Unexpected Storm

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4. Mia

My friendship with Andrea has always been one of the best and most important things in my life. One of the reasons why I love her so much is because she has always known everything about me and never judged me before. In fact, she never flinched or said anything when she found out that I had a crush on her older brother even though, to be fair, every single person at school had it so it wasn’t a big deal.

Is also true that anyway, It was a teenage crush that thankfully faded with time and completely disappeared once I move away. I had other crushes over time anyway and Storm definitely wasn't on my list anymore.

Watching my image in the mirror as I try on the clothes that Andrea left on the bed for me because they don’t fit her anymore, I can’t stop thinking about the tingling sensation in my body, specifically between my thighs, that took over me while I was talking to Storm in the corridor. One thing that would always throw me off and make me back up when I was little, was in fact his intense stare. He always looked into people eyes when talking with such confidence and intensity, that most people would look away or feeling unease. Something that didn’t change. What changed though is my reaction to his stare. I’m not the same shy and insecure person anymore, that's sure. I can handle his stare, I can fight it, but why is it that I felt a tingling in my body while looking into his eyes? Why couldn’t I pull away from his gaze when my body almost give into it?

I do still think he is hot, but I haven’t thought about him in the last 4 years. So what’s that? It might just be my hormones after all, as Andrea keeps telling me I need a fix, whatever that is.

Putting on the last outfit as the sun finally disappears in the window behind me, I smile as the image in the mirrors finally reflects the real me. The grey crop top and the black denim shorts Andrea gave me are perfect. Casual, yes, but still nice to go out.

Adjusting my hair, I keep them in a bun since is quite hot still and with only a few locks escaping, I feel quite satisfied. A messy look is actually something that I prefer. “ Good,” I tell myself before putting on a pair of black flat sandals and, grabbing my phone, I walk outside the room headed downstairs.

I’m still not sure if Storm was being serious anyway about spending the evening together but the moment I reach the living room downstairs, my heart almost stops.

The first thing that catches my eyes is his arms, not only because they are perfectly shaped, but mainly because if the left one is completely covered in tattoos, the right one is not. There is something in it that makes me intrigued and I’m sure if the occasion will show, I’ll ask him all about it. The white T-shirt is wearing, on the other hand, leaves very little to my imagination and as my eyes study his body, I can almost feel the perfection of his muscles hidden beneath the fabric. Damn.

Something else that I wasn’t expecting but that makes my stomach clench as I keep eating Storm with my eyes, is the fact that he has a tattoo on his right leg that I had no idea about it. Is the first time I see it and my eyes are magnetized on it. From the ankle, the tattoo develops on his leg and it covers most of his skin until it disappears completely under the fabric of his shorts, leaving me almost disappointed. What's hidden beneath those shorts?

“ Are you really not going out on a Saturday night?” Crossing my arm beneath my breast I watch as slowly Storms turn in my direction and when his eyes meet mine, a sly smirk curves his lips taking in my figure. I believe that as I find myself studying him after 4 years and he hasn’t even changed much, he must be doing the same because instead, I did change almost completely.

“I told you. I don’t leave our guest alone” Patting the spot on the sofa next to him he signs me to go over and I know that it looks weird, but Storm and I did actually spend a lot of time together as kids. He was always there for us and even if - inevitably - he could be a great asshole and pain in the ass, most of the time he was actually good with us.

“ Cut the crap Storm. You know I don’t need to be babysat anymore. I’m not twelve anymore”

“ I can see that.” The firmness of his voice and the way his eyes burn into mine cause my body to tingle again and irrationally I find myself biting the corner of my bottom lip while slightly shifting on the sofa, in order to find a comfortable position.

“ So, what’s the plan?”

“ If you want, Andrea called me and said she will finish not too late, so, ideally ...we could eat something and have a drink here and then go and have a drink where she works while we wait for her to finish?” Turned in my direction I can feel his eyes scrutinizing every single move of mine, almost trying to read my mind. Once, that would scare me, make me uncomfortable, now it thrills me and is no good at all.

“ Sounds like a plan as long as you don’t cook” Curving my brow while keeping my eyes on him I wait for his reaction and when he starts laughing I can’t stop myself from doing the same.

“ Come on. That’s unfair, It happened only once”

“ yes...and you almost burnt down the house.”

Lifting his arm in surrender he nods at me and pushing himself up he waits for me to follow. “ Fine, Kitten. You cook”

“ Good. Anyway, how is going at work? We haven’t seen you all week” Waiting for me to go first, I walk towards the kitchen while Storm follows right behind. His scent however is so strong that I can feel it in my nose, sending weird signals to my brain.

“ You missed me?” Suddenly his presence is way too close and when I reach the fridge in front of me, I feel almost caged, a sensation that makes my body lighten up in a weird way. Surely it is just because I’ve never been this close to a man, in the last 4 years or ever.

“ You wish. I was just curious. I bet standing on a stage all day while people take pictures of you, cuddling and praising you must be very tiring” Tilting my head enough to look at him I wait for him to answer as I mock him but, the moment he catches my grin, he hands are on my sides and the next thing I know, I’m facing him and he is tickling me to death.

“ Is that so Kitten? Making fun of me?”

Tickling has always been one of my extreme witnesses and his biggest strength. I swear, his fingers are so experienced in torture me, that in a second I'm jumping, screaming and shaking as if just bitten by a tarantula. " Oh..Storm...Aaah please" I rest my hands on his chest, trying to push him away but the laughing and crying from laughing is making me super weak.“ Please...please Stop” I’m basically pinned between him and the fridges behind me, yet my brain doesn’t realize that until my eyes open and Storm’s eyes are there to meet mine, almost drown into mine.

"Mm..." His face is not far from mine, in fact, I can feel his breath on my cheek. For a moment I feel his body tense while one of his hands open on m sides, stroking my skin. His jaw clenches and a new light strike into his eyes, but lasts only a second as he slowly stops whatever he is doing, letting me breathe again. “ Never forget who is in charge here...Kitten” His horse voice burns my skin but his words echo in my ear for a few seconds while he slowly steps back. Why are his words sounding so dirty and sexy in my mind?

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