Unexpected Storm

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26. Mia

The sun warming up my skills feels way too good for me to move even though I know that probably, instead of sunbathing some more, I should follow Andrea in the pool avoiding a sunburn. “Have you heard a word of what I’ve been saying?” Her voice is way too loud to don’t hear here and as I open my eyes to perk at her, I can see her eyes studying me already.

“I am...Of course, I am and I’ve already answered your question: No, I won’t go out with Kyle’s brother” Closing my eyes again I bend my legs slightly in order to have a more comfortable position and furrowing my nose, I almost frown at myself. The idea alone of going out with someone that isn’t Storm annoys me, just like the fact that I haven’t seen him all day.

“But why? He is cute...besides, it would be a good thing for you to go out with someone”

“I know, he is just not my type” Dismissing her with a smile I roll on my beck in order to avoid anymore questioning and just as I do, the image of last night runs undisturbed through my mind. When we came back from the bar, Storm took me upstairs in the attic and we watched the stars for a while, cuddling and kissing. His lips felt so soft all the time against mine that it has been almost impossible for me to pull over and honestly, I had no idea that kissing would be so addicting. His hands roaming free along my body warmed me up and chilled me at the same time and gosh, the way he kissed my neck made me feel all over the moon. Yet, we didn’t do anything more than that and it felt good, until this morning when I woke up feeling a frustrated middle-aged woman.

“Then what about Mark?” Squeezing the excess water from her hair down my spineAndrea causes me to jump and as I do, I also let some curses crush against my teeth.

“Who is Mark?” The annoyance in Storm’s voice as his footsteps approach from behind makes me smirk under my nose and thanks to the fact that I’m giving my back to Andrea, she can’t see it.

“Mark from the vinyl shop.”

“Oh yeah, what about him?” Taking a seat at the edge of Adrea’s sunbed, I follow his movement with the corner of my eyes and gosh, I probably shouldn’t have done it. Throwing his T-shirt on the floor, he looks at me with a tight, sexy smirk and stretching his arms above his head, he gives me a full show of his perfect body. Comes to no surprise that he has been asked to model a lot lately, I mean, who wouldn’t want to look at him?

“ Nothing...your sister, as always, is trying to get her way with me”

“ I’m not trying to get my way with you...I’m just trying to get some sex coming your way…” Standing up and moving closer, Storm hovers over me from the bottom of my sunbeds and, curving his lips in an unbothered way, he glances over his sister smirking, and I want nothing more than to disappear right now.

“Well, Mark seems like a decent boy...however he is just a boy.”

“What does that even mean?” Andrea’s frowned expression makes me laugh and in fact, apart from me, I don’t think anyone could possibly understand the secret meaning behind his words. “ What is gonna be, Kitten, a man or a boy?” Just thinking about it my body reacts with a shiver and as the chill reaches my core, I stand up. I do need to get in the pool before I melt right here.

“Nothing. But maybe Mia isn’t looking for a boy, that’s all.”

“Since when do you know what she is looking for? Does he know something I don’t?”

“No Andrea, of course not. I’ll think about it ok? For now...can I please enjoy this nice weather? This morning’s appointment drained all the energy out of me already…”

“I know...but did Doctor Sanches at least give you the pills?” I can feel the heat rising from my chest right into my face and looking at Andrea I give her the worst look ever.

“What? It's not like Storm doesn’t know about it...every smart woman takes contraceptives, which anyway, proves my point. Sex is on your list…”

“You know what...never mind. I’m going in” Avoiding on purpose Storm gaze I jump right into the pool and even while underwater I can hear Andrea laughing at my visible discomfort. I’m not embarrassed about the pill itself, more about the fact that she practically told Storm I’ve been thinking about having sex with him. This is true, I do want to explore this side of me with him. I just wished we could have approached the talk in a different way.

Not, anyway, that it’s a secret between us. I mean, every time we kiss it’s almost impossible to pull apart and every time he is around, I wish I could just kiss him.

“What are you thinking about?” I was so caught in my thoughts that I didn’t even hear him coming in and now that I’m facing him, I wish we could be alone. His messy hair is all scattered around his face framing him just perfectly and his eyes, kissed by the sun, are somehow mesmerizing.” Nothing...I was just swimming” Cornering me in the further and most hidden corner of the pool, Storm wraps his hands around my waist and while for him it’s easy to stay put because from where we are he can reach the bottom, I have to try my best to float and with him so close, it doesn’t look easy anymore.

“What are you doing? Your sister is here” Trying to look above his shoulder I push him slightly away but of course, it is a vain attempt as I can barely float right now.

“She is asleep and anyway, she won’t be able to see us from here. But that doesn’t answer my question...what were you thinking about, Kitten?” Pulling me closer I automatically find myself wrapping my legs around his hip and when I do, his grip on me tightens causing my body to sexually tense.

“Nothing…” Chewing the inside of my mouth I let Storm float our bodies around until my back reaches the edge of the pool and when we are there and there is no more room for us to move, I slip my hand around his waist pulling him even closer.

“Mia...you can tell me anything, you know that?” Burning my eyes in his, my breath quickened at the feeling of his hand slipping from my back, down the front of my body. With his eyes still in mine, Storms taps his finger along my flat stomach and when his hands find the way between wide open legs, I swallow hard, already dying in anticipation.

“I...I know. It just...is not something really I would like to talk about, it’s rather something I will want just to happen when the moment is right…” The sparkle in his eyes forces me to bite my bottom lips hard and arching my back I let his fingers press against my throbbing core, desperate for his touch.

“So it is true...you have sex on your list…”Whispering those words against my neck Storm bends his head in my direction and reaching for my shoulder he bites my warm flesh slightly before rubbing his index along my slit. “ I do...of course I do. ″ My voice is just a tremble and resting my head against his chest I welcome the shivers taking over my body as his experienced fingers find their way beneath the fabric of my swimsuits.

“There is plenty more we can do until then, you know?” Sliding his finger up and down my slit I feel my core throb even more and when his thumbs reach my clit I need to bite down on my lips hard in order to stay quiet. The chuckle that leaves Storm’s chest makes me smile but at the same time, I would love to kill him. “ Your sister...is here”

“So try to be quiet” Adding a little pressure with his tip against my tight hole, Storm keeps his thumb on my clit and, pleasuring me with slow and perfect circular movement, he also finds his way to ease his fingertip inside of me, causing my head to roll and my eyes to shut. “ God…” My words are probably too loud and so pressing two fingers against my lips, Storm quietly shushes me nibbling on my neck in a way that numbs all my nerves. “ Can you be quiet, Mia?”

Can Mia be quiet?

Happy Tuesday x
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