Unexpected Storm

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34. Storm

Licking my lips as my eyes move greedily on Mia’s body, it takes me all the self-control I have to don’t cum right here, right now. The teasing, the discovering of one another and all the sleepless nights spent together didn’t really make me ready for this moment. Although, I don’t think I could have ever been ready. Never, in a million years I thought this could have actually happened, I’ve never felt I could be good enough for Mia. Yet, just as usual, she surprised me, accepting me for who I am. Now, she is here, ready for me, ready for us and I feel like a teenager who can’t control his own cock. I can’t be teased right now and she knows it well, yet, she still decides to drive me mad by parting her legs enough to give me a heart attack. Her glistened silky folds are so ready for me that seems to want to enchant me, but honestly, I’ve been under Mia’s spell since she arrived.

Running a hand through my hair, I give Mia a smirk/smile before crawling on the bed. Sneaking my way in between her sweet parted legs, I take my time to move in her direction, watching as every step I take affects her body. The more I come closer, the more her stomach contracts and her breathing slows down. God, I love how I affect her. I love the fact that I feel something for her that is making me this way. I love feeling all this sensation without the need to have sex in order to feel something.

Positioning myself in my favourite spot - between her warm thighs - I search desperately for her eyes and moving slightly closer because lately, it’s never close enough, I press my already throbbing cock against her slick folds, ready for me. I can feel electricity running all over my spine when we touch. Something in me is awakening and I’m not sure what it is, all I know is that I want to feel like this every day.

Inhaling her sweet scent as I lower myself on her, I kiss Mia’s lips lightly before moving my attention on every inch of skin on her face. Her silky skin smells like peaches and is so soft that It might be a peach. Following the outline of her delicate jaw, I rub my cock along her slit and gosh, that might be a very wrong move because I’m forced to inhale deeply in order to don’t do something stupid. I need her to calm me, I need her to control me and so, cupping her face, I look for her eyes once more, forcing her to open them for me. “ I’ll be careful...But I can’t promise it won’t hurt.” I can feel my breathing becoming heavier by the seconds as I speak, and she doesn’t look any different.

“I know…” Even her voice reminds me of a peach. Delicate and smooth, just like her.

“ I can’t promise either I will be able to let you go after...Mia” That I really can’t. Because just like Adam I won't be able to resist the prohibited fruit in front of me and I’m sure, once I try it, I just will want more and more. I mean, I’m already addicted to her kiss, that I don't think I can't find myself being addicted to making love with her.

“I’m ok with that…″ There is no hesitation in her tone, neither in her eyes drowning in mine. I wish she could just stay, I want her to stay. But I can’t ask her that and surely not now, she will take it the wrong way. Closing the gap between - the only way to shut my mouth- I give her a chaste kiss and, running one hand along her body, I watch her body ache for me.

Reaching the centre of her warmth, I cup her sex with my full hand and breathing in her breathe, I watch as her breast rises and fall following the rhythm of her uneven breathe. Licking my lips, I wait for her eyes to be in mine and the moment they are, I move my hand away only to give my cock free access to her moistened pussy.

The tremble that her body gives me is enough to make my lips part into a smirk. A smirk, that is supposed to hide how this proximity is affecting me. She is so wet that every time I rub my tip along her slit I have to count until ten before moving again. The wrong move or the wrong speed could make this go all wrong. Gritting my teeth I focus on every single move and reaching the base of my cock, I rub my entire length along her slit and trapping her lips into mine one more time I press my tip harder against her entrance, causing both of us to shiver and tense at the same time.

“Try to relax Mia…” I whisper before kissing her again and pulling away for just one second, I adjust myself before looking up at her again. Rubbing my sex against hers a few times, I wait for her body to relax and when her soft lips part in order to let a small breath away, I guide my tip back at her entrance holding my gaze on her. The pressure that I’m applying this time is not a lot but is enough to have my tip stretching her entrance lightly. She is so tight that I find it difficult to breathe and when she holds her breath, my attention is on her. I know it will hurt. I just don’t want to hurt her too much.

Reaching for one of her hands, I lock my fingers in hers and, stretching them above our head, I search for the slightest sign from her side asking me to stop. Staying still for a few minutes I study her but she doesn’t say or do anything. She just gives me a smile and that’s enough for me to know that she is ok. Taking in a deep breath and filling my lungs with her intoxicating smell, I press myself an inch further against her tight hole and that’s when I feel her tense again. She is so tight that I’m not surprised to feel her walls clenching around my tip trying to push me away.

“Breathe Mia…” I whisper those words against her ear but her walls clench once more around my cock I need to pull away slightly in order to breathe. “ Mm...Kitten. I might need you to be very still…” Searching for her lips I release all my need against her lips and stroking her sex with my cock, I have her relax and breathless in no time. If only she knew how difficult it is for me to keep a straight face right now. Because this is making me insane and I’m not sure I can control myself any longer.“ Remember to breathe…” That’s all I can say and, resting my forehead against hers, I guide my sex once again at the centre of her core, but his time, her movement are meeting mine. Drinking her eyes in mine I take one more deep breath and, pushing my tip even further, I feel her tight hole stretch even more around my sensitive skin. Tightening the grip around my fingers, Mia holds still but when I ease myself a few inches more in her, Mia’s lips parts but no sounds come out of it.

She is holding her breath and this time, I can see her face curl into a painful expression.

“ I can stop...just stay the word and I will.” Shaking her head, she tries to give me a small smile and sinking her nails into my - now- white skin, she bites her lips, signalling me to keep moving. Feeling her body contract against mine as my sex pushes his way through her tight hole, I feel the tiny wall of resistance pressing against my tip and when her eyes are shut, I push myself even further breaking the wall that was keeping me away from her. I’m not even halfway through though, yet it is enough to make me growl. The strangled cry that leaves Mia’s lips as soon as half of my cock adjusts inside her makes me feel guilty right away, however, I don't think I could be more careful.

“ I’m sorry it hurt…” And I truly am.

“ I...I’m ok Storm” Her voice is only a tremble but I can hear it well. “ I promise it won’t hurt for long…” Holding as still as I can I let out another growl when her walls contract and relax around my cock and honestly, I might be already on the edge of exploding. Running one hand through my messy hair, Mia gives me a faint smile and biting her lips, she pulls me slightly closer.“...it’s better already”

Cupping her face with my free hand, I slowly ease myself in her a few inches more - still not all the way- and, kissing her lips softly, I listen to the sound of her breath adjusting to the rhythm of her heart Closing my eyes for a small moment. Hearing how her noises transform from painful moans into a soft gasp, give me the ok I was looking for and when her hand reaches for my face, I slowly move inside her before slowly pulling away.

Feeling the innocence of this moment slowly dripping down in between our bodies overwhelms my body in a way that I didn’t know would have been possible. If a moment could last forever, I surely will want to be like this. The feeling of her body reacting to my slightest touch or movement; her skin becoming alive beneath my fingers. Our body temperature changes and warms up until the point that feels on fire while our breath becomes unevenly unified. Taste, smell...touch. Every single sense I have reached its highest point gives me the chance to live this moment at its fullest. If a moment could last forever, yes, I definitely will want to be this moment.


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