Unexpected Storm

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27. Storm

Biting slightly the soft skin under her lobe, I suck on her skin for a few minutes before pulling back, only to look right into her beautiful eyes which, thanks to the sun, are way brighter than usual. “Can you be quiet?” My voice is intentionally low and guttural and I can tell from how she bites her lips that it is affecting her just like my finger is.

Nodding at me, Mia rests her head against my chest and reaching for the hem of my swim shorts she plays shyly with it, trying to find her way beneath them where my erection is more than tangible already.

Easing my entire finger inside her tight entrance, I close my eyes welcoming the feeling of Mia parted lips against my chest where she bites in a way that isn’t even painful. What is painful is welcoming her walls stretching around my finger. It’s a feeling that is so good that only thinking about how it’s going to feel when I’m gonna be inside her, makes my stomach clench in painful anticipation.

“Storm…”She moans against my chest as I slowly thrust my finger in and out of her. “ Shh..” I whisper against her hair, circling my thumb on her clit with a little pressure which causes her to moan again and, tilting her head enough, she melts her eyes in mine trying to keep her noise under control

“ I’m not sure I can keep quiet” Her whisper is so full of desire that It makes me growl but the fact that her hand is still playing with my swimsuit, it’s also a reason for me to slowly snarl.

“ I bet you can… or else we can always let Andrea find out…” Leaning in her direction I shield her with my own body and moving further into the corner of the pool, I make sure that Mia can never be seen from where Andrea is sunbathing. Cupping her face with my free hands I pull her face in my direction and adding a little speed to my movement, I thrust inside of her harder, being careful to don’t actually hurt her. “ Oh god…” Her sweet cry makes me smile and without even thinking about a second longer I crush my lips against hers, sucking her into a heated and super needy kiss that has both of us panting in no time.

Grinding her hips against my hand, Mia muffles her moan in our kiss and when her hand finally manages to free my cock from my shorts, I’m the one who needs to kiss her harder in order to don’t let loud noise run free. The sensation of her perfect finger wrapping around the base of my twitching cock it’s good on a level that is almost painful and the fact that she knows exactly where to touch me and how just makes everything harder.

Chemistry is something that you can’t force or pretend and the fact that with Mia everything comes so naturally sure proves the point. We have chemistry and we probably always had. Finding a rhythm in the most natural way, our bodies move in synchro giving each other the opportunity to pleasure one another without interruptions. The quicker my thrusts become, the longer Mia’s strokes are and when our chests are both burning for a deficit of air, we are forced to pull away, taking each other’s taste wrapped around our swollen lips.

“You see..you can be quiet” Running a second finger along Mia’s folds I watch as her lips curve into a sexy expression when the tip of my second finger slowly pushes against her hole but without penetrations.

“ It’s easy being quiet when your lips catch all my noise…” Sinking her nails into my shoulder Mia breathed out those words but keeping her eyes on me, she slowly adjusts to my fingers teasing her further.

“Then I’d say no more kissing…” Matching Mia’s strokes with my hips, I bite her shoulder lightly while pinching one of her hard nipples with my free hand, making her gasp. “ I won’t kiss you...Because I need you to learn how to be quiet, Kitten...but I also want to try something”

The light flashing into her eyes at my words turns me on even more and, as her strokes become faster, matching my thrust, I can feel my body tense. Clenching my jaw I take in a deep, long breath and parting my lips I let go of a low groan that happens to die against Mia’s warm skin. “ Whatever you have in mind I’m fine with it...Just remember that you might need to shut me up…”

Enveloping her hand on my cock, with my own hand, I force Mia strokes to arrive at an end and, sliding my finger out of her wet folds, I look at her as she watches me with confused eyes. “Trust me…” My hot words are meant to die against her lips while pressing her against the pool and, holding her wrapped against my hips, I guide my sex in between her legs, rubbing my whole length against her now sensitive sex.

Biting her lips, Mia gives me a shy smile as she embraces the new feeling that my sex grinding against hers is causing her. When my tip, however, presses against her folds, that’s when she gasps and letting go of my sex completely, she reaches for her own. Curling her finger around the fabric of her swimsuits, she pulls it to the side and keeping the fabric rolled against her thighs, Mia waits for my next move. Licking my lips as the anticipation clenches in my stomach, I rub my tip along Mia’s bare and warm skin and, the moment our skin touches for the very first time, my blood seems to be exploding in my veins. The heat that spread between our bodies, even if we are in cold water, is unreal and the sensation is almost ethereal.

Our eyes, now mould into one, are a mirror for our emotions and when my tip strokes along her folds and her moistened juices smear alongside my cock, she can clearly see in my eyes that keeping control it’s becoming even more difficult. “Fuck...”

Matching our movement just like before, Mia and I, move our hips in synchro as I grind my cock along her wet, perfect pussy. In order to keep our moan caged, we find ourselves nibbling on each other’s bodies and the taste alone of her skin is enough to drive me insane. With her eyes shut and her head slightly tilted to the back, Mia sucks on her bottom lips as our pleasure slowly consumes us and, arcing her back the best she can, she presses her sex harder along my cock, making me groan between my clenched teeth.

“Storm...I...I can’t” Her words come out in short breaths and her trying to control her volume only makes it harder for me to resist and just give in to the moment. Instead, I keep my eyes on her and adjust my calculated movement. Quickening the pace, I rub my cock harder against her sex and placing my thumb on her clit I touch her in a way that causes the both of us to run out of breath in no time. Keeping my movement steady, let Mia body relax once again and when her pussy pulses against my tip, I lock eyes with her, guiding my tip all the way down along her slit until I reach her tight and throbbing hole.

“Storm…” Her inquisitive eyes show an inch of worry which seems to disappear when I smile at her“ Trust me....” I whisper once more and kissing her lips lightly I wait for her nod, which arrived followed by a shy and sexy smile.

Pressing my tip against her tight hole I tease her but without penetration and, when I do, her body tense embracing this new feeling that has both of us gasp.

The fact that her pussy feels so good at the slightest touch with my cock, is mesmerizing and scary at the same time but I can only imagine what is yet to come. “ Oh gosh...please don’t stop..” Her desire sounds like the best melody I ever had but I have no intentions of stopping anyway. Keep moving my thumb on her clit in slow circular motion, I add a little pressure to it and feeling her juices rolling against my tip, I slowly pull away from her, just to then press again against her heavenly door. I do that a few times, and when the movement on her clit becomes harder,I rub my tip all the way down her slit again making my body shudder and quiver against mine.” Mm..oooh..” Finally letting herself go, Mia’s let her pleasure taking over hiding her face against my chest she lets the smallest sexy noise escapes her mouth. Pulling myself away from Mia for a second, I slip my shorts back on and, moving back closer I feel my body tense too. My orgasm is taking over too and even though it is not the same with the fabric between us, having her pussy rubbing against my cock still does the trick. Gripping on each other bodies and letting our emotions control the moments, for a second we both forget where we are and looking into each other eyes, we almost let our moans slip.

So reaching for each other lips as our breathing becomes uneven, we reach our orgasms breathing into each other’s breath. The tension built up until now seems to disappear into our heated kiss and as we let our body shake and relax, clutch on each other completely overwhelmed, our mind slowly regain control and our surroundings becomes clear once again. We are not alone.

I wanted to give you an update before a new loooong exhausting week begins! I hope you'll like it x

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