Unexpected Storm

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28. Mia

Waves of pleasure still ride my body as Storm and I slowly pull apart. Feeling my leg shaking and in a completely buttery mood I still use his shoulder as a grip and, when my finger sinks deeper into his skin, Storm bites down his lips clearly still on the edge, just like me.

My mind is still fuzzy and my vision is still blurry but looking up at Storm, I can feel my knees become wicker by the second. This man is something else and I swear, I can’t seem to get enough of him. Reaching for his neck, I curl my finger around his hair and just before I can pull him in my direction, the clarity of my brain makes me aware of my surroundings and the moment Storm bends in my direction, I know that we are not alone. We weren’t alone before either but sleeping Andrea wasn’t counting. Awakening Andrea however, is a whole different story and when she clears her throat, Storm’s jaw clenches while his eyes narrow right away.

“Storm…” My voice is still shaky and my breathing is not so normal but from how worried Storm looks I must have a panicked expression on my face when I slowly pull away from him. Keeping his hand on my waist he lets me move around but he doesn’t let me go, not yet. When my eyes finally meet Andrea’s one and my heart almost stops, her expression makes me freeze in the pool. Her perfect lips are stretched in the biggest smile I’ve ever seen even though her arms are crossed under her breast. My words don’t seem to find a way out of my mind but before I can speak anyway Andrea goes first. “ It was about time!”

Pulling me against his back Storm rests his chin against my shoulder and while he and his sister share a look that I can’t describe, I find myself unable to think. My best friend just caught me with her brother and she isn’t mad. On top of that, Storm doesn’t look bothered or worried about it. Not even in the slightest while I can feel my heart accelerating in my chest in a way that is almost painful. Still, I can’t manage to say anything. “ Relax..” Storm whisper in my ear and all I can do is look at him for a moment before turning back to look at Andrea, still smiling at us.

“ I knew something was going on. You two have been acting too weird” Moving closer to the edge of the pool Andrea lets her hands fall along her side and sitting by the edge of the pool she stares at me. “ Why are you looking at me as if you saw a ghost? I’m not mad…not with you anyway. “ Turning her glance on her brother, she points her index at him, stretching her smile into a grin. “ You, however, better be careful”

“ I… It’s just. I wanted to tell you, I did. Just not yet...I mean…”

“ Mia, Relax. I’m not mad, really.”

Letting go of my waist as if reading my mind, Storm gives me one small kiss on the top of my head and as I swim away, keeping my eyes on Andrea, I bite my lips hearing Storm getting out of the water. “ You don’t need to worry about me, I can take care of her.” Kissing her sister’s forehead he winks at me and before any of us can say anything, he is already walking away leaving us alone on purpose.

“ How can you not be mad? He is your brother...and I have kept it from you, which I’m sorry for. “ Gripping at the edge of the pool I tilt my head to look at Andrea now on my left, but when she shrugs, giving me another of her smile, I’m even more confused.

“ Because I know you...and because I might have pushed you two together.”

“ What?”

“ When you arrived, something was different. I knew you always had a crush on him because you never hide anything from me, until now. What surprised me was my brother’s reaction to you.”

“ To me? What do you mean?” Chewing the inside of my mouth I keep my eyes on hers, searching for every single slight change of emotion in her eyes or body language. To my surprise, I see none. She is genuinely happy and if she is mad, even a little, she is great at hiding it.

“ I don’t think he has been able to look away from you ever since you arrived. He had eyes on you from the moment one. You have captivated him and let me tell you, it never happens with Storm.” The cheeky smile she gives me makes me finally smile and when she kick jokingly with her knee my elbow, I shake my head.

“ I know...tell me about it. Who thought that after all this time this would happen...I mean, he is older, hot...and basically saw us growing up.”

“ He is just like anybody else Mia...or better. He changed a lot lately and don’t tell him I said that...but he is a great guy. He can be such a dickhead sometimes, but he also has a great heart and cares for people.”

“ I realise that...besides, the poor guy did babysit us for ages and still managed to never kill us.”

“ I know...Anyway, I’m glad I forced you to sleep with him, I knew you both needed a little push.”

“You what?”

“Oh come on...you seriously thought I was taking people home just for fun? I needed an excuse to have you two alone after the first night you slept together. The day after Storm was looking at you so mesmerized that I had to do something…”

“You are Evil…” I say, shaking my head. “ So you knew it all this time?”

“ Fuck no. I’ve just caught you on the act right now...But I was hoping something would happen.”

“ I can’t believe you just caught us…”

“ Me neither...Looked like you were having a nice time.”

Feeling my cheek become hot and of the darkest shade of red I hide my head in between my arms while Andrea laughs fills the empty space around us. “ Which means you have a lot of things to tell me, am I right?”

“ Sort of...but first I want to explain something to you…” Looking up at her I chew the inside of my mouth once again and feeling my heart skipping a few beats I take in a deep breath. “ I didn’t tell you for a reason.”

“ Mia really...you don’t need to explain anything. I know you and I know you had reasons…”

“But I want you to know why. I’m here only for another month and I don’t know what’s gonna happen with your brother. I don’t want you or me or him to have fake hope on what’s gonna be between us and I don’t want to upset anyone in case things go wrong.”

“ Mia…”

“You know my past, you know what happened with the last guy I let too close…” Thinking of Trevor never brings up good memories, yet it is thanks to him if today I’m this ready to live my life. “ Still, I trust your brother. A lot...and if, you know...if things are going to happen, because I want them to happen, I want them to be with him..because if things are not going to work for us, I know I can still trust him and I won’t be regretting anything…” Only when Andrea's finger brushes against my cheek do I realize that tears have left my eyes but in all honesty, I can’t even think about why not until Andrea speaks anyway.

“ What happened to you shouldn’t have happened to you or anyone, but my brother will never hurt you that way Mia and, I am glad you know that. I don’t know if you’ve told him...but I think you should...you know, you might not leave from here after all”

“I wish I could...but you know, I can’t leave my mum alone.”

“ God Mia...you never thought things could actually work did you?”

“ I’m a mess Andrea...a fucking, stupid mess…” Letting go of my fear I let my tears roll down my face while Andrea jumps in the water just to hug me tight.

“ Don’t cry. You still have a month to figure everything out...but I’m telling you, my brother won’t let you go.”

“I don't want to let go either..."

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