Unexpected Storm

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23. Storm

“ Sooo...Who is keeping you so busy?” Lifting my head up from my phone I watch as Sienna takes a seat on my lap and her arms wrap around my neck instantly.

“Nice of you to show up” I grin and reciprocate the hug for a few moments, I slowly pull away and as expected her eyes are questioning me already.

“ The shop was busy. So, who is that?” Pointing at my phone with her eyes she sits even more comfortably on me and, taking a sip of whatever she is drinking, she stares at me waiting for an answer.

“Sienna...I’m screwed” I admit running my hand through my hair. Sienna and I have been friends for the last 5 years and she is honestly my go-to person when I need a female opinion. She moved here from a city nearby and opened a retail store just a few doors down from Kyle’s shop. We clicked right away and we have been friend’s ever since also, the fact that we have the same taste in women, really makes things better.

“I can tell. I walked in and you were giggling at your phone…”

“ Was I?” The worry on my face must be clear because she burst into laughter right away. " Gosh..." I shrug grabbing my beer while Sienna nods at me still amused by it. " Nah... don’t worry, no one else noticed.” Winking at me, she rests her back against the shoulder of the wicker chair and taking another sip of her drink she curves her brow at me.“ So...what’s going on?”

“ Well...I shouldn’t really be talking about it because she really doesn’t want anyone to know, but fuck Sienna I’m going insane.”

“Insane? Over a girl?" The fake shocked expression on her face makes me snort but resting her hand on my shoulder, she gives me a questioning smile.

"Yes ...over a girl. And I'm screwed, Sienna." Shaking my head I take another sip of beer before locking eyes with my friends, who still seem way shocked to believe me. " With her...I just can't!"

"Why?? Is she married?"

“What? No...gosh not again...but she is somehow off-limits anyway.”

“How so?”

“ She is Andrea’s best friend.”

“Your hot sister’s best friend? Isn’t she like...nineteen or something??!!” Slipping my phone in my pocket I run my hand, once again, through my hair before watching over her shoulder, just to make sure the rest of the table is still caught up in their conversation.

“Yes she is and that isn’t even the worse part yet…” I say shaking my head while Sienna stares at me with the expression of who is about to burst into a laugh. “ The worst part is…”

“That she has you wrapped around her little finger!!!!” The way she whispers/screams her words causes me to grin right away but before I can even answer, her eyes narrow in the direction of the entrance and, from how she licks her lips. I know that some sexy girl must be around. For once, however, I don’t feel the need to turn, in fact, I can’t care less about other girls right now. “ The sex must be good then”

“We didn’t have...sex yet.”

“You...what?” With her jaw dropped and her lips shaped into an O, Sienna keeps her eyes on me and I know, from how she looks at me, that she is just as shocked as I am.

“I told you. I’m screwed.”

“I can’t believe it...you are finally growing up! I’m gonna have to meet this girl...I mean, if she has this power over you I need to meet her.”

“ I’m sure you’ll like her...which actually makes it not a great idea to introduce you two.”

“Come on...I won’t hit on your girl, don’t worry” Whispering the last words at me I follow her gaze that from me, moves just right behind me and what her eyes catch, must be something over intriguing because the light in her eyes changed.

“Hey guys!” The moment Andrea’s voice hits me, my heart decides to skip a beat and an uneasy feeling creeps down my spine. If Mia is with Andrea, there is no chance she hasn’t seen me and Sienna and if she did, I’m sure as hell she misunderstood the situation. Fuck! Turning my head I watch as Andrea leans down to kiss both me and Sienna but when she moves over to kiss Kyle, my eyes scan the area like crazy, where is she?

“ Are you here alone?” I ask while helping Sienna to stand up. If Mia is here, I need to find her.

“Of course not! Mia and I had a girl night planned...but since you are all here, we might join you!”

“That sounds amazon!!!”Wrapping her hand around Andrea’s shoulder, Sienna pulls her in for a hug and from the look they share, I’m surprised they haven’t slept together yet. Sure I know my sister loves men but I do believe that she is somehow very open to newness. “ So where is she? Did you already ditch her for Kyle?” I ask, smirking at her in a playful tone even though I'm not so cheerful right now.

“ No...she ditched me. She is inside ...she said she had to call her mum or something.”

“Uh Right...well, do you want anything to drink?”

“I’ll take care of it,” Sienna says, turning in my direction for a moment, to then dismiss me with a silent mouthed “ Go and take care of it.”

"Thanks" I mouth back and with a simple nod, I turn on my heel, walking straight inside. Scanning the room it takes me one second to find who I’m looking for. Her hair bound into a plait is hanging from her naked shoulder and her hands are playing nervously with the bottle of beer already started in her hands. She is so beautiful even in that simple outfit that it makes it difficult for me to think at times. Walking closer, I manage to have a better view of her face and from how angry she looks, I know the answer already. She saw me and she got the wrong idea. Can I blame her? No, I can’t.

“ Mia…” The look she gives me the moment I reach the bar speaks more than a thousand words and in fact, she doesn't speak. Giving me a stern look she stands up and before I can even think, she storms out of the door, leaving me speechless. “ MIA”. I call after her, quickening my pace. “ Mia please stop…” Turning into the alley close to the bar I finally manage to catch up with her and stretching my hands out I reach for her wrist, in order to stop her from running away from me.

“ What do you want, Storm?”With her hand clenched into a fist, she turns in my direction when she can’t let herself free from my grip and even though it is a strong grip, I’m not hurting her, I would never. Her turquoise eyes look tormented right now and the fact that I’m the cause makes my blood boil.

“ Explain?” My words are slow and my voice is low. My eyes can’t stop gazing at hers and the thought of kissing her is almost making me go insane.

“ There is nothing to explain Storm...really. You are out with your friends and you were clearly busy, what’s more, to explain?”

“ Mia...I know that you saw me and Sienna. " Letting go slowly on her wrist I take a step closer and when I do, she takes a step back. “ But trust me, is not what it looks like” Taking one more step I watch as she takes one more step away from me and as we do that a few times, she ends up with her back is pressed against the brick wall behind her. “ I wasn’t joking when I said that I can’t stop thinking about you...and I wasn’t joking when I said that I want to try this..whatever is going to be”

“Don’t sweet talk me Storm. I fucking told you this morning that I...I’m letting myself free with you because I trust you and then what? First time I see you outside alone you have a girl on your lap?! What’s there to explain mh??”

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