Unexpected Storm

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25. Storm

If hell does exist, I’m sure it will be just like this. Me on my own chair and Mia, seating just a few inches away from me and completely off-limits. So very easy to reach but banned from doing so. I’ve been so distracted by her that I have no idea what everybody is talking about right now and the thoughts of touching her, moving closer or pulling her on me, are making my mind so foggy that Andrea has to repeat herself twice as she asks me something.

“Storm? You ok?”

“Yeah...what’s up?” I can take my eyes off her, not now anyway that she has noticed how zoned out I am and her smile is so bright that her eyes are smiling too. I can her chuckle when my frustration is clear to her. All I can do is look away, to don’t make my sister any more suspicious than I believe she is. “ We were just remembering the old time at the house before Mia moved away...and well, way before that and Mia here just pulled out a great old memory that we were wondering if you remember it at all…”

From the devilish smirk, they both give it must be something embarrassing but to be fair, most of our memories are embarrassing. I was their favourite toy to play with and they literally didn’t do anything to me when they were kids, always using my Dad as a weapon.

“ Well, sis...you kind of need to be more specific. There are too many “great” memories of when you two were too the devilish little girl”

“Devilish, us?” The way Mia flashes her eyes at me with her big puppy eyes makes everybody laugh, me included, but all I can think of was her same expression this morning when she asked me if we did have any spare time before I was leaving for work.

“Yes. You both...You always used either my Dad or your mum as a weapon...once you forced Kyle into the trap too!”

“Oh yeah! I remember that! The princess theme party where we both had to dress up” Wrapping his hands around Andrea’s waist, Kyle pulls her in as his laugh rumbles around the table and the look we all share makes all of us laugh like crazy.

“Wait what? You forced Kyle and Storm to dress up as princesses?” Sienna’s genuine shock sounds almost cute but when Mia turns to look at her and Sienna eyes land on her V neck, cute is not anymore the words I would use.

“Not really. I believe it was our 7th birthday which makes the boys almost 14th at the time, and we had all this big party planned…” Mia’s eyes at the memories of the old day flush of different light and I have to say, I miss that in her. Her eyes used to be full of hope and happy memories and now, that light goes on and off way too often.

“ Yes...and our dads had to go on an emergency trip for work so we ended up with no Prince Charming at our side…”

“No way….you didn’t” Bring her hands on her mouth, Sienna tries to hold her laugh but little did I know that Mia is full of secret weapons.

“Oh yes. They forced us to be their Prince Charming for the evening...Oh gosh, I can still remember how itchy those white tights were”

“Tights? You two?”

“In my defence...Mr Davis was scary ...but two Misses were even worse. I could have never said no to them.” The fact that Kyle is holding up his arms is even funnier right now.

“...Here! I knew I had it!” Giggling at her phone Mia reaches out for Sienna and handing her the phone she turns to look at me with her puppy eyes once more. “ Sorry” she mouths and before I can understand, Sienna is literally holding her belly, laughing so hard that everybody can hear right now.

“Mia, what have you just shown her? You can’t...possibly”

“Well...I was sending those pictures to Andrea a while ago, I knew I still had it and she really wanted to see them.”

“Good things you haven’t deleted them from your phone “ The sarcasm in my tone is clear but at the same time, she can tell I’m joking. “ At least it was a great birthday...and also a good memory to hold on to”

“One of the best” Both she and Andrea answer in a chorus before Mia slowly stands up, slipping her phone back into her perfect tight black denim. “ I think I’m off guys.”

“Already?” Andrea’s disappointment shows clearly in her pout. “Why?”

“I’ve got an early appointment in the morning, remember??”

“Oh shit. Right, do you want me to come with you?”

“No of course. Stay...I just need the key” Smiling at Andrea, Mia then turns in my direction and the sexy smirk on her lips tells me more that I need to know.

“ I can walk you home. I wasn’t planning on staying much longer anyway because tomorrow I’ve got an early shoot.”

“True. Which reminds me, you have to come to the shop before you go so you can get the merchandise.”

“Right. See you in the morning then?” Kissing Sienna’s cheek I stand up just behind Mia and watching as she and Andrea whisper something into each other’s ears I shake my head. I’m not sure how long this will be a secret, but if it makes her happy, so be it.

“ Do you think your sister suspects something?” Walking a few steps ahead of me, Mia asks me the question in a thready voice and when she stops to look at me, I can see how nervous she is.

“I’m not sure. She isn’t stupid Mia...however, she is quite blind right now as all she can think about…”

“Is Kyle?”

“Yeah” Wrapping my arms around her waist the moment we are finally away from the others, I pull her in for a hug and squeeze her against my chest, I hide my face in her neck, taking in her sweet, sexy scent. “ I can’t do that” I whisper, kissing the spot behind her ear. “ Sitting so close to you and knowing I can’t touch you. It was driving me insane…”

“You are insane Storm, besides, doesn’t the wait increase the desire and, perhaps, makes things better?" Smirking at me she presses her body against mine for a brief moment and, with no effort once so ever, she escapes my embrace, walking ahead of me once more.

This is a teasing game and I'm not sure I can handle it.

The little devil in the house!

How cute are they? x

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