Unexpected Storm

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30. Mia

Looking at my reflection in Storm’s mirror as the sun slowly disappears outside the window, I’m finally met with my emotions which, in the last few weeks, have been running all over the place. One emotion or feeling, in particular, seems to have made a nest at the pit of my stomach and is the one I’ve always feared the most: a mix of nervousness and anticipation that has me thinking more than I should. Just like every other time when a big event is about to happen, my body seems to perceive that in advance making me so on the edge the lightest sound makes me jump. Like right now, where the squeak of the wooden stairs outside the room almost had me mess up my light makeup. “Damn it” I grit between my teeth adjusting the pointed curve of my eyeliner before curling my nose. I’ve been so deep into my thoughts that I completely lost track of time and my surroundings, almost missing out on the beautiful man coming in.

“Hey Kitten...” Wrapping his arm around my waist, Storm pulls me against his broad chest and kissing my neck lightly he meets my eyes in the reflection of the mirror in front of us. “ Hi…” I whisper resting my head against his chest eating his whole figure. I can feel my heartbeat racing instantly as I take in his image and I have to bite my lips in order to don’t curse out loud. How can be so hot wearing only sweatpants and a T-shirt? I mean, even his messy hair and light-grown beard make me want to jump on him right now. This brings me back to the problem here today, the feeling at the pit of my stomach.

“Planning on going out?” Snuggling his nose under my earlobe he gives me a few more kisses, all while running his hand along my flat stomach. I’m only wearing a grey crop top and a pair of jeans, looking just as comfy as he is.

“Not really. I was just waiting for you to come back.” Since Kyle and Andrea left for a romantic getaway this morning, I had a lot of time for myself and with Storm at work, I got quite bored quite soon. Also, having alone time only gives me more time to think which honestly I didn’t need.

“I’m here now” Kissing the spot behind my ear he rolls me in his embrace and as I roll in his arm, I let go of my make-up, bringing my hands around his neck. “ Hi…” I purr when his eyes dive into mine the moment we face each other and I swear, I can hear him purr when one of his hands reaches for my ass. “I like that I’ve found you in my room, I might get used to it... Did you miss me?” His words are slow and worm, so calculated that my inside starts already to boil. Looking at me with one of his brows curved he waits for an answer and in order to torture me, he brings his lips a few inches away from mine but he doesn’t kiss me yet.

“ Did you?”I ask, feeling already frustrated for him not kissing me.

“I asked you first...but if you really want to know...I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Not even for one second.”

“So is it a yes?”

“It’s a yes’ ′ He purrs against my lips still not kissing me, yet, I can already feel my core throbbing as the usual humidity hits my panties.

“Good. Because I missed you…” With a chaste kiss on my lips, Storm runs his hand along my back and, sneaking his finger beneath the soft fabric of my top, he smirks, noticing that there is nothing else there to cover my skin.

“What have you been doing today?”

“Nothing really...just much...thinking” I can feel the pit in my stomach growing as I speak and having Storm studying my face sure doesn’t make things better.

“ Thinking about?” His voice is just as low as his eyes get, in order to find mine, which are clearly escaping his gaze. I promised myself I would talk to him and I feel like if I won’t do it right now my head might explode.

“ Well...this..us...everything” Kissing the top of my head and stepping back a little he stretches out his hand for me to take, which I do right away and, following his step, we end up both on the bed, seated across from each other.

“Mh...I see. Serious thought then” Clenching his jaw he runs one of his hands on my thighs while with the other he scratches the back of his neck. He must be nervous too because his eyes move frenetically into mine. “ Something is bothering you?”

“Sort of...it’s just…” Taking a deep breath I chew my mouth for a few seconds and sliding over the bed I push myself closer to him, way too needy of his warmth. “ ...I’ve never thought this would actually happen...in my mind I never gave this ...us a chance and now that time is running out I realise how stupid of me that was. I’m not ready to let you go but I can’t stay either...and I feel like I’ve trapped you in this …”

“Mia...You haven’t trapped me...if anything, I’ve let myself in the trap alone. I know we didn’t talk and I know you would have when ready, but I always knew that at some point you would have to go. Surely...I lost track of time, but I’m well aware that we are running out of time, which doesn’t mean anything to me anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

“ I knew at some point you will have to go...I would never ask you to stay and leave your mum alone, but it doesn’t mean that this doesn’t have a future.” The beating of my heart that until now was pumping in my stomach suddenly moves to my throat as Storm words hit me, one by one, and even if I feel extremely happy to hear that, too many thoughts in my head are running in the opposite direction.

“ I can move around for work and I can visit you every other weekend. We can see how things are going and decide on what to do...if things do work out.”

“Will you really do that?” I’m probably shocked but still, I’ve never asked how Storm felt about all of this that I guess I just gave for granted that we would end things once I had to leave.

“Kitten...I’ve fallen hard for you. You might not know that you might not see that because some assholes screwed you up before...but I’m all in. I’ve been all in since the first kiss we shared.” Tapping his finger on my legs he looks at me with such care and intensity that I can feel tingles in my body just from that. “ I knew that kiss you would fuck me up for good...but I did it anyway...because I wanted it and because I’ve never wanted a girl like that before.” Pulling me closer from my denim’s loops he manages to have me on top of him in a swift move and parting my legs, while reaching for his shoulder as a support, I sit astride him, never breaking out eye contact. “Kitten...you are doing things to me that I can’t explain and as long as you let me, I will be by your side, even if that means taking a flight every day or spending sleepless nights on the phone with you… I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Storm…” Cupping his face with my trembling fingers I rest my forehead against his and closing my eyes I take in a deep breath, before opening my eyes again. “ I’ve fallen for you just as hard… and the selfish part of me doesn’t want to let this go. I don’t want this to end.”

“ Then it won’t Mia.”


“ Promise” Closing the distance between us, Storm’s lips crush against mine and the moment he kisses me all my fears seem to disintegrate under the soft touch of his hands travelling alone my bare spine.

Never in my life have I been so ready for something and for once and finally, I’m ready to let everything go. Everything but not Storm.

Next Chapter will be a mix between Storm and Mia's POV.
Get ready ...it's going to be hot in there!!!

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