Unexpected Storm

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31. Mia- Storm

With his words still echoing in my mind and my eyes closed, I find myself unable to think. My mind is completely blank while my senses are all addressed to Storm. It’s almost as if my brain and body are waiting for him to do anything in order to restart me. Is this how you are supposed to feel? Melting away beneath his touch, Storm tests and explores every inch of my mouth, causing my body to shiver. Becoming a puddle, just from the way he deepens the kiss which makes me aroused and vulnerable all at the same time.No one would probably believe that you can take so much from a kiss but honestly, I could stay like this for hours. Curling my fingers in his messy nest of hair, I pull him even closer and when my chest collides with his, I can feel how unevenly he is breathing, and that only excites me more.

Wrapped in this moment, when no fear or thoughts are bothering us, Storm runs his hand all over my back, sneaking his finger beneath the soft fabric of my crop top which only makes me shiver more. His fingers, even if rough and strong, are warm, which fights against the coldness of my skin, yet, is one of the feelings I like the most. Not as much as I enjoy the feeling of his hand cupping one of my breasts while play with his fingers with the metal bars in the middle of my hardened nipple. Is a gentle touch but it feels so good that all I can do is arch my back, pressing my heated centre against his growing erection.

“Mmh...Mia” The whisper/growl that comes from his lips as we slowly pull away in need of air, has every hair on my body stand and when my eyes open way too lazily, my breath gets caught in my throat at the view in front of me.

Storm’s eyes have darkened so much that they are of a similar colour to the deepest point in the ocean. His hair, way messier than before thanks to my finger gripping on it, is unevenly splattered on his face where his smirk is stamped undisturbed. His lips are slightly parted and every time he pinches my nipples, making me hold my breath, he clenches his jaw, biting his bottom lip lightly. If I wasn’t doomed before, I sure am now.

I don’t know if there is supposed to be a specific way to let this happen if it is supposed to be special or romantic and perhaps I should wait. I don’t even know if Storm is actually on board with this but right now, lost in his mesmerizing look, all I know is that I want him, I want him now. No one ever has made me feel so sure about something like he does and no man before has looked at me as Storm does. It’s almost like he could see something that I can’t because every time I meet his eyes, his gaze is so intense that it makes me feel bare. And it’s weird how, just now, it hits me that this has always been the case. He always knew what was going on only with a look. I’ve never been able to keep a secret from Storm, even when I was a child.

“ What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” Pinching my nipple once more, I bite down on my bottom lips and, grinding on him, I shake my head while Storms cups my face with his free hand. Moving a lock of loose hair away from my face, he keeps his eyes on me and when I press myself further down on him, he takes in a deep breath while clenching his jaw hard. “ Mia...that is not an answer”

“ I know…”Reaching for his face I kiss his lips lightly and just when his hands roll from my breast down my flat stomach, I take in a deep breath, feeling anticipation building up in my stomach. Now or never. “ Storm?”


“ I trust you more than anyone...I’ve never felt this way with other boys in my life until now. Before you...I didn’t have the nicest experience when it came to boys and the only one I let close ended up burning me in ways that seemed impossible for me, at the time, to heal from …”

Storm POV

I can feel her heart beating way too fast as she speaks and to be honest, my heart is almost racing hers. Narrowing my eyes while still playing with one lock of her hair, I watch as Mia bites her bottom lips and God, all I want is to be the one biting her right now. Her words, are stroking me in all the right places and even if I don’t seem to find a reason for her words and confession right now, I know it is important to her. What’s driving me insane, is that as she speaks, she is grinding on me too, which makes it quite difficult to hold myself.

“You are healing me Storm. You are making everything right in my life...I guess you were the Storm I was waiting for in order to see the rainbow afterwards” Resting her hand on my cheek Mia’s finger slowly outlines my jaw before slowly trapping my lips beneath her thumb. “ I guess...what I’m trying to say is that I want to be yours in every way possible. In a way, that I’ve never been with anybody else. I want to be yours tonight...so that I can be yours every other night we have to spend together.”

I’m not sure if she can see on my face that her words have left me speechless but I hope she can see in my eyes the happiness she is causing me right now. There is no hesitation or tremble in her voice and her eyes have never left mine, not even for a second not even to blink. Her fingers, still on my body, have now left my face and are resting on my chest and I’m sure she can feel my heart skipping a few beats. Is she really saying what I think? Because right now I can’t even think straight.

“ I probably should be the best person here...and tell you that you should find someone of your age, someone that wants what you want. Someone with whom you might share more things in common and so on...But Kitten? I’m not that person. As I told you, I’ve never been this way with anyone else in my life before...I was never ready to give my full self to someone. I know it is not the same thing...I know I have a past, but trust me when I say that I’m yours already. I was yours the first time you let me be close to you. I was yours when you ran away from me and I was yours when we made peace. I was probably yours even before that…” Closing the gap between us, I rest my forehead against her and taking in her sweet scent I kiss her lightly before searching for her eyes again. “ but are you...sure? Because I don’t think there is any coming back from that Mia. I know...once I have you, I can’t let anyone else have you.”

Curling her nose while chuckling almost silently, Mia gives me a quick kiss and resting both her hands at the base of my neck, she nods her head twice before biting the corner of her lips nervously. “ I’m sure Storm...I really am. You are the only one I have ever wanted.”

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