Unexpected Storm

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21. Storm

I can’t figure it out exactly when we fall asleep, but one thing I know is that I’m not ready to wake up just yet. Feeling Mia’s body pressing against mine feels too good to let it go but as the sun hits my face through the skylight, I can feel her body shifting against mine and that forces me to open my eyes.

“ Morning beautiful…” I whisper, running my hand through her soft messy hair, slowly pulling her closer. “ Morning…” Her voice sounds even cuter when sleepy and the fact that she is all shy and naked, just makes things better. Pulling her in for a kiss, I take a deep breath inhaling her sweet scent and as our lips meet, I wrap my arms against her small waist pulling her even closer. Parting her lips right away, Mia kisses me with much more desire and, seconding her movement, I help her roll on top of me, managing to have her completely melt against my body.

“Slept well?” I ask, feeling my morning erection twitch when she parts her legs in order to sit astride of me. “ Not much...but I did sleep well, what about you?” Her eyes are firm on mine and, giving me one of her devilish smirks, she moves her hips very slowly against mine, drinking my saul in hers.

“ Uh..I did… I had very nice company.” Reaching for her neck, I pull her in for another kiss but when I do, Mia presses her hip down on me, harder forcing me to hiss against her lips. With her legs parted and no clothes between us, it takes that much to have her wet pussy brushing against my cock and when it does, I have to break the kiss in order to let a growl out. “ Good god…”

“You ok?” With her brow curved she smirks at me again and knowing very well the effect of her move, she swings her hips once more without ever looking away from me. Her wet folds mould perfectly along my erection and I find it difficult to control myself.

“ Little Kitten...are you sure you want to play this game?” I ask, hiding my head against her neck while sliding my hands along her back. “ Because that is a dangerous game” The friction between our bodies makes both of us gasp and, parting my lips against her neck I slowly start to nibble her skin “Mm...I was thinking…” Breathing in while my kiss on her neck causes her to shiver, Mia takes a second before continuing and, grinding on me harder, she bites my shoulder before reaching for my ear.” Do we have time for...something before you go to work?”

“ What were you thinking of, Kitten?” Licking my lips I watch as Mia slowly and carefully moves away from me. Stealing a quick kiss, she uses her hands as a support and crawls down on me, she kisses her way down on my abs, biting every now and then my already hot skin. Her soft and slightly humid lips give me the chill and the more her kisses reaches south, the more my cock twitches beneath the cover causing me to breathe ever so slowly.

“ Mia… I told you last night. I don’t know how to control myself around you and…” But my words die on my lips as I’m forced to hold still, caging my breath in my chest. Mia’s lips, now too close to my sex, are kissing the outline of my V neck and I can already feel Precum leaving my tip with no warning. “ If you are not sure… I’m not sure I can stop”

Rolling her head up and looking straight into my eyes from beneath her long lashes, Mia licks her lips and furrowing her brow she slides her hand along my side, reaching my hips. “ Storm… do people ever tell you that you talk too much?” Brushing her perfect boobs along my sex Mia gives me one of her sexy smirks and God, trust me, I want nothing more than to kiss that smirk away.

“Nope… never” With her eyes still on me she moves one of her hands down my body and sliding it between us, she reaches for my cock which instantly twitches between her fingers.

“ Well...then I’ll be your first. Shut up “ Stroking my cock with the same perfection that she did last night, Mia gives me one last look and before I can realise what she is about to do, she bends her head reaching for my very sensitive cock. With her tongue out of her cave, Mia outlines my tip in movement so slow that I have to grip on her hair in order to control myself. Her tongue feels way too good around my sex that anticipation of what’s about to come has me swear beneath my breath. Stroking me, she licks her way along my shaft but when my mouth parts letting a groan free of escape, Mia’s lips cover my tip and in a controlled smooth movement, she takes me in, inch by inch.

“Fuck…” The feeling of her mouth stretching around my cock and the warmth of it makes me roll my eyes in a second and when she slowly starts to bob her head up and down, sucking me in, I can feel every single nerve in my body lighten up.

Due to my size, Mia doesn’t take all of me in but what she does with her lips and tongue, is anyway enough to have me groan between my teeth. Pulling her hair lightly out of the way, I watch as Mia enjoys the moment and every time my cock disappears in between her perfect lips, I feel her breath tickling my sensitive skin and all I can do is bite down on my lips. “ God ...Mia…” I growl as her movement quickens and, grabbing both my hips with her hands, she sinks her nails in my flesh, causing me to hiss. Her breath, tickling my sensitive skin as she swirls her tongue around my tip, forces me to hold my breath and gripping my finger around her hair, I keep my eyes on her. “ Fuck Mia... I..” My words find it difficult to leave my chest and she knows why. I can feel her lips curve into a smile against my throbbing sex when she slowly takes me in, almost all the way.

“God...you are ...amazing, Kitten” My words come out in a hoarse whisper that forces Mia to look up at me and when she does, I can only smile. Her eyes are lustful and needy just as mine but the intensity with which she held my stare is what drives me insane. All of a sudden shy little Mia isn’t there anymore and what I see it’s what is going to ruin me one day.

“ Mia…move” I growl feeling my cock throbbing as my pleasure takes over but instead of moving away, she stares at me for a moment too long and, gripping on my hips, she takes more of me in her warm and wet mouth, causing me to roll my eyes as my pleasure explodes all the way down her throat. “ Fuck…” Opening my eyes I look as Mia slowly moves away and with a perfect smile on she does something that I wasn’t expecting at all from her. Instead of spitting my cum she swallows it with a smile on her face and, licking her lips she gives my cock one last blow before crawling back in my direction.

“...I...You…” I’m at a loss for words and from how she smirks at me she knows it. I’m sure she can read the shock all over my face and the fact that she is sexy crawling back up to me only makes things harder.

“ What? Is Pretty boy at a loss of words?” The cocky smile she gives me makes me chuckle and the moment she is close enough for me to pull her in against my chest, I do, hiding my head once more against her neck.

“ I am. “ I whisper while slowly pulling away in order to look her in the eyes. “ I start to think that you aren’t at all as innocent as you want me to think.”

“ Or...is just that with you, I let this part of myself free because I know I can trust you.”

“ Is that so?” I ask, crushing my lips against hers before she can answer.

“Yes..” She mutters against my lips before sucking lightly on my bottom lips. “ Do you want to know something?”

“Of course…” But before she can answer a knock on the door interrupts us and the terror that I read on her pretty face, almost hurts.

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