Unexpected Storm

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20. Mia

“What are you doing?” I can feel my heart racing in my chest faster than ever the moment my eyes open, to find Storm parked in between my legs. His expression is so sexily lost that I’m not sure I can stand it. Why does he seem to be staring at my very private bits, I don’t know, but what’s making my core pulsating, even more, is the fact that he looks mesmerised by it as he licks his perfect plump lip. Swallowing down hard feeling slightly self-conscious, I pull myself up but since he has his arms around my thighs, I can’t really close my legs. ” Storm?” I call out as he bites his lips and as he does, I feel more juices dripping down my folds and my already wet pussy throbs almost in a painfully way. I need a release.

“ I am admiring perfection, Kitten. ″ His voice is raspier than before and his words affect me but not as much as what he says next. “ And I’m about to feast in this perfection.`` Pulling me from the back of my thighs Storm pushes me closer to his face and the moment his nose brushes against my sex, the realization hit me. He is about to eat me.

Feeling anticipation growing in my lower stomach I cup my pierced breast as I stare at Storm getting closer. Teasing me, he turns his head to the side and with a slowness, almost frustrating, he starts to kiss the inside of my thighs trailing line from the further end to the very, very inner bit. Kissing the nerves that go straight into my core and causes me pleasure, I gasp and curling my toe I wait for his next move.

Playing with my nipple I feel the pleasure caused by his kisses creeping down my spine which is nothing compared to the jolt of electricity that shakes me the moment his cold lips finally reaches my sex. Sliding his finger along my slit he smears my juices around and opening his lips, he traps my aching clit in between, sucking gently on it. Curling my finger against his hair I grip on it tight and trying to keep my legs still as he feasts on me, I look down only to see Storm disappearing between my thighs. Never I’ve witnessed something so damn hot and even if I wanted to, I’m not sure I will be ever able to forget this sight.

Curling and swirling his tongue, around he makes my head explode in pleasure and the more he sucks on my clit, the more I feel my pleasure growing and my juices dripping down my core. Biting hard on my lips, I try to keep my moans for me but when his middle finger finds his way through my folds, I part my lips letting out a very low moan.

“ OOh...Storm…” I cry as his fingertip slowly teases my tight hole and as I close my eyes, to let my body relax and roll with the pleasure, he slowly pushes his finger through, stopping only when my body resistance forces him to do so. Licking on my clit even harder, however, he managed to make my inside relax and as my walls suck in his finger, moulding around it, another moan find is way out. ” Gosh...”

Thrusting in and out of me in short and slow movements, Storm manages to bring my body to a level of heat that I’ve never witnessed before. I can feel sweat start to form along my skin and the more I try to control my moan, the more he seems focused on making me lose control. Sucking harder on my clit, he pushes my legs further apart with his free hands and when he teases me with his teeth I see everything going black inside my head and I’m forced to close my eyes shut. I can feel my wall clench as my core throbs in pleasure and never, until now, I feel pleasure so strong hit me so fast.

“ Cum for me Mia...Let it go” His hoarse voice makes my every sense lit up even more and arching my back lightly I stroke my sex against his perfect lips, letting every single bite, suck or lick that his mouth gives me bringing my build-up to the stars. Holding his head pressed against my pussy as he eats me out, I roll out my orgasms in shaky waves that make me run out of breath. Pinching my nipples I hold my breath in fact and it takes all my willpower to don’t close my legs shut and trap Storm there forever. ” Fuuuck...”

I can feel Storm smiling against my southern lips but he doesn’t stop his torturing pleasure, instead, his strokes become faster and his thrust deeper. The fact that his finger alone makes me feel that good has me already worked up for when the whole deed will happen but for now, as he pushes slightly harder, I can only enjoy what is happening. In fact, as my pleasure burns into me, Storm’s pulls out his finger only to replace it with his tongue. Thrusting in and out of me as well s licking and sucking on my clit, I see my world going black once more and this time, I can’t control my body. Pressing my thighs together I let out the most intense cry so far and as he licks me clean, I can feel my orgasm spreading everywhere in my body.

Forcing my legs apart, Storm sucks one more time on my clit and with one last stroke, he slowly kisses my pleasure down, calming my shaking and spasms. Opening my eyes I watch as he slowly pulls away and the moment he licks his lips, collecting every single drop of me, I feel my sex clench again harder and I’m sure I’ve just dampened the bed.

“ You are...delicious Kitten.” Crawling back up on me, he strokes my cheeks lightly which by now are burning and, leaning in my direction he gives me a soft kiss. “I think I might be addicted to you from now...”

" Do you ?“Pulling him closer for a kiss as my fingers are still curled in his hair, I taste myself for the first time on his wet and swollen lips and, maybe because my taste is mixed with his, I don’t find it so awkward. Deepening the kiss it takes Storm a second to roll our position and the moment he does, I find myself astride him with his erection poking me at the right place.

" mmmhhh” Gasping against his lips I press myself down on him and moving my hips enough, I manage to grind on him, feeling his bulge exactly where I want it. “ Fuck…” Storm mutters against my lips and gripping on my hips, he helps me with my movement, directing me where we both want to.

“ You are gonna drive me mad Mia, you know that?” I don’t know why but his voice alone is enough to turn me on even more and surely the fact that I can feel his cock twitching against my fault doesn’t really help the horny teenager in me.

“ Well...I will say that we are even then.”

“ How so?” He asks before starting to nibble again on my round breast.

“ I Have reason to believe that you unleashed the horny teenager in me that was asleep until now…”

“ Well...I couldn’t wish for anything better” Pulling me to him he gives me another one of his mind-blowing kisses and as my hunger for him grows, I try to push his boxer out of the way.

“ I...want to feel you Storm...but I’m not ready yet to go all the way Storm..I’ve never... “ I can feel my heart race as I try to speak but as I do, Storm’s finger presses on my lips to shush me and, pulling me closer, he gives me the sweetest kiss so far.

“ I know.” He simply answers while helping me in my attempt to roll down his boxers. “ We go slow, there are plenty of things that we can do without going all the way…”

“ And I want to try them all…” I don’t even know what I’m saying but right now, it is true. I’m ready to try everything that he has to offer. Am I fucked up? Maybe. But honestly, I don’t care. I know this thing with Storm will probably lead to nothing in the future, but for now? For now, I am all in.


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