Unexpected Storm

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3. Storm

Since Mia arrived last week my work schedule has been super busy. I’ve been having a photoshoot almost every morning and if I’m not in the studio or at the gym, I’m helping out my friend Kyle at his new shop. He is a tattoo artist and even though I have no idea yet how to handle a machine, I’m pretty good at drawing so he borrows my skills now that he is alone. My parents also left this morning which means that Andrea and Mia have been all day long alone which makes me a hundred per cent sure that they have been up to no good.

Parking the car just outside our house, I walk inside at the silence around me is almost scary. Honestly, I thought that by now the house would have been full of people but probably, this time I’m just wrong.

“Andrea?” I call out as I walk around the house. Everything is clean, everywhere is quiet, no one really seems to be here.

“ Girls?” I stop looking around once on the first floor but just before I can reach my room, the bathroom door opens, revealing one of the sights that I know will be difficult to forget. Wrapped in her small shower towel which reveals most of her body, Mia stands there in between the door and me. Her arms wrapped around her breasts keeps the towel from falling and her hair, wrapped in a high bun, leaves her skin on show for me to appreciate. Her lips curve quickly into a smile and just as her eyes meet mine, I have to force myself to look away from her body or, at least, be subtle about it.

“ Hey Storm”

“ Hey Mia, you good?” I ask, scratching the back of my neck. Now that I have time to look at her I have to say that both genetics and puberty did a great job on her and I appreciate the view.

“ Yeah...You? Appreciating the view?” And she isn’t the shy little kitten she was back then either. Now she talks and doesn’t look away from me.

“ I am.” Taking a step closer I inhale deeply and as I do, her scent gets wrapped around my nose, forcing me to grin. That’s my scene.“ Missed me that much?”

“ Don’t get ahead of yourself, Pretty boy. Andrea left with me without me and I had to use your lotion. Although it smells good I give you that, your taste isn’t so bad after all.”

“Is that so?” Taking one more step I look down in her sparkly turquoise eyes and even if we are very close now and I can feel her breath hitching the moment my body towers over hers, she doesn’t look away, burning her eyes in mine.

“Yes. “ She simply answers while taking a step forward, now that she is basically a step away I can appreciate the view even better. “ If you are looking for Andrea, anyway, she isn’t home. She had to go to work.”

“Mh. I see. So that leaves you alone with me?”

“It would appear so, but don’t worry I won’t be bothering you or messing up your plan.”Somehow her words sink into my skin and as her gaze fades and her body moves slightly on the left, I find myself matching her movements, preventing her from leaving just yet.

“ And who said you’d be bothering me? Besides I have no plan…”

“ No plan? Pretty boy has no plan on a Saturday?” Her fake shocked tone causes me to laugh. Who’s This girl in front of me ?” Shouldn’t you be going out and looking for the next catch to warm up your bed tonight?”

“ Hey hey now Kitten…” I say resting a hand on my chest, faking being hurt“ You’re hurting me now. I’m not a fuck boy...anymore” My eyes are still on hers but when her lips part to let free a giggle, my attention moves from her eyes to her perfect cherry lips and for a moment, only for one, my mind goes to fuck off. All I can see is her lips on mine or better, her lips navigating my body. Fuck Storm. What’s wrong with you?

“ Sure Storm.” Her dismissive tone calls me back and yet, when my eyes meet hers again, something is different. “ I better go now...I need to get dry”

“ Right sure. I’ll meet you downstairs in 1 hour, what do you say?”

“ Why would you want to spend your Saturday night with your little sister’s best friend?” She asks walking past me without breaking eye contact, not even for a second.

“ Because you are a guest and we don’t live guests alone”

“Mh. Whatever you say, Pretty boy” And might be just my fucked up mind to see that, but when she walks away , after giving me a smile faded into a smirk, I swear her hips waves at me recalling my full attention on that tiny piece of fabric that covers her perfect round ass.

What are you trying to do, Kitten? Feeling my sex twitching in my pants I walk inside my room the moment she disappears in hers and,before my mind suggest me to do something stupid, I close the door behind me, trying to clear my mind. Tossing my clothes aside and wrapping a towel around my hips, I walk outised, headed to the bathroom, maybe a cold shower will help.

Letting the cold water run along my body I can feel every muscle and every nerve in me relax. This week has been particularly hard and my body can sure feel it. Rubbing my body with the lotion that not long enough I was smelling on Mia, the sudden image of Her, in that white piece of fabric that didn't make her justice,takes over my mind, blinding my reason and judgment and, before I can even realise what I'm doing, my hand is wrapped around my fully erect cock and I can't think straight anymore. The sight of her full cherry lips, her slender and feminine neck, the perfection of her perfect shoulder, the elegant curve of her collarbone and the generous V disappearing under the fabric of her towel is stamped in my mind as a picture.

You are just a horny fucker, Storm. I tell myself, I can't possible like her. In fact I don't.“ Fuck..” Starting slow and gaining speed slowly, I stroke my cock already twitching between my fingers and rubbing my tip, I smear my precum along my length, getting my movement to a better rhythm.

The way her legs were left bar and her ass was perfectly wrapped in that white towel, is something that I know will taunt me for day, and as I think of that my breath becomes heavier and my whole body tenses. I don’t even remember the last time I jerked off and now, I’m here, thinking about my little sister’s best friend. What’s wrong with me?

Rolling my eyes and letting my head go back with it, I rest my back against the wall behind me letting a guttural groan escape my parted lips as my pleasure takes over, covering the floor of the shower.

" fuck..." I open my eyes and as the wave of pleasure hits me I let the water run on me again. I need to clear my mind.

Trouble on the horizon??
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