Unexpected Storm

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After Kyle almost walked on us this morning, I left the storm room in a rush taking with me just my dress. Luckily for me, Andrea was still asleep so I had time to shower and get ready before she could even realise that her best friend walked in with no panties after sleeping with her brother. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to Storm before he left for work but at least I had the time to kiss him quickly before I rushed out of his room.

“ So, what do you want to do?” Pulling her hair up into a ponytail Andre looks at me from the mirror and I have to say, she is breathtaking even if wearing a simple pair of denim and an oversized t-shirt. We spent the day at home chilling and talking but now, as the sunset is taking over, we decided to finally go out.

“ We could go to Palomas? I’ve checked their website and apparently, they have an outstanding indoor garden.” Finishing up my plaits I look at my reflection in the mirror and just like Andrea, I’m wearing a comfy outfit: a pair of black denim and a grey tank top with a V neck cut that shows just enough skin.

“ Sounds good...I wish I could invite Kyle” Pouting at me Andrea grabs her bag and, following her, we both get out of the room headed downstairs.

“ Why don’t you? Storm seemed quite fine with you sleeping together…” Giving her a mischievous smile I follow her outside and closing the door behind me I turn in Andre’s direction who is still pouting.

“ Because he already had plans with Storm and the rest of the crew.”

“Well… that means that we are gonna have a super girly night!!!” Hugging her from the shoulder I pull her closer and, smacking a kiss on her cheek, I force her to walk alongside me, attached to my side as if part of my body. The thought of not seeing Storm all day almost upset me but to be fair it’s all on me.

“Damn right….and maybe, we can find you a little distraction, finally!”

“ Why are you so obsessed with finding a boy? I’m happy as I am, you know…”Just as she pulls away from me for a moment, my phone pings and my heart beats super fast in my chest.

“I can’t stop thinking about you”

Chewing on the inside of my mouth I can’t hold the massive smile that curves my lips as my eyes eat the words of his text. Somehow, comes easy to trust his words even though at the same time I’m well aware of the fact that trusting him is probably a stupid thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, he has always been there for me and he is the nicest guy but he is also still Storm the playboy and womaniser of the town. Hot as hell and sexy as fuck. Damn it!

“ What are you smiling at?” Peering at my phone Andrea curves her brow at me and before I can hide the text, she opens her mouth in a shocked expression questioning me with her eyes right away. Fuck! “Who can’t stop thinking about you??? MIA SCARLETT GREEN...Are you hiding a boy from me?” If there is anything I hate the most, it is my middle name and she knows. That’s why she always uses it in situations like this. Rolling my eyes at her, I quickly reply “ Is that so?”Before putting my phone away and just as expected, Andrea’s eyes are narrowed on me.

“I’m not hiding anything. “

“So who was that? And why can’t he stop thinking about you?” Sighing dramatically I shrug my shoulders trying to look as credible as possible and biting my bottom lip, I look at her shaking my head lightly. “ It’s….Trevor”

“Oh gosh. He hasn’t gotten over you yet?!” Thank God Andrea never liked Trevor, she met him once back home and that was it but she was right, he was a big asshole.

“You never know with him. Anyway, I don’t believe a word he says” Feeling my phone ping in my pocket I look over to see what Andrea is doing and when her attention is all for her phone, I look down at mine and again, my lips curve into a smile against my will.

“Yes. I hated how you ran away from me this morning.”I knew that something bothered him and might be fair for him to feel that way, but I’m not ready to tell yet. This time was Kyle and he had the decency to knock, but it could have been Andrea walking on us and that scared the shit out of me.

“ I know...I’m sorry. I’m gonna make it up to you x”


“Yes. Now I’ve gotta go...your sis is very suspicious.”

“Who are you texting?”

“My mum. You know she is checking in every now and then. She wants to give me freedom but at the same time she wants to know everything.”

“Yeah. I bet…”

“Was it Kyle?” I ask, catching her glowing smile. Andrea likes to have fun, she did that for a very long time but with Kyle, she has it bad this time.

“ Yes...He was just checking on me. He is the sweetest Mia...I swear. “ Pressing her hands on her chest she flashes her eyes at me before biting her lip. “ I mean...can you believe it that we just cuddled all night? No sex...at all”

“Well I was shocked when you told me...knowing you sound quite impossible”

“ Oh come on...I’m not so slutty…” Shaking my head we both laughed at her statement while walking towards the Palomas, now a few feet away.

“Yes you are...but you see, this might be the right time for you to have a relationship. I mean...Kyle proved the point yesterday, he respects you and clearly wants more. Besides, he is Storm’s best friend and I’m sure he doesn’t want to piss him off…”

“That’s for sure. No one wants to be on his bad side…And, by the way, thanks again for staying in his room, I hope he is behaving.”

“Uh? Sure...I mean he is all right. Besides, it is not like the first time.”

“I know.. We used to sleep all together remember?”

“Yeah…” We did have an amazing childhood in fact all of us together. The fact that they brought us up as siblings almost surely made things easier, however, since I moved away, things have changed, gladly, and maybe that’s the reason why I don’t feel as weird in this situation. “Shall we go in?”

“Let’s go!”Stepping inside the bar we both scan the surroundings quickly. The doctor is brand new and you can really feel and see the tropical vibes that they wanted the place to have. The wooden bar in the middle of the floor is rounded and there are plants hanging from the ceiling. There are stools all around it and also a few tables.

“ Let’s go outside” Following the sign, we walk towards the inside/ outdoor garden but the moment we step outside my body freezes. Why is there a girl on Storm’s lap? And why on earth did we pick the same spot to hang out tonight?

Happy days...or maybe not???

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