Unexpected Storm

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Still wrapped in Storm’s warm chest, I let my breathing calmly slow down and just like his, my heart race finally stabilizes. So many emotions are coming to the surface right now and too many feelings that I can’t quite figure out. The soreness in between my thighs makes me slightly uncomfortable but having Storm’s hands stroking delicately my body, sure smooths things out. Did this really happen? Or is it all a dream? Because if it’s a dream surely feels real.

“ What are you thinking about?” His hoarse voice vibrates against my skin as he speaks with his nose poked into my neck. The warmth of his breath causes me to shiver and in a second my skin is covered in goosebumps and my nipples are standing on attention. Something that doesn’t get unnoticed by Storm, who in a second has his finger tugged around them. “oh..”A soft moan escapes my lips as my body still hasn’t recovered from what just happened. I’m still shaking my orgasm away and every single touch of his only ignites my senses, making it impossible for me to think straight. “ You.” I simply answer tilting my head to the side. His face is only a few inches away and yet I want him closer. “ I was thinking about you.”

“What about me?.” Kissing the top of my shoulder he slowly rolls on top of me and resting one of his hands on the side of my head, he supports his weight the best he can while still playing with my nipple with his free hand “I’m right here.”

“ I was worried that it was a dream…”

“It wasn’t a dream Mia...surely it wasn’t” Pressing his lips against mine he bites my bottom lips slightly and when a moan escapes my lips, I can feel his lips curving into a smirk. Taking the opportunity, his tongue slips in between my parted lips and tangling with mine, he deepens the kiss in a blink of an eye. Finding space in between my legs he moves closer but just as his growing erection presses against my still wet folds, the soreness of my sex causes me to hiss.

“We should get you a hot bath kitten.” Kissing my lips between every word I feel my breathing slowly changing speed and, even if I know he is right, my hands are already travelling along his body, studying every inch of his exposed skin. “ A hot bath will help you with the soreness…” His voice is still just a whisper and I can feel it travel it all the way along my neck. “...and we both need to ...get clean” He pauses a few minutes on the last bit giving me time to understand the meaning behind it. We are too close for me to even try to look between our bodies, yet the wetness between my thighs tells me all I need to know. Biting my lips I feel my cheek flush aggressively and as the thought of what is hidden between the covers hits me, Storm’s lips reach mine, calming my thoughts instantly.

“It’s okay Kitten…Nothing to kill your brain over it.” Kissing my nose, then the corner of my lips and finally my temple, Storm’s rolls away from me and the sweetness of his sincere smile warms my chest even more. Giving me one last look, he slowly stands up and, giving me his back, he allows me to stare at his perfect ass but not his front. “ Start a bath. I will follow you shortly.”

Resting my head on the edge of the bath as the bubble of soap mixed with the essential oils covers me, I feel every inch of my body relax. A light pressure between my thighs seems to be relieved too as the hot water soothes my skin and again, all I can think about is why I’m sore in the first place. Being the weird person I am, I had a shower before entering the bath and when I did, traces of blood washed away from my body covered the wait marble of the shower floor. I didn’t feel as weird about it as I thought, Instead a new wave of happiness washed over me. It was Storm. It has always been him. That’s why I didn’t feel the urge to run away. That’s why I smiled knowing that I gave him something precious because for me it’s always been a big deal. I never wanted to lose my virginity just because as many of my peers did. I wanted to be special, I wanted to mean something. I wanted to trust the person who would take that away from me.

With Storm, however, it has been way more than that and I can’t still come down from the state of haze he has put me in.

With my legs slightly bent and my eyes closed, I let my hand travel undisturbed along my body as the image from not too long ago plays in my mind no stop. Biting my lips I can still feel the taste of Storm’s lips against mine, just as I can still feel his fingers tracing my body. The sweet reminder of what happened not too long ago bares within the soreness of my sex and it just makes me want him again. Only thinking about how it felt to have Storm inside me makes my core clench and the throbbing feeling between my thighs seems to be suddenly awakened.

“ Mind if I join?” Closing the door behind him Storm walks in in all his glory. His perfect six-pack covered in black ink has my mouth water but when my eyes land on his V, which rudely disappears beneath the fabric of his briefs, all I can do is bite my lips suppressing a moan that otherwise would have run free. Shaking my head, I move slightly in the edge of the bath making space for him and keeping my eyes hungrily on his figure, I watch as he disposes of the only piece of clothing covering him. Almost if I am attracted to it by a magnet, my eyes land there, where his manhood shows his presence with pride. All I can feel as I watch him getting closer, is my anticipation grow and, Licking my lips, I watch as he joins me in the bath. Slowly, he lowers himself in the bath and as his body disappears against the bubbly water, I feel my arousal building in the pit of my stomach. I want him, over and over again.

“How do you feel?” Curling his hand beneath my knees he pulls me in his direction and, resting his legs on my sides, he pulls me until I lock my legs around his waist, ending up astride him. “ I’m feeling great...never better”

“Is that so?” Grabbing a hand full of my ass cheek he manages to have me even closer - if is possible - and the moment my sex strokes against his I can feel butterflies exploding in my stomach all over again. “Mh Mh” I nod, leaning in his direction to meet his lips.” You?” My voice is just a whisper but it’s enough for him to hear, I’m sure. Pressing his forehead against mine he moves one of his hands along my spine and playing with the water surrounding us he washes my back, keeping my body warm against his. “ Just like you. Never felt better”

“I don’t think I can ever come down from the state of haze you have put me in Storm ″ I start to speak, curling my fingers at the nape of his neck while playing with the few hairs covering it. “ There are many thoughts that are fogging my mind right now, and many emotions that are fighting to escape…” His eyes never leave mine and I can tell that he is trying to read my mind as if I’m about to say something bad. “..but honestly? I don’t think I’ve been this happy in my entire life. I’ve never felt so safe and certain about anything in my life. I’ve said that already...but trust me when I say that is you, It’s always been you...and I’m not afraid of what’s gonna happen in the future, because I know... that even if things will not go as we wish, this moment was for us and was real. So yes. I feel great...and somehow I know that I would feel even better going forward.”

Reaching the nape of my neck and pulling me in his direction, Storm’s lips rest against mine for a brief moment and giving me a small smile, I feel his breath brushing against my lips. “ I’ll make sure about it Mia. I can’t promise everything will be smooth...but I will make sure to make it up to you every time things will go down the wrong path.” Pressing his lips against mine, he seals his promise with the softness of his kiss and as my fingers find their place between his hair, a soft moan rumbles in my chest. Being so close is making me aroused and from the way his sex presses against mine, I know he is too.

Who is ready for round two?

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