Unexpected Storm

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33. Mia

Wrapping my arm around his neck as his lips slowly part from mine, I need a second to be able to breathe again. Storm’s erection pressing against my bare and wet sex has my body in shock and all I can feel is electricity spreading in my core. Feeling him so close after all the anticipation built up in the past weeks has made my body super sensitive, which doesn’t seem to be a bad thing.

Stamping small kisses on my face he slowly rubs his cock along my slit and, moving his free hand on my face he cups me lightly, moving hair away from my face. Opening my eyes I find his eyes ready to drink mine and I have to say, I’m completely drawn in them. “ I’ll be careful...But I can’t promise it won’t hurt.”

“I know…”

“ I can’t promise either I will be able to let you go after...Mia”

“I’m ok with that…″ There is no hesitation in my tone, neither in my eyes and I can tell that he is battling with himself about something because his lips part just before closing again. Opting for a chaste kiss on my lips, he slowly moves away and, running one hand along my body, he watches my body react to his touches as he chooses to tease me with his fingers.

Cupping my sex, for only a few seconds, he moves his hips even closer and when his hand move away from my sex to be quickly replaced by his tip, my body trembles, and amusement take over his perfect lips. Rubbing his tip along my sex, I watch as Storm’s jaw clenches and the way his lips part lightly in order to let silent groan out, makes me even more aroused.

The fact that I’m extremely wet is somehow embarrassing but the sound of our sex coming together, sure makes it better.

Wrapping his hand around the base of his cock, Storm rubs his sex for a few more minutes along my sex causing me pleasure enough to have my body shivers. Kissing my lips and then my jaw, he gives me a serious look and before any word leaves our lips, he guides his tip at my entrance, never breathing eye contact. Pushing his hips in my direction, Storm presses his tip against my hole and the feeling taking over my body is almost overwhelming. He hasn’t entered me and yet, I feel my body tense. His tip is pressing against my skin, trying to find his way in but all I can feel is his heat spreading in my body, from my core to my chest.

“Try to relax Mia…” Kissing my lips, he moves his hips lightly, moving away from me for just a second in order to change angle before moving his body closer to mine again. With his hand still at the base of his cock, he rubs his entire length all the way up my slit and when his tip reaches my clit, I cry in pleasure. In order to help me relax, he does that a few times and when more silent cries start to leave my lips, he directs his tip back to my hole, where he applies a little extra pressure. This time, I can feel his tip stretching my walls lightly, enough anyway to have me holding my breath. Something that has Storm tense because his eyes are on me right away while his jaw clenches so much that it almost looks as if made of marble. Reaching for one of my hands, he locks his finger into mine and, stretching both of them above our head, he gives me a look that has a million questions in it. He doesn’t move, not yet, but I can feel my core throbbing as my wall relax once again. I’m completely lost in Storm’s eyes now that I don’t realise that he is moving again. I only feel that when his tip presses an inch further and that’s when my breath dies again in my throat. He is not even a few inches in and yet my body is experiencing any kind of feelings.

“Breathe Mia…” Whispering those words against my ear, he tries to control his own breathing but when I move slightly clenching my wall, his eyes shut and he is already pulling away “ Mm..Kitten. I might need you to be very still…” Trapping my mouth in his again, he gives me a needy kiss and rubbing his cock along my slit he has me breathless in no time. However, this is not the kind of pleasure he has in mind for me and so when my moan mixes with our kiss, he bites on my lips before stopping his movement. “ Remember to breathe…” He whispers against my lips before kissing my nose and resting his forehead against mine, I hear as our bodies move in un unison, matching our breathing almost instantly. Guiding his sex once again at the centre of my core, Storm’s melt his eyes with mine and when he drinks me into his own limbo of emotions, the same overwhelming pleasure of a few minutes ago hits me when his tip pushes few inches past my tight hole. It’s a crescendo of feelings that have me from holding my breath to tightening the grip on Storm’s hand until my knuckle is white. A pleasure at first that becomes a bothering feeling as his presence stretches me even further. Parting my lips, I try to breathe just as instructed but when Storm’s hips move further and his tips enter me even more I can’t breathe anymore.

“ I can stop...just stay the word and I will” Pressing his tip even further I feel my walls stretching in a way that I didn’t think my body could. The fact that the bothering feeling is slowly increasing into pain as his tip reaches my resistance forces me to hold my breath but I don’t want Storm to stop.

Parting my lips, I watch as Storm closes his eyes for a second and when my wall stretches even more and that resistance slowly burns away, a sharpening pain runs through my body causing my body to tense as my nails sink into Strom's hands. A strangled noise leaves my lips and when I do, Storm’s eyes are on mine and his body doesn’t move anymore. “ I’m sorry it hurt…” Something in me seems to be ripped apart and yet, I don’t want to stop.“ Mia?” The feeling of his cock stretching and adjusting around my tight wall is painful, but the sharpening pain of a few seconds ago lasted only a moment. “ I...I’m ok Storm”

Kissing my lips, he gives me time to adjust to this new train of feelings and as the pain slowly becomes bearable I finally take in a deep breath.

“ I promise it won’t hurt for long…” His voice is so hoarse that I can feel how on the edge he must feel and feel my core clenching around his cock I know I’m ready. Licking my lips I run my free hands in his hair and catching his attention I give him a small smile “...it’s better already”

Easing himself even more and slowly, Storm’s watches as my body aches and arch for him and the more he stretches me, the more I feel my walls contracting and stretching around him. My body seems under his spell because when he slowly starts to thrust inside of me, my body simply adjusts, second his movement with ease. The crushing and melting of our bodies with the sounds of our moans and growls fill up the room quite instantly and in fact, it’s almost impossible for me to hear the sound of our thoughts.

Painting and crying in pleasure all I can feel is my body burning under the expert touches and attention that Storms give me and the more my body aches in desire, the more he finds a way to calm my fire. Every thrust makes us run out of breath and since our breathing was already uneven, now we are completely out of it. The fact that our bodies melt into one surely doesn’t cool down the warmth enveloping us and as we both pant, running out of air, my vision becomes blurry and I can feel Storm body tense above mine.

Gripping on each other as if our lives depend on it, we both let our pleasure take over and just as our bodies going on fire, letting the pleasure transform in thousand jolts of pure electricity, I open my eyes and when Storm's one lend into mine, I know the answer I was looking for.

It is us. It has probably always been us. This wall has seen it all and now, it will be the silent witness of this moment. The moment when we become an indefinite us.

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