Unexpected Storm

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5. Storm

Mia’s laugh has always been full and melodic, contagious most everything but now, as I feel her body shake and push against mine, I can’t lie to myself, I like this feeling and I can’t stop wondering what her body would feel if we were in a different scenario, my bed perhaps. Damn Storm! What the fuck? Thank god for me my inner voice still has some control and so when Mia opens her eyes mine on hers right away and once again, she doesn’t look away.

“Never forget who is in charge here...Kitten” I’m too close and I realize that the moment her scent tickles my nose. Taking a deep breath I slowly pull away and even if my body tenses feeling her finger moving on my chest I put on my usually straight face before stepping away, giving her some space to breathe and move. Mainly, I do that because otherwise, I’m not sure what I would do.

“Uh. And who would that be?” Little Kitten surely has grown in confidence and watching as she grins in my direction while curving her brow, I have to say that I like this new her. Confident, funny, slightly challenging yet I can’t figure her out. Is she flirting with me all of a sudden? Or is it just her personality? She always had a strong personality and spoke her mind but never like that.

“Are you sure you want to go down that road again, Missy?” There I am once more, with my hands on both her sides and as I look down on her my eyes catch the moment she bites lightly her lips and the urge to kiss her grows inside me like a silent beast. But I can’t do that, can I?

“ Oh no. Please...I can’t “ She is still lightly laughing but her eyes are way too intense for someone that is just having fun. “ Come on, let’s cook, otherwise we won’t be leaving anytime soon” Using her hand to push me away, Mia slowly turns on her heels giving her back to me. My eyes follow her mesmerized and stepping back, I give her enough time to move. In those shorts I can really appreciate her figures and damn if I was right, her ass is just as perfectly round and toned as I thought.

“Mh scared of being alone with me?” I ask leaning against the kitchen island behind me, I don’t why, but I really like to push her, always had anyway, now is just on a different level.

“ Scared? Pretty boy I believe popularity did really damage your pretty little head” She doesn’t even turn to look at me and boy if that intrigues me even more. “ Besides, why would I even be scared of being alone with you?”

Because my mind is pulling me in the wrong direction, little kitten. I think as I watch her pulling out of the fridge the only two comestible things to eat. “ Why would you not?” I ask curving my brow and shaking my head at hers, I chuckle noticing her disillusioned expression. “ What?”

“ Seriously Storm? The only edible thing in the fridge is a cucumber and ...whatever this is!”

“ I’m pretty sure we can do something with the cucumber…” I purposely say those words in a slow and husky voice and watching her thinking about what I just said is hilarious. The moment it hits her, her cheek colour is a nice shade of red and her eyes widen so much that it is impossible for me not to laugh. “ Oh My god...Your face” I say still looking at her but before I continue she hits me with the cucumber muttering something I can quite understand.

“ You...are still an asshole Storm!!!” Even if she pretends to be annoyed I can tell she is also having fun. I did miss having her around and I missed her giggles too.

“ Come one it was a joke. Sorry” I surrender holding her wrist in order to stop her act. “I think we should go out and eat.”

“ Do you? Because I can make you something with this…”

“ No thanks. What do you fancy?” She slowly rests her arms along her side and throws the now smashed cucumber away, she curls her nose before smiling brightly as ever. “ A super dirty burger down to Abby’s”

“ Oh yes. Now we are talking.” Abby’s burgers are the best and yes, they are dirty as fuck. “ Do you remember the last time we went there?”

“ Do I? How can I forget leaving the place covered in sauces and fries…” The soft giggles that leave her lips as her face soften in the memory make my heart sink for a moment. She truly is beautiful and she doesn’t even try. Her lineament is so feminine yet strong that gives her face a unique beauty, just like her mum. And those eyes, honestly I’ve never met anyone with such bright turquoise eyes. “ I remember Dan and Evans face they came to pick us up...gosh they wanted to kill you”

The mentioning of her father doesn’t make her flinch, yet I can tell it is still a sore subject. “ ...They grounded me for a week.”

“Poor pretty Boy...A week without fucking. It must have been hard”

“ Hey, I was young and full of hormones...I need that relief”

“ Sure” She simply nods at me while walking in my direction “ Shall we go? I’m starving”

“ Sure Kitten, walking?” I ask, grabbing my phone and key from the stand a few feet from the door.

“ Unless you are planning on driving after drinking.”

“ You plan on drinking, again?”

“ Oh yes. Worried about your figure?” She seriously is something else.

“ No. I’m worried that once you have too much you will give in to your hidden desire..”

“And what would that be?”

“ Me, of course!” The genuine laugh that leaves her chest is all I needed to hear and walking past me, she slaps my arms, getting outside in less than a second.

“ Popularity did damage your brain” And just like that, she starts to walk away. I don't know why but there is something that calls me to her. Little kitten, I don't why, but I have the feeling that you're gonna be the death of me and a hell of troubles.

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