Unexpected Storm

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Since Andrea walked on Mia and me in the pool last week, I can’t say that things have gone bad. On the contrary, we have been able to hang out without feeling the urge to hide every time we wanted to kiss or cuddle. Of course, Andrea didn’t miss the opportunity to annoy us at any chance she got, but still, seeing Mia so at ease and ready to bark back at her made things sexier and better.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Tilting her head in my direction Mia curves her plump lips into a perfect smile while her hand travels along my chest undisturbed. Andrea somehow convinced us to watch a movie with them and now, here we are, a few seats away from each other in the darkness of a cinema.

“ Uh?” I ask curving my brow. Even if the cinema it’s dark, the light coming from the screen is enough to allow us to see each other and I couldn’t ask for anything better than this dusk.

“ You look...lost in your thoughts and I’m sure is not the movie” Chuckling in silence at her words I run my finger through her soft curly hair and as I look at her, I can’t stop my eyes from rolling down along her exposed and perfect collarbone until my eyes are somehow trapped in the hollow of her V neckline.

“ Uh...it’s definitely not the movie, Kitten.” My voice, even if low, it’s warm and deep and I can tell from how Mia shifts in her seat that she knows what I’m talking about. Licking my lips, I look down at her and finding her eyes focused on mine, I take a deep breath watching as her eyes turn into two lustful pools of the most intense turquoise. “ I don’t think I can sit this close to you without feeling the urge to touch you…” Again, my voice it’s only a whisper and moving my free hands on her bare legs I tickle her skin with my fingertip, crawling undisturbed along her thighs. “ But I can’t….”

“ Says who?” Parting her legs slightly, Mia gives me the sexiest smile I have ever seen and curling her finger around the hem of my T-shirt, she pulls the fabric a bit, forcing me to move closer. “ I’m sure...we can be quiet” I can feel my jaw clench as my cock twitches in response to her words and if it wasn’t for the fact that we are in public, I would have jumped on her right now. Instead, I’m forced to behave and reach for her ear, I let a low guttural noise vibrate against her skin.

“ Kitten… what are you suggesting?” Letting my finger crawl in the insides of her thighs, I bit her lobe hard enough to give her pleasure and when her body hisses and her legs parts, even more, I grab the inside of her thigh with my full hand, sneaking my middle finger at the source of her heat.

“ Make me cum...Storm. ″ Brushing those words against my cheek Mia’s hands move all the way down my crotch and when she speaks, my cock twitches once more giving her the knowledge of how - her words alone- affect me in any way possible. Kissing my way down her jaw, always being careful of our surroundings, I nibble on her skin for a few seconds before moving my attention to her neck, which tastes of the sweetest and most delicious peaches on earth and with my lips parted, I whisper my next words to her skin, causing Mia to shiver. “ You need to be very still and quiet Mia...Can you do that?”

Biting her lips as my finger reaches her already wet panties, Mia gives me a simple nod and searching for my lips she kisses me with just enough heat to have my body tense in pleasure. Rubbing my finger along her slit I watch as she sinks her teeth in her bottom lip and when I reach for her clit, in a slow and calculated stroke, Mia straightens up her back, causing her sex to grind against my hand.

Resting her head against my shoulder Mia cups my erection from the top of my jeans and just like her, I’m forced to be quiet. Parting my lips I let silent moans leave my chest and pulling the fabric of her panties aside, I slip my middle finger beneath it embracing the warmth of her silky skin. Just like me, the moment our skin touches, Mia takes in a deep low breath and parting her lips against my shoulder, she strangles her noises biting lightly on my fabric. Running two of my fingers along her moistened folds I watch mesmerised as her body melts under my touch.

Sinking her teeth even further in my skin, Mia finds her way beneath the fabric of my jeans and when her fingers reach for my erection my body tenses and my eyes land on her hungry and completely lost.

“Don’t” I demand in a growl that sounds almost desperate but caring very little, Mia does exactly the opposite of what I ask. The moment my index reaches for her clit, adding just enough pleasure to have her legs go numb and her body shaking, she wraps her finger around the base of my -now- painful erection and letting the tip out of my briefs, she strokes me in touches that have the power of burning me down.

Tightening my jaw, I close my eyes and holding my breath, I try to focus on something that is not Mia’s hands in my pants. She is the only woman I know that can make me cum with a single look, hence why I can’t trust myself right now. Mostly, I can let myself go, no right here, not in my jeans. However, she has a mind of her own and, letting her little finger slide down the length of my cock, she reaches for the base and flips her hand around, she cups my balls, giving it a squeeze hard enough to have me curse between my teeth. “MIA″ I growl and this time I’m sure other people have probably heard us but I don’t really care. Moving my free hands from her body, I cup her face and, pulling her in my direction I kiss her, clearly on the edge.

Biting on her bottom lip with enough pressure, I move my thumb on her clit teasing her until the point that she moves on her chair, meeting my movement eagerly. Rubbing her slit, I slip my finger in between her folds the moment she doesn’t expect me too and in a smooth move, I ease my finger in her tight hole, feeling her juices smear all over my fingers.

“Storm...Oh, God…” Her cries are so low that it’s almost impossible for me to hear yet. It doesn’t matter how hard she tries to control herself, I’m sure she is on the edge just like I am.

It takes me a few attempts but the moment the tip of my second finger reaches her hole - without entering her- she lets go of my cock, just on time before the situation would have been problematic. Gripping the arm of the chair, Mia curls her finger all around it and, sinking her face in my neck, she lets the wave of pleasure run down her body in a way that is mesmerizing to watch.

Her cheeks are slightly flushed and her hair is now all over her face, messy and slightly humid. Her breasts are moving fast and every time her chest rises and falls, I see my parting her lips more, before biting down on her bottom once again.

Thrusting inside her slightly harder while touching her clit in matching movement, Mia clenches her tight harder, trapping my finger in between her nest. Keeping my pace up, I watch as she rolls her head back when her climax hits her and, as Mia rides her pleasure coming in jolts of pleasure that makes her body shake, I watch her amused, feeling my blood boil in my pants. The silent moans that she let out are probably the thing that turns me on the most right now, just like watching her since I can’t look away.

Resting my head against hers I kiss her nose softly and, when she chuckles against my fingers, I stroke her heated cheek, trapping the corner of her lips under my thumb. “ Uh...That was hot” She whispers before resting her head on my shoulder, still trying to catch her breath. Giving her a side smile I turn to the screen as the credits start to show and when she rests her finger against my chest, I can feel the area being touched lighting up on fire.

This woman is doing things to me that I can’t yet explain since day one. When Mia first landed and my eyes met hers, I knew I would have been in trouble. I just didn’t think I could be so screwed in such little time. The things that she makes me feel are scary and If it is true what she said back then when we first kissed, I’m screwed.

I can’t be her fling, I don’t think I’m able to let her go anytime soon.

What are you doing to me, Little Kitten? Are you going to break my heart?

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