Unexpected Storm

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2. Mia

When Andrea texted me earlier today to tell me that Storm would have been the one picking me up, a sense of panic took over me, keeping me awake for the duration of the flight. Why was I panicking? I don’t know. Is not like Storm was a stranger to me, not at all. The infinity of pictures taken of his ass from every perspective and different outfit that he would send between Andrea’s picture is proof of it in fact. So why are my hands sweating?

Come on, Mia, get a grip! My rational side shouts at me, and he is right. I’ve known Storm for the same length of time as I have known Andrea and spent countless nights and days with him, even though he is older than us. 6 years older to be precise, which seemed a lot when I was younger as he would kind of babysit us when he wasn’t too busy fucking around or throwing parties behind our parents back, I guess that the price to pay when you are the most popular guy around and every single woman pends from your lips.

“ Are you out yet??? Storm is there...somewhere.”

Heading out now. Is he annoyed already?” Being brothers they shared a lot of things in common, one of them being not patience at all.

“ Nope. Weirdly calm”

“ Did he by any chance become ugly? Please say yes!”

“ I’m afraid not. He is still the same handsome dick that he was 4 years ago”

“ Damn it. I’m almost out now, text you in a bit.” Slipping my phone in my back pocket I run my hand through my wavy hair trying to give them an order which seems impossible to have. Storm has always been handsome - not that I’ve ever had a crush on him or anything - but the last few years back home, when I was fourteen- fifteen, his presence somehow would make me nervous and Andrea would make fun of me all the time.

Pulling my sunglasses up to use them as a hairband, I straighten my white lace top, and before chicken out, I walk out of the airport scanning the parking lot right away “ where are you…” I mutter to myself passing by the many cars parked outside. Luckily for me, is not quite busy out here so it doesn’t take me long to find him sitting in his car, looking at the phone. He hasn’t changed a bit, Andre is right.

His defined jaw is covered in a soft layer of blonde beard, his dishevelled ash blonde hair has grown since last time I saw a picture of him and if I remember correctly, at some point you could still see the skin on his arms, which now is almost fully covered in black ink. I’m not surprised sometimes he models, he seriously is a good looking boy.

“ Storm?” Knocking lightly on the window I wait for him to turn in my direction and when he does I can feel my heart stopping for a brief second. His deep blue eyes narrow at my sight and if I didn’t know him better, I would say he is shocked to see me.

“ Mia?” He asks, getting out of the car but as he moves around, his eyes don’t stop scanning my entire figure, almost if he doesn’t really believe it is me standing right here. Opening his arms right away, I feel somehow relieved and curving my lips into a smile I move closer.

“ Hey Pretty boy” I use his nickname while wrapping my arms around his waist and as soon as my head touches his broad chest, a feeling of familiarity hits me and the little knot in my stomach comes back.

“Do you live in the gym?” I ask while pulling away in order to take in his figure. He hasn’t changed much yet, he looks bigger than what I used to remember. He must be at least 6.4 feet and his shoulders are wide and broad. His chest isn’t so big but yet when we hugged I felt every single muscle underneath. His lineament is defined and masculine and he sure doesn’t look like a boy anymore, more of a man instead.

“ Long time no see…” Which is true. Way over 3 years and as our eyes meet for a brief moment, I part my lips, giving a smile away. It feels better to be here.

“ That’s right” His deep voice almost rumbles into his chest and I have to say, I like his new manly voice. “ Ready to go home? Andrea is waiting for you.” That grin that stamps on his face, gosh, makes me smile once more. He would grin like that every time he was about to do something to annoy us and gosh, Andrea would go mad right away.

“ I bet she is and honestly, I can’t wait” I smile bigger now, the thought of seeing my best friend after a year has me over excited and happy. Honestly, I don’t even remember when was the last time I was this happy. Throwing my bag in the back of the car, Storm opens the car door for me and the moment he does, I jump in, waiting for him to follow

“ You surely have changed, Kitten” Starting the engine, Storm turns in my direction for a brief second but is enough for his eyes to meet mine. His voice is even lower than before and my body reacts to it almost right away.

“ Couldn’t stay a Little kid forever, Pretty boy.” Getting out of the parking lot I quickly text Andrea, by now, knowing her, she would be running up and down the driveway, like a dog waiting for its owner. “ You instead are the same. Bigger, but exactly the same.”

“ Come on, I’m definitely more handsome than before and...I’ve grown a beard” The chuckle leaving his lips makes me giggle too. When we were younger, he would spend days in the mirror in the hope to see some beard growing, he wanted to be like his father.

“ Well done to you! I Have grown some boobs instead!” Another joke, which makes both of us laugh. When Andrea and I were little, in fact, we used to play to be adults and, in order to look bigger, we used to stuff our shirts with socks, making us look like we had boobs. Storm would laugh so hard all the time that it was even funnier.

“ No need to point that out, Kitten” Here it goes again, his signature smirk. But why, this time around, does my body feel bothered by it?

“ I wasn’t expecting for you to be home.” I watch as his gaze moves from the road to me as I speak and at my words, he nods before looking back to the road.

“ I finally finished my studies and on top of that, I have some nice jobs in town for the next few months so here I am. I guess you’ve been lucky this time around.”Winking in my direction I can feel his cocky tone getting under my skin still, I’m well aware of his jokes.

“ Lucky? Are you sure you aren’t talking about yourself?”

“ How am I to be lucky in this situation?”

“ To start, you’re gonna have two beautiful young ladies alone at home, with you.”

“ One is my sister, so how does that make me lucky again?”

“ Those two pretty girls happen to have many beautiful friends, which will be over at all the time…”

“ Kitten, by now, you should know that I have no problem finding girls.”

“ True, but are they really worth it?” But before he can answer the car turns into the driveway and we are greeted by his entire family.

“ I guess we have all missed you.”

“ I missed you all too.”

Mia, everyone!

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