Unexpected Storm

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32. Mia

There is no easy way to find out if something is good or not for us before trying it. There is no way to be sure if the moment is right or not for you to express your feelings and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Is it the right choice? It’s going to be ok afterwards? Am I making a mistake? Insecurities are always behind the door waiting for you to open but sometimes, feelings are stranger. My feelings? Well, they have shit until a few years ago. Thank God, things change and since then, they’ve always been right. That’s why, right now, I know I’m doing the right thing and even if I wasn’t, I won’t regret it. How do I know? Because this moment feels right. We feel right.

Closing my eyes and avoiding any distance between us, I’m met with Storm’s delicious lips already parted for me. From the moment our lips touch, I can feel that this kiss is different. It's nothing like before. It’s the mirror of our emotions and right now, we both know that they are all over the place. Passion fighting with fear, fear looking love, love hugging happiness and arousal turning everything on fire. It’s new and it feels great.

Curling his finger around the fabric of my top as our kiss gets more heated, Storm rolls the edge of it along my side, sending shivers all over my body. His demanding tongue following mine in a heated race surely doesn’t help the sudden warmth that I feel spreading in my body and when the top is basically all rolled up, I feel my nipples grinding against his chest lightly, causing a loud moan to escape my lips. “ You are so damn beautiful Mia” The hoarseness in his voice it’s enough to make my brain cells go numb but when his eyes meet with mine, I find it difficult to breathe.

“ I don’t think I could ever grow tired of watching you...In fact, I will watch you every day and night, trying to print your image in my head so that I won’t go insane when we will be apart.” Lifting my arms over my head, I let Storm pull the top completely away and only once is on the floor behind us, he looks down at me, licking his lips at the view of my hardened nipples.

“ Let’s make the most out of the time we have left then” Curving his lips into his usual sexy smirk it takes Storm 3 seconds to have our position flipped and caging me beneath his body he hides his head between my neck and my shoulder. Running his hand on my sides, he plays with the hem of my denim and kissing my ear, neck and collarbone, he finds his way down my chest. His kisses are slow and precise, knowing exactly how to make my body react to every single touch. Everything feels good, everything feels natural. So natural that he unbuttoned my denim in one swift move, causing me to hold my breath only for a moment.

Wrapping his lips around my pierced nipple - his favourite - he teases me, sucking and kissing on it in a way that only he can. Arching my back I press my chest even further against his face and reaching for his hair, I pull them slightly causing him to growl. His hand, now on my stomach, find her way beneath the fabric of it and, cupping my already wet sex from the top of my panties, he growls in approval. Sucking one more time my nipples before pulling away with a small smuk, Storms kneels in front of me, looking at me from beneath his lashes. Giving me a tender smile, he starts to pull down my denim and when I don't stop him, he rolls them all the way down, until they reach the floor just like my top.

Staring into each other eyes, there is no space for talking or thinking, not when he slowly stands up, eating my almost bare figures every step of the way. My eyes don't leave him for a second and when he starts to undress teasingly slowly, I feel my anticipation exploding in my core and my hands travel unconsciously on my breasts, cupping them lightly.

His tattooed chest always mesmerizes me and there is nothing on his body that I haven’t memorized. My favourite tattoo is the tribal taking over his right side because it hands perfectly under the fabric of his briefs, now visibly stretched due to his erection showing off . Even that, follows the natural flow of his body and there is nothing in this man that doesn’t turn me on.

Crawling back to bed, with his briefs still on, Storm reaches for my lips only to tease me some more. Finding the perfect spot between my parted thighs, he presses his erection against my humid core and reaching for my lips he kisses me lightly before diverting his attention once again to my neck. Resting one of my hands on his shoulder, I let the other one run along his spine and when his kisses start to move all the way along my flat stomach, I have to bite my lips to hold my breath once again. Reaching for the hem of my panties, Storm curls his finger around it and, with his eyes on me, he starts to pull them down slowly. There is no shyness this time around, no self-consciousness. All I want is him, in any way a body can imagine. Kissing my inner thigh once the last piece of fabric is finally out of the way, Storm slides one of his hands in between my thighs and, reaching for my already throbbing core, he runs two fingers along my slit, biting slightly the inside of my sensitive flesh. “ Stop teasing me Storm...I don’t think I can take it” My cry must amuse him because the smirk he sends my way it’s the most devilish smirk I have ever seen.

“I’m not teasing you, Mia. I’m just making sure you won’t regret it...and giving you enough time in case you want to stop.”

“I won’t regret it and I don’t want to Stop. I’m sure about what I want Storm...And I want you. In any humanly way possible” Licking my lips before biting the corner of it - something that I know affects him - I watch as Storm’s eyes change in intensity and before he can say anything else, I press my thighs together caging him in between. Running his finger along my wet slit, Storms kisses move further to my centre and when his tongue finally reach my clit, I part my lips, moaning loud enough for him to growl. His tongue moves fast around my clit, following a rhythm in his mind that matches one of his fingers, pleasuring me and getting me ready for what’s coming. A Thought that alone make me even wetter. Pressing his finger against my hole, he teases me enough and when my body is already a puddle beneath his, he pulls away, locking eyes with me once more.

Getting on his knee, he pulls down his briefs and I can feel my eyes widen as his erection sprung free. Licking my lips, I pull myself up a little needy and greedy. I want him just as much. "Don't even think about it" He whispers shaking his hand and, wrapping his hand around his cock, he stares at me, serious all of a sudden. “ I’m clean...I got checked, I do have a condom…”

“I want to feel you Storm. You, and you alone. I want this moment to be as real as it can be..might not be the safest way, but I don’t want anything in between us.”

Nodding in my direction as his lips take the shade of a smile, Storm’s crawl in my direction now free from any clothing, just like me. Finding his way between my parted legs, I feel the warmth of his body melting with mine right away and the fact that our skin is touching, has both of us breathing slower. There is no rush in everything he does, from crawling between my legs, to bend in my direction to kiss me. He takes his time and I know, it is just to give me time to make this moment mine. Even our kiss is, embracing a sweetness that mirrors the bond that we always had. There is love between us, always been and I can feel it grow and evolve day by day. Emotions are out of our control and you can’t force yourself to feel or don’t feel them. Sometimes, they are just meant to be and all you need to do is allow them to .

It’s weird how people always seem to wait for the calm and the rainbow after every storm… Because in my case? I think I’ve always been waiting for the Storm, I just didn’t know it.

PLEASE NOTE: This chapter is split in 2 x.
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