Unexpected Storm

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24. Mia

I can feel my anger taking the best out of me and I might not be thinking clearly right now, but how can I? His eyes staring into mine aren’t tormented at all. He has no guilt on his face and in fact, he seems way too relaxed. I can tell from how he clenches his jaw that something is bothering him but at the same time, his eyes are telling me that in Storm mind, he did nothing wrong.

Pressing my palm against his broad chest, I try to push him away from me but when instead he pushes himself closer, I feel caged, just like my breath.

“Mia...Listen to me” The trick of housing his sexy husky voice on me is an annoying stupid trick, yet it works because I tilt my head enough to stare into his ocean’s blue eyes. “ I know what it looked like when you walked outside and saw me with Sienna, but you have to trust me it is not like that!”

“Right. So you just have girls normally sitting on you...because I guess chairs aren’t comfortable enough?”

“ No. But with Sienna is different ″ With his thumb Storm lifts my chin but before he can cup my face in his hand, I move away diverting my eyes from him to the wall behind. “ Look at me” His plead is almost sweet and even if I’m trying to be strong, I kind of can’t control myself when I’m squashed between a wall and his fucking hot body. “ Sienna is a friend. A very good friend of mine...and when you walked in, we were talking about you in fact. “ If my eyes could kill, I’m sure the look I give Storm right now would kill him and in fact, he steps slightly away biting his own lip.

“ I know you don’t want people to know Mia… but I’m going crazy here. I needed to talk to someone and besides, I can’t lie to her!”

“Because she knows you so well?!” My sarcastic tone sure touches a few buttons because his jaw clenches again and his eyes darken into mine.

“Yes. Indeed she does...and anyway, she doesn’t know you!” Somehow Storm doesn’t look so calm anymore and since our bodies are so close, I can feel his breathing changing speed too. “ She noticed that something was different and she caught the lie right away..and yes I know that she was sitting on me but she wasn’t in the way that you think”

“So in what way was she sitting on you exactly? Because I’m not sure here…”

“ A friendly way. Sienna...is very outgoing and she really likes physical contact”

“Storm...you are not helping”

“What I’m saying is that we are just friends. Nothing more and I’m sure if you’d meet her, you would like her…” A faint smile covers his perfect lips and I can’t hate him more right now. Why does he have to look so damn sexy? “ She surely would like you...which brings me to the next point…”

“Next point being?”

“We have the same taste in women. And I should be the jealous one once you two meet...not you” I can feel the blood drain from my face. He wasn’t indeed doing anything wrong. “ I’m sorry I promise I’d be more considerate in the future.”

“I...I feel so stupid right now” Bringing both hands on my face I cover myself from him and I can feel my cheek flush for how embarrassed I feel. We aren’t together, I don’t want people to know and I’ve just been a pathetic jealous frick over his lesbian friend. What’s wrong with me?

“Hey...Look at me. You had every right to react the way you did…” Bridging his hand over mine he forces me to look at him and his eyes are already waiting for mine. “ Besides, you are sexy when you are jealous”

“ Oh shush...I’ve just made a fool of myself” Chewing on the inside of my mouth I let my hand fall along my side followed by his and when his hands reach my sides, he pulls me closer, tightening me in his embrace.

“You did not...But next time, just come talk to me. Ok? Because I can’t promise it won’t happen again, Mia. All my life is here, all my friends are here...and yes, I have been a fuck boy all my life. But you are the only one for me right now...I have interest and eyes only for you...but because I can’t say a thing, I can’t avoid girls to keep coming at me.”

“I know...It’s just, I want to live this a little before telling others...And in case things might go wrong, we don’t need to explain anything to anyone and we can part with no drama.”

“ Why would things go wrong Mia?”

“Because...we are way too different Storm. I’m nineteen to start, you are twenty-six. We live in different cities, we have different interests, you have ten years experience in this field and I have...partially none and in a month, I’d probably gonna leave again...so there are a few things why this might go wrong. Besides, you might get bored of me in the next few days …” Listening to my heart beating, I watch as Storm slowly and calmly leans in my direction and, keeping me hostage between his body and the wall, he strokes my sides with his big hands before giving me a sexy, innocent smile.

“I might be older, might be experienced...and sure from a different city right now but Mia, take one thing straight. I will never, ever...get bored of you. I just can’t and I know it. You are the first girl...woman actually to have me so caught up in ...whatever this is.” His gaze narrows into mine and I can feel his breath tickling my lips. There is warmth spreading through my entire body and my core can feel it too. “ I’m addicted to you already Mia and there is nothing we can do about that. I spent all day thinking about your lips, your touch...the smell of your skin. The way you smile and the way you laugh. I’m screwed and I’m ok with it...and so no, I will never be bored of you.”

“But we can’t tell anyone yet.”

“We won’t” Closing completely the gap between us Storm painfully slowly brushes his lips against mine, making out breathing becomes one. Moving his hand on my small back he pulls me closer and when my body is completely crushed against his, he finally kisses me and my body lets go of the tension built up in a low, warm noise that ends up melted against his lips. Is just a pure, innocent kiss and yet my body is craving for more.

“ We should go back inside…” He whispers, kissing me one more time. “ They might start to wonder where we both are.” As he moves away his bulge presses slightly against my legs and my eyes run quickly into his. “ Go inside first...and then I’ll come just behind.”


“Because otherwise it will look suspicious if we both go in at the same time, don’t you think?” He provokes me with his eyes and I can tell, however, I really don’t care about going inside. I want to stay here with him. “ Mia...Go..you can always sneak back into my room tonight.”

“ Uh...we’ll see about that.”Eyeing his growing erection before stealing one more kiss from him, I quickly walk inside and the fact that I can’t stop smiling almost makes me laugh. His words echoing into my mind makes butterflies form in my stomach and I do feel kind of stupid. Happily stupid.

Am I ..really, doing this? And is this really happening? I have fantasized so many times about him that it doesn't look real.

" Mia, is it?" A female voice recalls my attention as I walk past the bar and the moment my eyes land on the beautiful girls standing in front of me, a smile forms on my lips too. " Sienna, right?"

Poor Storm it wasn't so bad after all, was it??

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