Unexpected Storm

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Slipping my phone back into my pocket I watch as Andrea fills up our car with many useless and funny things. Every time Mia was about to come, Andrea would transform the house in order to fulfil their needs and now, knowing that for most of the time our parents won’t be home, she decided to take it to the next level, and transform our house into the most furnished club in town.

“Jesus woman!” Shaking my head I watch as she tries to find space for the last massive beg. Watching her, I have to say, is quite funny. “ Need any help?”

“ You could have helped before. Like for example coming in with me and helping me with…” she looks at the car almost shocked by her own shopping. “ that..”

“ Did you really want to stop every five minutes to wait for me as I was taking pictures with every single woman in there?” I ask, looking at her from beneath my glasses. The frown she makes always made me laugh.

“ God I hate you”

“ Correction. You love me to bits sis” sending her a kiss I wait for her to jump in the car and as soon she does, I start the engine. “ Do you really think Mia needs all of this?” I ask, shaking my head at her. She literally went all in this time.

“ uhm… I don’t know. Maybe not but I don’t care!” Stubborn as she is, I had no doubt. “ It has been a year since I saw her last and you know...after what happened… I don’t care if it is too much, she needs to let go.”

“ Looks like she will...and might also forget her name with all this alcohol.”

The bright smile that covers Andrea’s face makes my heart melt right away. I’ve never witnessed such real and great friendships in my life. I don’t even know how they make it through the distance. I, for example, have lots of friends, but none of my friendships is so deep.

When Mia left, four years ago, Andrea was destroyed and sad and she has never been sad in her life before or after that. She wasn’t sad only because her best friend was going to live elsewhere, but also because Mia would have been alone, instead Andrea had me. Something that she thanked me for even if most of the time she wanted to kill me.

Even though the distance anyway, they made it work.

“ You haven’t seen her in how long?” Andrea distracts me from my thoughts with her question recalling my attention to her, now lighting up a cigarette. “ Don’t look at me like that. You smoke too.”

“ I know, I know” Truth is, it is a shit habit and we both have it. I would love to stop just to see her quit too. “ mmh...I believe I last saw her 3 years ago, why?”

The grin forming on her lips scares me just as much as her look does. “ Oh boy. This is going to be fun.”

“ why?” I ask checking my phone. I’ve just sent Mia the picture of my bare ass after all.

“No specific reason. But remember bro...she is off-limit”

“ Tsk. As if…”Rolling my eyes I turn to the street again as the thought of Mia shakes my mind. I haven’t seen her in so long and yet, I’ve never thought about how she would look now. I mean, I did think about that a few times but never really went deep down her road. That she has always been pretty its something that I can’t deny, however, she was a young teen back then and her body still needed to develop if you get what I mean. She always had something in her, however, and even if she had soft curves she had a lot of boys following her around since she was 10 I believe.

“ What are you smirking at?” Andrea brings me back once more pinching my arms but to be fair, I didn’t even realize I was smirking.

" Nothing.”

" yea..sure.” She simply nods biting the bottom of her lips. ” Storm?”

" Yeah?”

" You know I LOVE YOU more than anything right?“Here we go with her puppy eyes again.

" what do you need sis?”

“What? Can’t I just love you?”

“You? Spill it before it’s too late...”

“Uuugh you know me too well. Anyway...would you mind picking Mia up? I want to finish some things before she comes home.”

“Sure. No problem. Not like any way I would have let you go on your own” The smile on her face is almost devilish and I wonder what her mind is up to.

“ Thank you Storm. You are the best.” Sending a text to someone she then slips her phone into her bag and even before I can turn the engine off, she is out of the car the moment I park into our driveway.

“ Andrea what…??” But before I can curse, she is out of my sight and I’m left with her too many bags of shopping. “...I knew it.” I sight getting out of the car. I knew it the day she was born that this girl would have been the death of me and, so far, I haven’t been wrong once.

*Message: to Storm*


“You would like that mh?”

Looking outside the windows as I look out for Mia, I run my hand through my longish hair while scrolling instagram home page with not much interest. As my finger moves on the screen one particular picture catches my eyes, a picture in which my sister is tagged. The caption read “Ready to rock. Just like the old good times” followed by a picture of Mia and Andrea at Andrea’s 6th birthday party, both dressed in a very sparkly pink dress and both wearing a tiara, like two little princesses.

“Storm?” A knock on the windows forces me to look out and when his voice doesn’t remind me of anyone, the moment my eyes meet with the two turquoise gems staring down at me, my brain finally wakes up.

“ Mia?” I ask, getting out of the car. Feeling my eyes staring a moment too long at the beautiful young woman in front of me, I step closer and opening my arms I invite her in for a hug, just like the old times.

“ Hey Pretty boy” Thankfully she wraps her arms around my neck right away and, giving me a tight squeeze, she rests her head on my chest for a moment, a moment long enough to let her sweet and feminine smell invade my senses.

“Do you live in the gym?” she asks pulling away and for a second, I feel her eyes scanning my body just as mine are taking in her figure.

The woman standing now in front of me has very little of the Mia I used to know. Her wavy dark blond hair has grown until the point that almost hits her small back. Her skin, perfectly tan is a perfect match for her eyes and hair. There is no softness in her curves yet, her curves are perfect. Her legs, perfectly wrapped in her ripped thigh jeans, are toned and slender and even her ass, seems to be perfect. What the hell happened to the little curvy girl I used to know?

“ Long time no see…” she is the first one to talk and as soon as her lips part to give me a smile, my sex twitch in my pants forcing me to grin.

“ That’s right,” I answer, before reaching for her bags on the floor. “ Ready to go home? Andrea is waiting for you”

“ I bet she is and honestly, I can’t wait” Throwing her bag in the back of the car, we both jump in. This is going to be definitely an interesting month.

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