure that her body will take my breath away as I know that I’m completely screwed already.

Playing with her neck as I move my lips up and down in imaginary lines, I feel her hands travelling further down on my body and when her cold hands reach my growing bulge, I growl, pulling away from her enough to meet her beautiful crystal eyes.

“Mia…” I almost roar out at the feeling of her hand slipping beneath the fabric of my boxers. ” It’s my turn” I growl before she can actually reach my hard cock and, leaning closer I bite her lips before kissing her. “ Go on the bed, now” The demand in my tone is clear and her body reacts to it by shivering. Looking up at me she licks her lips while slowly walking backwards and the moment that the back of her knees hits the bed, she sits on it, pushing herself upwards until her back lain against the headboard of my bed.

“ You remember what I promised you?”I ask curving my brow before bending on the bed in order to crawl in between her sweet, parted legs.

“ A sleepless night?”She answers in the sweetest yet sexy tone ever while melting her eyes in mine. The lust and desire that she can see in mine, is just a strong as the one in her eyes. Parting her legs, in fact, she gives me more room to move in between, but as she does, her feminine scent hits me all at once and the only thing I can do is close my eyes and take it in. ” God..”

Reaching for one of her thighs with my hand while with the other I support myself, I welcome the coldness of her finger when they curl against my neck In order to pull me closer. The moment we close the gap between us, her lips are already parted and her breath tickles my skin lightly. Smirking against her lips I let my tongue slips in between her humid lips and when I do, her tongue chase mine right away deepening the kiss in a way that becomes heated almost instantly. Keeping hold of my neck as we passionately chase each other tongue, Mia presses her body against mine and pulling me closer, we stroke against each other’s bodies, making our body temperature rise instantly.

Sliding my hands along her thighs I sneak my fingers beneath the towel which starts to loosen up as we move and as I crawl upwards, reaching her hips, Mia’s free hand slips between our bodies gripping on the hem of her towels. As reading my mind, she quickly loosens the knot around her breath and before I can tell, the fabric is slipping away and her fresh asking is finally free to breathe.

The moment I was dying for is finally here but yet, I can’t look down and admire her because my tongue is too busy tasting her perfect lips. The softness of her lips, however, is nothing compared to the softness of her skin which now, bushing against mine, cause both of us to shiver.

Pressing my body against hers I let my hand move along her side and, reaching her breast, I caress both of them gently before taking one of them in the palm of my hand.” Perfect” I whisper against her lips as in fact, her breast fits perfectly in my hand. Arching her back Mia responds to my touch in a soft moan and caging my hips between her thighs she invites me to move further. Moving my hips, I gently start to grind against her wet folds and even if I still have my boxer on, I can feel every inch of her skin burning against mine. As much as I like it, it’s almost painful but the muffled noises that leave her lips are good medicine for it.

“Fuck…I need to see you” I growl pulling away with one last kiss. “ You are so damn wet Mia…”I can tell that my words affect her because as I speak, she presses her tight together, caging me even harder between her legs. ” I...I am” Biting her lips Mia whispers those words loud enough for me to hear and, closing her eyes she enjoys the pleasure caused by my finger rubbing her sensitive hard nipple.

Pulling back a little to finally embrace her figure, I bite my lips and embracing her figure in my view, I let go the most silent growl I could muster.” So..Beautiful” This, right now, it’s a picture that’s gonna be forever impressed in my mind. A sight, that never I will want to forget. Her dark blond hair escaping her bun are shattered everywhere on the dark pillow, framing her face in the sexiest way. Her eyes now closed, are giving her a relaxed look while her long lashes brush lightly against the skin beneath. Her cheeks are flushed and her bottom lip trapped between her teeth is of the most amazing shade of cherry red. Whoever made her, made her in the most perfect way because every bit of her fits with the other bit in the most harmonious way. Just as I imagined, ger sight it’s breathtaking. She is petite and fit yet every curve she has is in the right spot. Her ass, her breast even her thighs. She is a masterpiece and I wished it was mine. Feeling the urge to feel her closer, I slowly reach her breasts and kissing her skin softly, I close my eyes too at the sound of her voice.

“ Oh...Storm…” She cries feeling my lips take over as my finger leaves her nipples. Swirling my tongue on her hard nipple, I suck lightly on it letting my hands travel along her body undisturbed. The more my palm move down on her skin, touching every sensitive spot, the more she tense and her breaths become shorter and erratic.

“ Mia...” I whisper once more as my hand reaches her pelvic and she catches her breath for a moment. “I haven’t forgotten. We go at your pace...so stop me at any time”

“Uh...uh.” She mutter and I can’t avoid smirking. She is letting her feelings take over her rational side. However, I can’t let that happen. “ Mia..” I call her once again, staring into her still closed eyes. “ Look at me” I demand, sliding my fingers down her pelvis and stopping only when I reach her wet folds.

“You have to stop me? Understand?” I ask now pressing my finger against her sex lightly. ” Understand?” I ask again when her eyes open up and her nails sink into my shoulder. Her eyes, of the clearest turquoise, are now burning into mine and all I can read in those is the desperate desire that she can read in mine.

“ Yes, Storm, I will. Now shut up...and touch me” Biting her lips, she causes me to smirk again but since she is asking with such a demand, I simply obey. Taking her pierced nipple in my mouth, I suck on in and watching as her face slowly changes expressions, I switch from sucking to kissing to biting lightly her sensitive flesh. The things that she seems to like the most, It’s when I play with her little bar, because every time I do, she curves her back harder.

" Storm...touch me” She plea once more but she doesn’t look at me. Biting on her breast softly one more time, I let my finger roll down her wet slit and the moment I reach her sensitive spot, Mia’s lips part and the sexiest moan leave her chest.

Rubbing two of my finger along her slit, I enjoy the warmth of her wetness and I can tell from how her body shivers and moves, that she likes my attention. Tugging on her nipple one last time I run my fingers all the way up her slit, before slowly reaching down and testing her hole slightly, I pull away from her breast, taking my time to watch her enjoy this.

“Storm?” The inquisitive look she gives me as I shift on the bed in order to crawl down on her makes me smile but when her eyes melt into mine, I know that doesn’t know what I’m doing. Pushing myself between her legs, I position my upper body in the middle of her thighs and, wrapping my arms around them I keep them apart. ” Trust me, Kitten...” I whisper and, giving her one last look I finally look down, almost losing my control for good. Her pink throbbing tight pussy is in front of me and god, her scent is intoxicating. I was right, everything in this woman is absolutely perfect.

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